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The News Thread
  • We already have a thread dedicated to music news, but I thought we could use one for the broader spectrum of news. I feel bad posting heavy/political stuff in "Random Fucking Thoughts" because I read that thread not for serious discourse, but for the lulz.

    The Chicago Public School District Has Announced the Closure of 54 Schools. (via NPR)

    The school district says it will save $560 million over the next decade. But Knowles says no city in the country has made changes of this magnitude in one year. He says one of the biggest challenges for Chicago will be whether the children will go to better schools. Another is whether school closures will put children's safety at risk.

    Many of the schools are in high-crime areas where gang violence is common. While the school district plans to have community patrols to help students get to their new locations, the Rev. Paul Jakes says it will be dangerous for plenty of kids traveling through competing gang turf.

    "We're coming to say that if any child's life is lost, that the blood of that child is on the hands of Mayor Rahm Emanuel," he says.

    While I've never been to the Windy City, everything I read about it makes it seem like it's on a massive decline. I mean, just last month a mother lost her fourth child to gun violence.
  • it's amazing to me that there's a city large enough to even be able to close 54 schools, that'd probably be the entire system here.

    I don't know if Chicago's on the decline, but I do know that Toronto just passed it in population.
  • Lots of gun violence in Chicago (as well as Baltimore, DC and NOLA).

    Recovery is slow. But the US school system needs some serious help.

    Maher had that woman the DC system hired and eventually fired (I think she tried to get rid of Tenure) who shook up the system there. Including a lot of closures of poorly performing and under attended schools.

    You see "Waiting for Superman"? It's good.
  • rich and apathetic imo
  • On the other side of the spectrum, the ESA launched a satellite called Planck back in 2009 to observe the faint bits of light left by the early universe, and just yesterday scientists released some of their findings.

    A lot of it is slight adjustments to figures we already had (the universe is slightly older, it's expanding slightly more slowly, etc.), but the really interesting thing is the confirmation that the universe is apparently very slightly lopsided, i.e. one side is warmer than the other. We would expect it to be perfectly symmetrical, so this is really weird, and I don't think anyone knows exactly what it means yet.
  • I'm rooting for someone to prove that it means the existence of a multiverse.
  • That post offends Baby Gerald
  • @ocaml that was unreasonably funny
  • "Justice Alito is scared of the future. The key quote from Alito is the one in which he said that same-sex marriage could be terrible and is "younger" than Internet and cell phones. On the basis of that premise, Alito made the point that approving same-sex marriage now might spell bad consequences, since we can't "see the future." However, won't same-sex marriage always be younger than cell phones or the Internet? If you're going to draw a comparison between the future and its wonderful tools like iPhones and the Internet, that might undermine your point about same-sex marriage being terrible." - From The Atlantic Wire

  • And the lols just keep on coming.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Go to the CNN homepage if you want to see the horror for yourself.
  • oh good lord I love you Annie
  • "Many of the schools are in high-crime areas where gang violence is common. While the school district plans to have community patrols to help students get to their new locations, the Rev. Paul Jakes says it will be dangerous for plenty of kids traveling through competing gang turf." So we're quaritining* humans now?
  • Roger Ebert just died....
  • this dude has been such an inspiration in sparking my serious love for film. I can't even...
  • I just love how far he was willing to go to not just live, but to continue doing what he loved.
  • As a tribute to Roger I'm making a pledge not to watch any movies for the next 11 days, one for each year he had cancer.
  • I feel like I need to do the reverse being that 11 days between movies is all too common for me these days.
  • Staying away from late night random Netflix documentaries is going to be tough for me
  • I'm gonna do the opposite. Cancer never kept Ebert away from movies.
  • Rest in Peace, Roger Ebert. The world has lost a truly brilliant man.
  • I'm really bummed out :(
  • Awesome video of Roger defending PTA's Magnolia. When you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

    The man was most certainly a genius, but he was also a dynamo.
  • He's so fucking right in that video. He will be sorely missed.
  • That other critic had no idea what she was talking about lol
  • My favorite rant if his had to be the one for Leonard Part Six
  • I'm just. . . sigh.
  • Uuugh just the fact that woman wants everyone's lives to come together like a Robert Altman movie says it all.

