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Attack on Anime
  • lets talk about anime then

    I'm watching Angel Beats and Steins;Gate now. The dub for Angel Beats is shitty, but hey I'm watching it on netflix so fuck me. Steins;Gate is good doe, i'm digging it.
  • I gotta get Netflix! I also need time to watch movies, too. LOL>
  • I started watching Elfen Lied a while back, but I only got three episodes in. I might finish it at some point, but I wasn't as impressed with it so far as I hoped to be.
  • Hey, uhh Steve?

    So I finally got around to watching End of Evangelion and uhh...did Shinji just...

    did he...y'know?
  • Everything is exactly as you think it is.
  • @danny Elfen Lied is alright, but it gets a lot of undue praise. I think it appeals more to people unfamiliar with anime, since it wraps up a lot of stereotypical anime things into a neat and stylish package, but its execution is all over the place.

    Its OP is one of the greats, though.

  • @Austin I also just finally started Primer Steins;Gate. I don't know what's happening, but I'm enjoying trying to figure it out.
  • @vestenet Lol it's funny you say that because the person I know who was raving about it is definitely "unfamiliar with anime."

    Again, I might finish it someday, but there are definitely other series I feel more compelled to watch.
  • bout to start Honey and Clover.
  • honey and clover seems pretty good, but the soundtrack is fucking fantastic.
  • fair enough
  • The first episode of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita was pretty decent up until the last minute, when it became incredible.

  • Pretty sure I posted this before, but suck it.

  • The most appetizing/unappetizing opening of all time:

  • Superior version of Steins;Gate's OP:

  • Haven't watched anime series since highschool. Project A-Ko, The Dirty Pair and the like. Getting VHS overdubs in my hands back then were few and far between. Some of the lesbian storyline stuff was gold. I wonder if I have any of it in a box somewhere, rip it and throw it on youtube.

    I know I've got Bubblegum Crisis on DVD somewhere, still in it's packaging. Sold my Battle Angel Laserdisc last year (come'on Cameron, get on it already!). I remember Demon City Shinjuku and Golgo 13 being good ones too.

    But before you judge me, that was the late 80's early 90's in Atlantic Canada, so there wasn't a whole lot to go around. I dunno what the current stuff is like now. Well, that is to say I've seen Steamboy and something I saw a couple years ago at TIFF about pilots for experimental aircraft... can't remember the name now. But other than sexier CG artwork, the stories weren't much better and of course they were far less violent to appeal to a broader audience. Actually they both kind of bored me to tears.
  • just finished honey and clover. starting clannad now.

    well whenever it finishes downloading
  • clannad seems pretty aight
  • If I ever decide to do Clannad, I'm probably just gonna play the visual novel.

    I also wanna play Steins;Gate at some point. I hear it elaborates on a lot of things the anime couldn't, plus multiple endings.
  • It seems like jap vns would be a bitch to get running. I'd be into playing it too, keep me updated.
  • mother of fucks this show is CUTE
  • It's been a while since I've installed one, but I think AppLocale takes care of most of the installation problems.

    I bypass all of that by having my laptop's region set to "Japan," because I'm that much of a weeaboo.
  • thats pretty fuckin kawaii
  • wow, you can really tell this was adapted from a VN
  • I feel that I end up liking some OPs just due to saturation, but Tsuritama's OP is instantly loveable.

  • Oh and Tsuritama is Google's first result for "gay fish anime."
  • This gay fish anime is really charming.
  • i'll give it a shot
  • im just gonna leave this here

  • what is this that I am seeing Steven?
  • Spider anime.

    (I think it's GJ-bu. Just started airing.)
  • Finally finished Mononoke. The director, Kenji Nakamura, is one of the greats, and it's not surprising that he also directed Tsuritama.

    It's a show I would readily recommend to people not familiar with, or even interested in anime, since it largely eschews a lot of anime tropes and feels more cinematic (akin to Cowboy Bebop). It's also a competent introduction to some Japanese mythology, since it consists of 5 stories over 12 episodes, each story dealing with a specific kind of ghost/monster from folklore. But the stories themselves are set up like detective novels.

