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music for theatre and/or film?
  • I'm studying acting at the moment and I always need new music for small plays and demos that we do in school.

    The problem is that I'm really interested in music, but the kind of music I listen too doesn't always translate that well into theatre and stuff like that.
    I mainly listen to bands that put a lot of focus on the vocals, the lyrics and don't work as sort of background music. (you know like Sunset Rubdown, Neutral Milk Hotel, Radiohead, Tom Waits, The Microphones)

    So could you recommend me music/artists/albums that you think would work great in theatre and/or film?
    I enjoy experimental stuff like Battles and The Books so rather something weird than something too predictable or harmonized.
  • Hmmmmmm, it really depends what kind of film/play you're making.

    Some ambient stuff like Stars of the Lid or Biosphere might work, but if you want to get a little grittier and/or more experimental, you could maybe try stuff like Tim Hecker or Oneohtrix Point Never. Maybe even Pop-era Gas or minimalism like Steve Reich.

    Then if you want to get into more beat-oriented stuff, you could try Air or early Röyksopp. Maybe even Burial or some IDM à la Boards of Canada or Autechre if you want to get really fucked up.

    A couple of other random things that might work are Tragedy-era Julia Holter or Fuck Buttons. And this is totally unlike everything else I recommended, but I think you would like this song, and I think it could work well in a film:

    I'm really just throwing a ton of stuff out there because this is a pretty broad question. If you have any more specific criteria, I might be able to narrow my suggestions.
  • Was coming in here to say Fuck Buttons but Danny beat me to it.
  • I'm a little confused @eraserhead, is it that you're looking for really theatrical music or am I missing the point?
  • really it's like atmospheric melodic music. Imagine for instance a scary scene in the woods set to this Tom Waits song.

  • Did eraser head just reply to robbys post from a year and a half ago