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  • because "Film Discussion" sounds way too high brow for me.
  • Can I talk about movies I watched here that have a score lower than 8.0 on imdb and 90% on rotten tomatoes and not get made fun of?

    Watched The Other Guys last night..

    Fell asleep before the end (not due to the movie, but because I was sick/exhausted), but I chuckled at a few parts.
  • The opening sequence in The Other Guys with SLJ and The Rock got my hopes way too high; the rest of the movie was aight but too tame.

    Michael Keaton was good times though, admittedly
  • Saw Lincoln a few nights ago. Anyone want to argue that DDL is the worlds greatest actor?
  • close my thread then. Move the discussion in my thread here.
  • Yeah actually, because I think Phillip Seymour Hoffman is better.

    it's incredibly close, but yeah.
  • You misunderstand me, I started this thread to talk about dumb movies.
  • there's no difference. I don't want two different discussion threads about things that can be contained in one thread, makes the board less cluttered.

    Please close my thread and merge it into this, thanks.
  • You have no idea how much I'm going to talk about Good Burger, I'm telling you... you don't want that.
  • Oh Good Burger, my Good Burger.
  • I don't care
  • oh im pretty sure you care, TTK.
  • ya we're pretty sure you care.
  • who are all of you
  • Fuck movies.
  • Enjoyed Life of Pi. I've managed to avoid 3D completely and this was my fist experience. Appears I picked a good film to start.
  • @hayter yeah that film probably has the best usage of 3-D I've seen, possibly moreso than Avatar
  • Piranha 3D made use of 3D about 800 times better than Avatar
  • Kelly Brook amirite
  • I have Piranha 3D.. but it's region coded and my 3D player isn't region free. Whoops. :) So.. yeah.. haven't seen it yet. :p
  • ugh, fuck off smileys.
  • come on, you can argue about Avatar's quality as a story, etc. but it's a clear fact had innovative 3-D, James Cameron built a new fucking camera for it
  • "Atmospheric" 3D can lick my taint.
  • what are the best explosions of 2k12?
  • Look, Life of Pi is being talked here, I'd consider that a film and th-

    please kyle :(
  • Psssst. I really liked Life of Pi. Top 10 of the year for me. Pssst.
  • You guys need to talk about more dumb stuff.
  • I watched Jurassic Park 3 and Star Wars Episode I yesterday. Both sufficiently terrible.

    I did know, however, that Alexander Payne wrote a draft of the JP3 script. Two time Academy Award winning (and deserved) screenwriter.
  • Screw the haters; I think This is 40 is mostly great.
  • @danny Yeah? We were going to see it, but then I saw the Metacritic rating and figured I'd get some of the obvious Oscar contenders out of the way first. Ultimately I could buy the poor rating as Funny People wasn't very good.
  • I'll probably end up in the minority in really liking it, but yeah I'd recommend it, even though it was a little overlong and a little inconsistent. I'm admittedly an Apatow fan, though. I even liked Funny People when it came out, though I was an extremely different person back then so I don't know how I'd feel about it now.
  • Son of a bitch, where did the FILM discussion go? Did the trains take it away? Stupid trains.
  • there's some really funny stuff in there but for being 2 of my favorite people in the world Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann played wholly unlikable characters that yes, were probably realistic, but whom I had no intention of watching. Plus alot of the funny stuff to me were parts of the film that had little to nothing to do with the real plot of the film at all (if there is one). Like Melissa McCarthy's scene, which is probably the best one in the film, but I'll admit had no reason for being there.

    I dunno, it's disappointing. I think Judd Apatow can be a great and original voice in comedy (I love Funny People even though I think 2/3 of everyone else doesn't). But this was a real misstep for him in my opinion.
  • I found their characters likable... :( And wasn't Melissa McCarthy's scene there to show that Debbie and Pete still had enough passion to work together to defend their daughter and each other?
  • maybe there was a point but I didn't see it. dunno bb, opinions
  • Yeah well fuck your opinions you disgusting piece of shit.

    Nah but really I understand where you're coming from. I'm not calling it a perfect movie, but I thought its cast was too strong, writing and execution too frequently funny, characters too fleshed out, situations too relatable, and script too perceptive for me to dislike it.
  • "Yeah well fuck your opinions you disgusting piece of shit."

