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Leaks Thread
  • I actually think the last 3 tracks are tied for my favorite.
  • @shoey I actually kind of love that, if the vocals were more pronounced it would kind of fuck up the ambient nature of the record. also it's definitely an interesting change of pace as Wayne seems to be in the forefront on a lot of Lips albums
  • im no yeah yeah yeahs expert, since I have yet to listen to their (supposedly) best album.

  • that album with the song maps in it.

    start there.
  • It's Blitz! is my favorite of theirs, but I'm probably wrong.
  • +1 on me being wrong or It's Blitz! being the best album? lol
  • +1 on it being my favourite album as well, but we're both probably wrong lol.
  • no one's wrong guys, you're just nice people.

  • Fever to Tell is nice and punky and raw sounding. It's Blitz! has more polish, much less edge to it, it's a far more complex and varied sounding album. I quite love them both. I would say I prefer Fever to Tell as there are tracks I will skip on It's Blitz! despite my belief that is has better arrangement and songwriting on it.
  • Show Your Bones is always the album that gets the least amount of love, but I also think that one's great
  • I only have Gold Lion and Phenomena off that album but they are great tracks.
  • I think you should give it a listen sometime. I think it's better than a lot of people do
  • I was just about to mention "Gold Lion" when I saw Show Your Bones mentioned, that song is killer.
  • and of course as we all know, this is a fucking perfect song.

  • i think i like the yyy's more than i actually think
  • I think you think that if you like yyy's more than you actually think then sooner or later when you think about it some more you'll decide that you think you like them the right amount until you think you like them too much in which case you'll think that we all think you're a big fan even though we don't really think that so.
  • I think.
  • enough outta you.
  • MONOMANIA! In 320!
  • Way to make me google that^
  • youre welcome
  • is deerhunter named after the shitty computer games that my hick cousins grew up playing
  • It's not as good as Halcyon
  • Someone drop box this please.
  • Seriously I'm gonna be the only one that likes this better than fucking Halcyon Digest
  • @shoey wait... you listened to it already...and formed an opinion?
  • I'm trolling.
  • @ribbit I don't even know what you mean by that. Most Deerhunter fans found HD underwhelming when it came out but it brought in a lot of new fans.
  • Really? Well then I'm apparently like most Deerhunter fans cuz I found it really underwhelming, but I see just a bunch of praise for it left and right
  • I found the songs to be much better live but it's definitely no Microcastle or Cryptograms.

    New tokimonsta album on as well.
  • Exactly
  • Halcyon is all divisive among fans, but for someone like me it allowed me to care about Deerhunter.
  • It got me into Deerhunter. I hold it in high regard personally. A decent 9, alongside Microcastle/Weird Era and Cryptograms.
  • New Iron and Wine leaked if anyone cares.
  • I used to be really into that dude but I'm kind of not anymore.
  • Still think his cover of "Such Great Heights"is awesome though
  • Yes it is. Also,The Sheperd's dog is so good.
  • I really liked the second one, whatever that album was called. Some really beautiful numbers on that. Fuck I might listen to that tomorrow now, its been too long
  • The Creek and The Cradle or something like that.
  • No it was Our Endless Numbered Days I think
  • Ok, I don't think I've heard that one.
  • Phoenix-Bankrupt in 320
  • Colin Stetson
  • Phoenix leak was fake
  • Colin Stetson?! shit someone needs to dropbox that asap
  • Colin Stetson is a transcode
  • oh well fuck you then
  • it's not my fault
  • We should make a rule that if it isn't on what then nobody can say that it's leaked.
  • they were both on what, but they didn't stay on what for obvious reasons.
  • Ah, gotcha. I guess Stetson was already taken down by the time I checked.
  • Ghostface Killah
  • The new Young Galaxy has leaked.