    Also it's gorgeous.

  • New Ghost in the Shell series coming later this year, yeahhhhhh:

    At least this gives me an excuse to watch Stand Alone Complex front-to-back.
  • i actually have never watched SAC, and i'm using this as my excuse to start.
  • I only vaguely remember watching a couple of episodes on Adult Swim back in the day, so it's going to be mostly new to me anyway. I've been hungry for something cyberpunk too.
  • i have nice memories of watching but not comprehending anime on [as] back in the day. I think i used to watch .hack a lot.
  • I used to be all about Stand Alone Complex.
  • have u guys heard of dragonball z
    it's kind of obscure
  • So Fruits basket. Have any of you watched it?
  • i have a friend who recommends it. was thinking about it.
  • The wife's watching it. I keep catching a bit. And the random scenes I see are pretty funny. I was just wondering about everyone's opinions here.
  • i never really watched DBZ as a kid. all my friends did though.
  • When I was a kid, Dragonball Z was God.
  • I've said it before, I was a Sailor Moon kid.
  • of course you were
  • Uggggh, I've had this OP stuck in my head for a month now. It's got no business being there.

  • Oh shit nostalgiagasm
  • That was my little brother's favorite show for a time.
  • I also remember playing a surprisingly decent Hamtaro vidya on the GBA. It was this cute little adventure game.

    Yeah, this one.
  • me and my friend have been watching it and it's pretty hilarious
    we've decided that the Vivian Girls should cover the theme song
  • i'm not that friend. not that friend at all.
  • maybe someone can help me here. I got the first GitS movie. And it works fine in Media Player Classic except for that the subtitles are garbled bullshit. Just weird symbols. Anyone know what's up?
  • HA nevermind fixed it. suck my dick subtitles.
  • so i just watched the first GitS movie, and it was predictably amazing.
  • @dannyspiterijr Cornelius is composing the music for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell series. Commence the hype.
  • @vestenet Ohhhhhhhhhhh boy.
  • Cool, the guy who does Welcome to the NHK!'s ED is the same guy (Kenji Ohtsuki) who did Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei's OPs:

  • Man, I had heard a lot about how relatable Welcome to the NHK! was, but geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez.
  • I love how Hideki Taniuchi wears his influences as his sleeve.

    For example compare "More" from Kaiji's season 2 soundtrack to Battles' "Race:In":

    And "Isai" from Akagi with "Hunting Bears":

    Dude has good taste at least.
  • Angel's Egg
  • In fact, watch it now.

  • I'd put it up there with Adolescence of Utena and End of Evangelion as tied for my favorite anime film. The problem with those two, however, is that you really need familiarity with their respective series to get the most out of them (although to be honest, stumbling across Adolescence of Utena on TV with no prior context was part of what pulled me into the anime abyss).

    Angel's Egg is standalone, so everything you need is within those 71 minutes.
  • Pretty much. Take it with you.

    I like that its "Response" on Wikipedia is "Angel's Egg did not do well with audiences or critics on its release.[citation needed]"
  • Also, Yoshitaka Amano, who collaborated with Mamoru Oshii on Angel's Egg and is responsible for the character designs, is the guy who does all of that Final Fantasy concept art.

  • Have you seen any of Satoshi Kon's films, because faster pacing and more colors is pretty much their modus operandi. I'd start with either Millennium Actress (my favorite) or Paprika (most people's favorite).

    This trailer is awful, but:

    This one's a little better:
  • millennium actress made me shed some manly tears.
  • probably wont like it because its girly n stuff
  • I've had Tokyo Godfathers chillin in my downloads folder for like a year
  • Grave of the Fireflies is on my queue.
  • That's what everyone says.
  • Y'know, thinking on it, I retract my statement about Adolescence of Utena not being standalone. The thing is, it did come out after the series finished, but it's not a sequel or continuation of the show. Rather, it's a re-imagining/retelling of the story, but with a slightly different plot, slightly different setting, and slightly different characters. Imagine you finish a really good serial, and later you have a fever dream which condenses that material into about 90 minutes, and there you have Adolescence of Utena. The film can be read as its own work, but after you watch the show you can also read it in terms of SKU, which gets really involved due to all of the fun distortions the film revels in.

