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New Music Thread
  • Here's a follow-up to last week's Holter/Halo picture: a Holter/Halo/Wohl concert.
  • only listened to 5 tracks of the new Clipping album and I've already decided it's at least interesting enough to throw the group $5
  • The new John Grant is great.
  • Who is John Grant?
  • All Ayn Rand references should lead to immediate suspension from the board. ;-)
  • Yeah I dunno on Clipping. When Fants posted that one track a few weeks back I had a listen, thought it was interesting but wasn't sure overall. Now that I've listened to the whole thing, I still don't know.

    Maybe if it was over Kids & Explosions style glitches.

    What I do know is these guys and Death Grips almost have nothing in common. Death Grips vocals match or create the intensity of the track. These guys are just doing the same kind of flow and lyrical content every other rapper presents today (including the overdubs too).

    I want to like it from a 'different' perspective. I'm just not sure it does anything better. Not sure what it's brought to the table in this album. Curious to hear what they do next time to carry this idea a bit further.

    The last track, is ridiculously long but I like the subtle changes in it. But it's not music.
  • Well one thing I agree with is that Clipping and SF are not that similar
  • Just to be clear, I meant the last track isn't music.

    But yeah as mentioned in another thread, the work clipping did on that Foot Village track is awesome.

  • I can't think of an endorsement stronger than calling something "not music."
  • Well, if "Nothing is" is music, then so is "outro."
  • (easy 2013-wave song idea: mix "outro" over a loop of "Nothing is")
  • there's nothing that can't be called music.

    sound is music.
  • Even grindcore Nick?
  • ... yes?

    What the hell Robby.
  • But I hate grindcore. And all forms of metal. And Japanese screamo bands
  • I'm not gonna engage.

    I thought we were cool, maybe I've done something to set you off, I dunno man, but whatever.
  • Here's 15 minutes of my time just for you:

    nothing is, so get money by vestenet
  • I'm not sure what I think about it to be honest.

    It's really unique, I'll give it that much.
  • I love you, Steve.
  • @Nick dude you didn't set me off or anything. Jesus you take trolling more seriously than I do
  • #vestenet2013
  • TTK, I can't tell if you're kidding or not.

    Early word on Twitter is that it's great. I wonder if the hyperbole is over-the-top. I'm watching a movie right now. I might give it a shot after.
  • @TTK @ClydeNut

    guys remember..

    "some people like some music and some people don't like that music that other people might like or think is the best music and those other people might think that something else is the best music and the other people might not think that that music is the best music but they might still think that's it's good music or maybe they might think it's bad music or even the worst music but they have the right to think what is the best music and what is the ok music and what is the bad music and what is the worst music because all people like different music but sometimes people like the same music too so you just have to respect what music people like and don't like."

    "Some people like good music while others think they like music that is the best music but they don't actually like the music that is the best music because good music is not the best music and if they like good music then there is bad music that people like but if they like bad music with good music then someone who likes good music will like bad music that is now good which doesnt make any sense, not at all. So I agree that there are people who like some music that likes some music respectfully but I do think that music can dislike other music respectfully but when people listen to bad music its the worst music."