    Danny gets ANGRY
  • custom 3D cameras for Avatar doesn't have shit on 3D underwater titties and 3D vomit etc etc
  • Anybody seen Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels?
  • No, but it sounds dumb which means you understand what this thread is for.
  • I hate to break it to you, Kyle, but I hear the movie is actually pretty good.
  • eh, Lockstock is ok but it tries way too hard. it's a more english Snatch, so if you like one then you'll like the other
  • Dumb is in no way a negative term, it's the same reason I can tolerate the worst bro-step ever.
  • Btw Robby you know I wasn't actually mad right??

    And Lock, Stock... has been recommend to me along with Snatch, but I've yet to see either.
  • Just saw Django Unchained. It was pretty good, better than Inglorious Bastards. Lots of cartoonish violence in the style of Kill Bill. Overall I enjoyed it but it was almost three hours long and probably didn't need to be. I don't know what you guys think of Tarentino.
  • @danny if there's anyone I'm almost certain never gets mad over the internet, it's probably you xP
  • Can't wait to see Django, I like Tarintino's stuff like Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. And yeah, I've seen Snatch and enjoyed it a lot too
  • Django Unchained definitely needed to be trimmed down at least by 15 minutes (and yes, that could've easily been done without affecting the story). And there really wasn't anything mind-blowingly new from Tarantino that made me appreciate his craft all the more (like the opening scene from Inglourious Basterds for example).

    Now that I got that out of the way, Django Unchained is such a fucking good time. And maybe what's most impressive about it is that Tarantino was able to depict the absolute horrors of slavery with great brutality and realism in a way no Hollywood film probably ever has, without even a hint of exploitation, in my opinion. Someone might disagree on that last point, but there were honestly points of the film that were hard to watch for me. And Leo really blew me away, at least in his "scene" (y'all know what I'm talking about if you've seen the film).
  • I'm late to this thread but "Atmospheric 3D can lick my taint" is a quote for the ages.
  • just watched Sleepwalk with Me, and thank god I saw it before I made my list because it's definitely going on it. Such a great movie if you're love stand-up, or even if you don't.
  • Isn't that the name of the Twin Peaks movie?
  • you're thinking Fire Walk with Me.

    Mark Kermode highly recommends it, I think I might watch it soon.

    Kermode's my recent favourite critic. He's like Roger Ebert but can talk, or Richard Roeper but with more material and he's funnier than both of them combined.

    Or maybe it's just because he's put with an absolutely dry radio host. The two of them together are like a bickering elderly couple, their podcasts are great.

  • Lock Stock is good. But I also saw it the 12+ years ago it came out. It may not translate well to comedy today. Snatch I think got most of it's praise from Brad Pitt's turn in it after a pile of pretty serious roles.
  • Lock Stock is amazing. I've seen it several times, holds up just as well today. Though many say you have to be from London (or England, at least) to understand the "humor" but I don't really agree with that.
  • @ttk yep Kermode is such a don.

    Haven't seen Lock Stock in a while but I bet the final scene is still excellent.
  • I'm finally seeing Holy Motors today!
  • Have we discussed The Hobbit yet? I had low expectations which is probably why I enjoyed it.
  • @TJ hell yes! so psyched for you to see it

    @nick yeah I've been watching (or listening to, rather) that guy for a while, he's pretty insightful and funny
  • I recently read a review for Les Miserables that said something to the effect of "this is the kind of film that waterboards you into obeying it". As someone who had to sit through that, it is so true.
  • Glad you saw Sleepwalk with Me, @ClydeNut. I've been thinking about it for the last few days. Definitely among my faves this year, and, like I said, Lauren Ambrose.

  • @hayter36, I've seen the Hobbit twice now. Saw the standard 35mm/24fps version first, and I'm really glad I did. The 48fps version looked so much like video that it often took me out if the movie. Some scenes had action that looked like it was even sped up (a shot as simple as old Bilbo walking down the hall in his Hobbit-hole looked fucked up). I thought the 48fps shined on some of the sweeping panoramas, as well as some of the slo-mo stuff, but for the most part, I really didn't like the look.

    Finished the book the night before seeing it, and while it wasn't a page-for-page retelling, I appreciated how lovingly it was interpreted (Azog was a welcome addition -- he was the shit).
  • (RE: Sleepwalk with ME) I did think the ending was a little too rushed (SPOILER: meaning, everything after he jumps out of the window) I mean, this is probably the only time I've given this criticism to a film this year, but it is too short imho. It's 80 minutes and I feel it could've been fleshed out more, like with the ending for example, and I wanted to see more of his relationship with his father, which I'm told is more of a topic in the stage show which I have yet to watch/listen to/whatever. Regardless, I loved it and it definitely has me eager to look for more of Mike Birbiglia's work
  • @TTK - I've been around, but I'm an old-ass man. My cobwebby, senile brain has trouble keeping up.
  • cobweeeebs
  • I didn't end up watching Sleepwalk With Me last night. I'll catch up with it sometime this week I hope.
  • it's on Netflix instant if ya got that (funnily enough I didn't even know till I watched it torrented)
  • Needless to say I love Holy Motors. But I need to think about it a lot more before I say how much.