    And the movie is great. Aimee Mann's soundtrack, IMO, is even better. And I usually care nothing for movie soundtracks.
  • That's a little devastating to read.
  • Ebert was the face and voice of criticism for the public, and I can't think of anyone else now who comes close to fulfilling that, which really highlights his importance.
  • Wow, this really sucks.
  • I highly encourage everyone read this piece Roger wrote for his ongoing "Great Movies" column. Truly inspiring stuff.
  • I don't ever go to theaters to see movies anymore but I'll think I'll go see one tonight. I wanted to check out the Evil Dead remake anyway.
  • I love his Great Movies column. That is what I'll most most of all in terms of his writing.
  • I decided that watching Ebert's top 10 of all time is a better tribute, it's also something I probably should have done anyway.
  • it's pretty depressing that the only films of that list I've seen are Raging Bull and The Tree of Life. I'm gonna watch all of those. Though La Dolce Vita is around 3-4 hours if I'm not mistaken so just be prepared for that

    EDIT: Yeah it's 3 hours
  • I've seen them all, though I really enjoy about half of those...I do really appreciate how much Ebert enjoys Bunuel, who's probably my favorite director ever.
  • Tokyo Story isn't a small fry either... I believe Wikipedia deliberately notes its slow pacing...
  • Ebert really enjoys films with lethargic pacing it seems with the exception of The General.
  • Felini is amazing and everyone should watch his films #LaDolceVita

    I've seen 8 of the movies, but not Herzog's or Keaton's. I need to remedy that.
  • When I heard that Herzog interview yesterday, I teared up a bit. The guy had mad respect for Ebert, and the feeling was mutual.
  • I did not want to listen to that today because I knew I would likely get all misty eyed and bummed out. I will listen to it one of these days though
  • guys... what the fuck is happening in Boston?
  • ....I don't know....?
  • Terribleness.
  • It looks like a war zone...
  • Some kind of explosions. At first glance it seems very unlikely it could be some kind of accident, sadly enough.
  • good lord....
  • Unexploded devices found, police will have controlled explosion soon.
  • At least Mackasaur is cracking jokes.

    I've never gone from following someone to blocking someone so quickly.
  • So apparently there were people in the VIP section at the finish line who were there due to the run commemorating Newtown. Can you imagine the fucking therapy these people are going to need?
  • God.. having to live through one tragedy is already more than one person should have to handle in their life.
  • I fucking hate everything.
  • Yeah this is pretty shitty. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say domestic.
  • Have to think the Bruins game tonight will be postponed.
  • You know, so I have the pleasure of being right about how 2 people and 23 more were injured. What can I say, I'm so desensitized to this shit now my focus is more on the why...
  • and those people injured..
    "Dozens of victims missing limbs"

    fuck man
  • Bruins-Sens game is PPD, right call on that one.

    I also saw METZ PPD their show in Boston tongiht.
  • Someone has been detained at a Boston hospital on suspicion of involvement.
  • @Ocaml yeah that sentiment is rough. However I'm not sure too many athletes would have been casualties. Based on the photographs and such it looks like it would have been spectators (And possibly just the general public, not grandstand ticket holders). One explosion was close to the finish line (in front of some pub looking restaurant), and the other was in front of a Lenscrafters and apparently on the other side (but not close enough to the finish line to be near the grandstands. Any runners are not likely to have walked back down the course. They're past the finish line, keeping warm and probably eating.

    Of course I could be totally wrong, but I would say very few of the casualties were runners.

    Not that it makes it much better.
  • Boston Police are supposedly doing a news conference right now.
  • I can't sift through the thousands of retweets to find a link but someone said that Fox News reported it.
  • That neogaf had lots of photos and such but the site is pooched.