    I know Mark is a fan.
  • DLing dat shizz now.
  • Fall Out Boy lol
  • Finally, rock & roll will undergo its long-awaited transition from crippled invalid to picturesque stallion!
  • Colin Stetson, for real.
  • oh wow nobody mentioned that here? that leaked like 15 hours ago.
  • 15 hours behind on a popular leak.

    holy fuck, bros. let's get our shit together here.
  • DROPBOX. (please) (preferably in V2) (@Shoey I know you must have it in V2)
  • Dropbox please in not v2
  • Holy fuck "Brute" is insane. Is that Justin Vernon grunting?
  • I have to spin this fucker right now.
  • I just got finished with "Brute".... jesus effing christ, that song is insane.
  • thanks to whomever put it on db
  • the first genre label for this LP on RYM is "Post-Minimalism"


    can someone tell me what the fuck "post-minimalism" is?
  • Pre-maximalism?
  • Maybe it means making a lot of sounds with a minimal amount of instruments, because that's exactly what the album does.
  • so @hedgeway, that 15 minute its length justified? (only on the 4th track as of now)
  • I'd say it's justified, but that's only after one listen. In the grand scheme of things the record is just over 50 minutes long so it's not like it cause the album to drag on or anything.
  • Phoenix finally leaked in 320.
  • yeah I thought it was supposed to be super long, like all of the tracks were 10+ minutes. I would've still listened to the album but I'm kind of glad that didn't happen.
  • I am glad that didn't happen, a super long Colin Stetson album sounds terrifying.
  • That track is great, btw
  • The whole album is fantastic. Only one listen so far but I wouldn't be shocked if I start calling this my AOTY so far.
  • I still can't get over how "Brute" sounds either
  • Those are 2 of my early favorites. Some of the most unique songs he's made. And that says something. I also love that Vernon is all over this thing.
  • I need to load my phone with all these leaks tomorrow, I was waiting for that Phoenix domino to fall since I hate iTunes.
  • "Brute" is so wtf and I love it.

    On the 15 minute track right now. I love how booming and dirge-like it is, I don't think I've ever called music made by a saxophone "heavy" before, but this thing really is.

    I definitely need to listen to it more (especially since I was doing schoolwork while I was listening so I likely missed many of the minute details of the record) but this is definitely intriguing me greatly.

    Also gonna give Judges another spin when I'm through with this, I really didn't give that record the time of day it should've gotten.
  • Judges is amazing. I'm so happy I bought the vinyl.

    I'm not going to say this is better. . . yet. . .
  • god that title track was insane.
  • I think we needed Justin Vernon singing gospel on the next one just to calm the madness.
  • Very good point. Great track sequencing there.
  • is there a list of the guests on the record anywhere? I know the dude singing lead on "What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?" isn't Justin Vernon, and there's gotta be at least a couple more vocal guests on the record.
  • also I fucking love this song
  • Supposedly it is only Justin. According to the website.
  • there's no way Justin's voice is that low, I ain't buying it.
  • who is colin stetson and what does he do?
  • "That's My Bitch - feat. Justin Vernon"
  • I'm likely gonna want the vinyl for this, hopefully it comes to my record store cause I'd rather not pay for it in CAD plus shipping.
  • @soli wikipedia is your friend
  • He blows into a large phallus.
  • oh ok.

    jesus christ I had no clue that he did the vocals on "Judges", much less how he did them
  • @Robby It's easiest for me to just copy the RYM description:

    "Beginning around 1980, post-minimalism developed from the foundation of Minimalism, often displaying even more influences than the latter, including Rock, Jazz, Folk, sound art, Noise, and sometimes even a touch of the Romantic Period. Artists who are sometimes associated with post-minimalism include Kyle Gann, Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham, John Adams, Louis Andriessen, Steve Martland and Art Zoyd."

    I've always associated it with certain releases from artists like Glenn Branca and Philip Glass, but now that I think about it, it's a pretty fitting term for Colin Stetson's music.
  • new Phoenix is now up in FLAC which means we should see every other format tomorrow.