  • Hope dat Bowie is good.
  • Man, can't wait to hear it, The last few he's put out ranged from bad to ok.
  • I've liked the singles so far. Imagine I'll like the album too.
  • Oh whatever. That track is two vocal loops and ambient street sounds for 10 minutes. How about 'its not a really much of a song'? I didn't say that as a point of contention, I just called out that one track are being lukewarm on the while thing and go figure that one track really isn't a song.
  • I tried Clippings out on my concert mates last night. I couldn't get them through a single song (not sure I'm surprised but they both dig Death Grips)
  • I'm downright shocked how much I'm enjoying the new TMBG, it's got a lot of the energy and inventiveness that the 80s/90s period had.
  • Interested to hear it now^
  • New David Bowie= wow. It's fucking good. Stands up to some of his best work.
  • Dude if my year end list has fucking David Bowie and They Might Be Giants on it I'm gonna lose my mind.
  • I have a strong feeling Bowie's gonna be on mine
  • I got the same feeling from TMBG, it makes me feel bad that I skipped their last album.
  • Their last one wasn't very good.
  • You need to get on that, he's got alot of good ones.
  • Yeah, It Ain't Easy to listen to everything Bowie has done. It might even take you Five Years, but it's good to listen to him now, Because You're Young. Then again, you don't have to do so if you want to be a Rebel Rebel, but when you're traveling at the Speed Of Life sometimes you just have to stop Time and Watch That Man. He's A Sweet Thing, possibly The Prettiest Star, but he can also come across like a Queen Bitch or a Big Brother who just wants A Better Future for the Sons Of The Silent Age. I can understand if you have a Sense Of Doubt, but don't be afraid of Changes, Hang Onto Yourself, and Move On to a world of Sound And Vision.
  • #genius
  • Steve, you are amazing.
  • #stevesoexciting
  • there's really no use hiding it, I fucking love this new TMBG album.
  • now you've done it.
  • don't worry Nick, I have the ability to delete anti-tmbg posts
  • but seriously, any particular reason as to why it's hitting more buttons than previous TMBG records? Or does it just sound more like classic TMBG than usual.
  • I wouldn't say it sounds like those old records, but the way the songs have multiple ear-worm melodies certainly evokes older tmbg.
  • how's Call You Mom fit in, is it one of the better tracks? Are most tracks on the record like that?

    I actually really liked that one, and reminded me a lot of John Henry.
  • I like "Call Your Mom" a lot, but I wouldn't call it one of my favorite tracks.

    It's inbetween "Circular Karate Chop", which is this weird little pop-punk sounding song and "Tesla" which is a slower ballad type track about Nikolai Tesla.

    The whole thing is kind of all over the place, which is something I've always felt TMBG does well.
  • yeah, well, you've gotten me excited
  • do you want me to put it on dropbox or are you waiting for the physical release? The FLAC leaked, so it's not like the rips aren't great or anything.
  • I'm gonna be driving for 2.5-3 hours in a short while, I'll check it out when I get to university.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • that sounds a bit like Discovery.
  • Ohhhhhhhhh man.
  • I like that it was more funk than actual disco house, and it sounded like real instruments with this one.

    Daft Punk goes Da Funk
  • I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ^
    yeah I wanna go with that. If that's the sound of the new record then ehhh....but it doesn't seem like it would be
  • what if it's just a funk rekkid?
  • the smooth electro-funk stuff a la "Something About Us" is like the most boring aspect of Daft Punk for me. The more I talk about it here I think I feel the same about Discovery as Kyle feels about post-Amnesiac Radiohead
  • Something About Us is probably my fave song off that record.
  • Yeah holy shit, @Clyde, I know we joke about wrong opinions and stuff, but daaaaaaaaaaaamn.
  • pfft, not liking Discovery is the same thing as not being ALIVVVVEEE
  • I never once said I didn't like Discovery. I do like it but I'd give it a 7 at best, truthfully. And I LARGELY prefer Homework. If that bothers you, get over it :)
  • Discovery was WAY too smooth

  • "Too smooth" is a phrase which means nothing to me. Too many "o"s.
  • Wait, we're all talking about the underrated ELO classic, right?

  • in a way I sort of agree with @svjchtr. I think what everyone loves about Discovery is exactly what keeps it from being great for me.
  • I used to agree with you until pitchfork named it the 3rd best album of the 00s.