    Anyhow the 'bonus' of this is there were lots of medical personel and police on hand due to the event so I'm sure many lives were saved just by virtue of paramedics being so close to the explosions at the finish line.
  • So apparently there was third incident at JFK library?

    I'm seeing lots of people saying that incident isn't related though.
  • So there was a 3rd explosion (2 hours ago though) at JFK Library, but the police have no info about it? What the?
  • didn't they say they think it was related and that it was a "controlled explosion"?
  • Apparently this is the Library.
  • oh well nvm. thanks.

    news is saying there was a 3rd bomb found and controlled by police at the library.
  • This story is so huge that I can't even find links that work. I just got a NY Post link that isn't working.

    Websites are being hammered.
  • Interesting that the Boston_Plice twitter feed would mention it, the police commissioner would have just uttered it was an explosion in the press conference.. and yet it turns out it's a fire. (which is what the photo looks like).

    Wow.. the misinformation where the police don't even know what's going on.
  • @Wired I know right? This info is coming out faster than Police can even keep up.
  • Commenters on the fire story are saying the police were saying over the scanner that there was an explosion. I just can't believe the Police Commissioner would be so careless to say it was an explosion without knowing for sure. (at the library that is)
  • Wow.. saying they've shut down cellular service in the city now. not sure about that move.
  • @Shoey Please don't post anything from the New York Post. There's already enough misinformation going around.
  • police have confirmed there was an explosion there..
  • this is fucking disgusting.
  • Are they not reputable? I can't say I've ever read them.
  • Well it's 150 minutes later now. I would guess all that's left are maybe unexploded devices, but I'm doubting it. I'd say whatever "happened" it's over. (sure as hell hope so)
  • Explosions were on the same side of the street (verified by watching it in video). Man.. the media will just print anything to sell ad space eh?
  • Cell service getting cut off makes sense if that's how the bombs are being detonated.
  • Yes, in principal.

    To me though it only makes sense back at 3pm. At 5pm, not so much. Also I mean cellular phone service is almost a life necessity these days. If something happens, how's anyone going to report it? (unless they have the ability to stop outgoing calls based on phone number (allowing just 911/emergency services to have access).
  • @wiredracing There has to be some reason they would do it, besides in events like this the phone service may as well be down anyway.
  • and the injured count has almost doubled. :(
  • @Shoey Oh I agree. I think that's exactly why they did it. It also makes them look like they're on the ball (Which I'm sure in several ways they are).

    I just worry about the problems of shutting down such an essential service in such a large city. I have to assume emergency call access is still possible. But of course that's not how it's reported. They just say cell service is shut down. I'm just hoping it's selective.
  • Police commissioner said 3pm for the Library explosion, CBS is claiming 4pm. 4 makes more sense in the context of the commissioner having little to no information about it.
  • Not sure why the National Post (Canadian paper) is saying "up to 100 injured) now. Sorry this really is the problem with the "news media". They really need to color code their stories and statements so when people read it they know what is confirmed and verified and what isn't. Just adding to the general confusion when they're supposed to be informing people of facts.
  • I just don't see what choice they would have if that's how the bombs are being detonated. Until they know for sure that the situation is safe it's the right precaution to take. You hope people in need find a land line or wireless Internet.
  • @Shinobz I can't imagine they would cut it off entirely. I would even expect first responders to use cell as a backup. It's just too essential. They must have the ability to allow people to still call 911. But again, the report was very general.

    I see Google has their people finder up again. So awesome they do that... so fucking pathetic they have to.
  • Boston Police (via twitter) now say the JFK thing is actually only a fire.
  • Anyhow. Sad day. Too many of them. I hope it's domestic and I hope it's over now. See what comes out the other end in the news overnight.
  • The Boston library is in the vicinity of the explosions so that makes sense.
  • Anonymous just posted this photo
    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
  • This is just all sorts of. . .