    So weird. So good. Very Lynchian. It made me think of Godard as well (WeekEnd came to mind).
  • I wouldn't say Lynchian because it's like you know what's going on, you just don't know the reason.

    Lynch has an effect where you don't know what's going on, and you don't know why.

    for me, Mullholland Dr. is half drama, half I have no idea.
  • watched Looper. it was pretty sweet

    watched Ted. it was pretty shitty
  • I see that, @TTK, but one thing that both films have in common, other than the absurdness, is the fact both are commenting on film. Mulholland Dr. comments on Hollywood films, while Holy Motors seems to be more about all of film history. Unless I'm missing the point. Which is likely, because I'm not going to pretend to understand all of Holy Motors at this point.
  • @svjchtr Looper is sweet, I agree.
  • Well film critic Mark Kermode said the same thing about Holy Motors. I didn't exactly see that, I thought it was more about having to play different characters in different aspects of life, and how we are constantly projecting some sort of idea of how we are to an "audience" i.e. everyone else.
  • more than any filmmaker, Holy Motors reminded me of Samuel Beckett more than anyone else.

    @svjchtr I liked Ted well enough up until the unneeded kidnapping subplot that stopped the film right in its tracks.
  • @nick I agree, I think the film is in many ways about identity more than anything else, and the use of actors is a metaphor for that. But really in a way this is the kind of film that can be interpreted dozens of different ways, and that's kind of the magic of it
  • full disclosure, i cringe at most seth mcfarlane stuff, so it was pretty obvious going into the movie that i wasn't going to love it

    buuuuuut my brother was watching it, mila kunis was in it, and i wasn't doing anything so i figured what the hell
  • I went to see Ted to laugh.

    I laughed, a lot.

    It's not the kind of movie you analyse.
  • I can't argue with the first 3-4 seasons of Family Guy, but everything after to me is just tired and flat (and that includes American Dad and The Cleveland Show). but I thought alot of parts of Ted were kind of a return to that level of quality, for me anyway. There are at least two moments that are among the funniest things I've seen this year movie-wise
  • and i guess me hating comedies is a lot closer to being the rule than the exception

    so yeah Ted really was totally fucked. but i'm hardcore so i watched it anyways
  • when Airplane is in your top 5 favourite films, I think comedy's a big part of my film watching
  • Family Guy was great all the way up to it's first season back...

    now, it's just terrible... possibly the worst show on television.
  • Sleepwalk with me was pretty okay. Ultimately, the message was a really good one, but I just didn't find it that funny. Twas a case where the preview had some of the funniest moments in it. Meh.

    Caught a pretty good drug induced tokyo fantasy drama called "Enter the Void" a couple weeks ago. It was very stylistically ambitious, and while they got carried away and overly artsy at times, I ultimately found it to be entertaining.
  • I've been planning on watching Enter the Void for a while. Gaspar Noé seems like an interesting director. Also, Flying Lotus loves that movie.
  • @kyle exactly. I can't stand it now.
  • Watched Sleepwalk With Me last night. Sure. It's good. Congrats to the guy. Funny how things work out and how most people are their own worst enemies.
  • Sleepwalk With Me was good! It started slowly, but it really pays off by the end. It is a bit short, but it didn't bother me too much. I understand the criticism, though.
  • god do I want to see Berberian Sound Studio
  • Watching the 25th hour. So far not a big fan of thefont choice in the opening credits.
  • That tends to be a deal breaker
  • So Les Miserables.

    What about it made it worse than any other musical, because I enjoyed some bits more than most musicals I have watched. It was melodramatic and some of the songs weren't very good--like every musical that I've seen.

    1st: What musicals am I missing?

    and 2nd: What made Les Miserables a bad "musical" rather than a bad "movie."
  • Well im pre-disposed to loving musicals, it's in my blood. I admit to liking the Les Miz stage show alot.

    That being said, I hated that fucking movie and it was a gross misrepresentation of the source material
  • What was different Robby? I have no context other than knowing Victor Hugo wrote the novel and the 80s musical was HUGE.
  • this is the best musical performance on film ever.
  • Cannibal: The Musical