    I'm a sheep.
  • @Ocaml For your studies, that you may continue to medicate yourself in a Better Person: I have this really vivid memory of being sick at home in the 7th grade, lying in a pile of snot and blankets on the couch, and watching daytime MTV when I first saw the video for "One More Time." I was blissfully oblivious to pretty much everything about culture at the time, so I had no idea what Daft Punk was, but there was something about the combination of anime and disco that stuck with me. Years later in undergrad, when I listened to Discovery because it was a thing I figured I should do, my memory made that connection to the couch and the snot and the blue people, and it made me want to listen to the album more. I don't know why. Maybe the music was a key which unlocked the feelings of those days and mistakes of youth, or maybe I just knew I was destined to enjoy singing robots.
  • I feel like I'm years behind every other Daft Punk listener in appreciating Discovery (even though I have been listening to them for years). If I like it more in 10 years, I'll let you guys know.
  • I didn't particularly enjoy Discovery until 2008 or so... but once it clicked it became my favorite Daft Punk album by a wide margin.
  • I didn't particularly listen to Discovery until December 2012 or so...but once I did it became my favourite Daft Punk album by a wide margin.

  • Discovery is one of my favorite albums ever, but I think Alive 2007 is my favorite Daft Punk release. That one is basically a ten for me, and I'd drop the "basically" if I thought the recording quality was just slightly better, though even that doesn't really bother me.
  • I like the way the Discovery material was worked into Alive 2007 alot better, really. I still need to listen to that one alot more but it has the potential of eclipsing even Homework for me.
  • I like Alive 2007 for being basically the culmination of Daft Punk's discography, and also for making their relatively underwhelming moments (e.g. certain tracks from Human After All) exciting.
  • I like Alive 2007, definitely.

    but it's not an album, it's parts of a recorded live show.

    I could never see it as an album in the same league as Discovery or Homework, (even Human After All) so I can't compare them.
  • I wouldn't say it's not an album; I'd just call it a "live album" rather than a "studio album."
  • I've gotten into live albums more nowadays, where I used to ignore them beforehand. I think to say they're not albums is kind of wrong
  • I generally prefer live albums, especially if its jazz in which case I mainly listen to live albums. More people should do them.
  • ^
    yes, old jazz tunes are definitely better and just generally have more energy live than in the studio recordings
  • I missed this, but this is fucking gorgeous.

    His Eye Is On The Sparrow by ActiveChild
  • New Rustie, yeah!

  • @Danny: Crash course me. I see he's playing here Friday. How's the rest of his (their?) output?
  • His studio material is a lot of fun. I like his album Glass Swords a lot, his EPs are solid, and he has an Essential Mix that's basically two hours of trap, which is pretty nice. If you like TNGHT and/or Hudson Mohawke, I expect you to like Rustie too. I also imagine he would be fun live.
  • that track's pretty cool, if a little repetitive (which is the nature of this kind of music nowadays)
  • Yeah I see he's on Warp/LuckyMe already as it is. I'll see what the bro's say. Also on the ticket is Oneman and Jackmaster (haven't heard of them).

  • teaser for new Bibio material
  • Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    I'm really excited for whatever that is. I think Bibio is one of the most consistently interesting artists out there right now. I even think Mind Bokeh is really good despite how scatterbrained it is. Part of why I'm so excited for his next release is that Mind Bokeh seemed to taste test so many different ideas, so I want to see if he decides to explore any of those further. Even if he doesn't, he seems to have enough creative inspiration to make another relatively unique album.
  • Excited for new Bibio. I didn't like Mind Bokeh very much but Ambivalence Avenue is one of my faves.
  • I definitely like Ambivalence Avenue significantly more, but I still thought Mind Bokeh had some great tracks on it. Sure, "Take Off Your Shirt" was kind of ridiculous and unnecessary, but I feel tracks like "K is for Kelson" and "Saint Christopher" made up for that.

  • Yay full track!

  • damn you beat me to it.

    hinting of new material from Macintosh Plus?
  • In other positive news, new Baths!

    Baths - Miasma Sky by anticon

    New Danny Brown!

    #HottestMC Produced By Harry Fraud by Xdannyxbrownx
  • That new Baths is fantastic, has me really pumped for the new album