    If you're familiar with the show, you can more easily grasp some things the film does, but the film's also pretentious and surreal enough that you can draw your own conclusions or just be taken in by its style. Like all good things, you need to experience it more than once to learn the most about yourself anyway.

    Also, to give you an idea of how many times I've watched it, I understood all of the dialogue in that clip, but I am not the least bit fluent in Japanese.
  • Stand Alone Complex's dub is better than I remember. I'm having a good time going through the show.
  • Wes Anderson on Evangelion:

    "This is a Japanese cartoon that is very difficult to describe and might not sound that great if I tried anyway. It is 24 episodes, and we watched them all in less than a week because you start to want to believe it's real. This could spawn something like Scientology."
  • Eva isn't on Netflix, right? Jeez, if I want to purchase it legally, I have to drop $62 on the DVD set. :(

    They're practically begging me to pirate it. Is there any way to legally stream it?
  • Oh my God, this would cost well over $300 back when it was initially released. I should totally bid on this, right? The DVDs don't have any extras so it's not like I'm missing out on anything.
  • If it helps, RightStuf has it for only $50, which is less than I paid for it.

    The problem is, ADV Films went under, but it still technically exists and is holding onto the series' license, even though they've stopped producing the Platinum boxsets. This is preventing other companies from picking up the license and doing something with it (cheaper boxset, streaming, etc.). It'd be nice if Funimation could get it, since they already have the movies, but time will tell. There hasn't even been a Blu-ray release in Japan yet, so who knows what the future holds.
  • Haha, if you have a VHS player, go for it.
  • I really like what the strings do in this song. It's my favorite OP single from this season (which, granted, isn't saying much when I'm only watching 3 shows).

  • I've come to the conclusion that I appreciate Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell films.

  • Trailer for Ghost in the Shell: Arise. And yep, that's some Cornelius.

  • I finished Solid State Society, which means I've now watched everything Ghost in the Shell-related. Feels good.

    Quick thoughts:
    -Tachikomas are the best. I love serious subjects being tackled in very silly ways, and those fellas made an art out of doing that.
    -I wasn't expecting 2nd Gig to be better than the first season, but it totally is.
    -Mamoru Oshii's films are things I didn't enjoy while I was watching them, but I enjoyed reflecting upon them after the fact. It may have been an issue that I watched them before I finished Stand Alone Complex, because they don't do a very good job of establishing their setting. I mean, it's obvious that Oshii didn't care about doing that, but I guarantee I'll like them better when I watch them again and know what's actually going on.
    -I did like how 70% of Batou's and Togusa's dialogue in Innocence was literary and philosophical quotations. Makes sense when you think about.
  • i have done nothing in the past week except watch evangelion please send help
  • Don't worry, once you're finished with the series/movie, watch this, and everything will be alllllll better.

  • well yeah thanks I'm so much less confused now
  • Riichi Mahjong wa totemo sugoi game desu. Learn lesson to play, da ze~

  • Finally using my awesome Serial Experiments Lain boxset to watch the series again. It burns so slowly and sweetly.

    And I think I mentioned this before, but Funimation put all of the subbed episodes on YouTube for maximum watching potential. You don't even have to like anime to like Lain--kinda similar to Cowboy Bebop with its low levels of anime bullshit, although Lain has a much more sidewinding narrative.

  • There's a music cue in Lain that sounds like The Disintegration Loops, albeit a few years early.
  • Anime is so good, you guys.

    So good.
  • I promise you that one day, I will start watching more anime. I have a ton on my queue, but I want to get through some of the "essential" HBO dramas and a few other things first.
  • You are already dead to me.

  • Alright, when you're ready for some serious discussion, I'd like to know if you recommend The Tatami Galaxy.