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The Vidya Games Thread
  • Talk about the vidya and/or despair.

    I've only bought 4 things so far (Dear Esther, Morrowind, Jet Set Radio, and Thirty Flights of Loving), but I also got Dark Souls when it was $15 on Amazon.
  • me and my bro have been playing ME3 over break.

    good choice with that Morrowind veste, shit is cash beyond belief
  • Indeed. I've already thoroughly explored every nook of Morrowind, but I figured it was about time I legally owned the game.
  • still been working on Skyrim over time, and i like it a little less every time i play. boring game hiding behind a huge funtoexplore world

    should just drop it and play through Crono Trigger again ;[
  • skyrim is so grey and boring compared to morrowing. i can't live in giant mushrooms in skyrim
  • i will say though that i can no longer walk around outside without feeling the urge to Harvest Hanging Moss or Harvest Lavender or whatever any time i see vegetation

    so there's that
  • I got my money's worth out of Skyrim, and now I'm gonna mod the shit outta Morrowind.

    But yes, you should also just play Chrono Trigger.
  • Assassin's Creed Revelations is way better than anyone said it was.
  • Dear Esther is cool. The only thing I grabbed there was Portal 2 (which I've played on 360.. but traded in right away for value).

    Started, played and completed Dishonored over the break (get it.. "break").

    Started Borderlands 2... I like it but I dunno if I'll stick it out. I get the feeling outside of some cute and mildly amusing dialogue, it's going to be grossly repetitive.

    Started COD: BO2 today. Great production, but I feel like my hand is being held a bit too much. Cinematic shooter? I guess. Anyhow I'll plow through it so I can get max Gamespot trade in credit.

    Picked up Mass Effect 1 again so I can start from the beginning and play one hell of a bitchy Femshep.
  • I'm playing through Red Dead Redemption again right now, I think I might start Fallout: New Vegas for the first time tonight.
  • Fallout: New Vegas was alright for a while, but it didn't keep me hooked like Fallout
    3 did. Skyrim has been getting on my nerves recently, I might get Morrowind soon.
  • I've been achievement hunting in Rock Band Blitz. Only one I have left is to gold star every song included in the game... that one is probably going to take awhile. I only have like 12 left to do but they're really hard.

    I'm getting pretty stupid good at that game.
  • I think Fallout 3 is still Bethesda's best game, a lot of that has to do with the fact that I find it's setting a lot more interesting than any of the Elder Scrolls games.
  • @Shinobez Yes being a completionist for ME1 is so monotonous.
  • I've only done that for two games, Oblivion and Bully. Now I just don't have the time and have such a big backlog of entertainment (movies, games... music)
  • I've decided to go through the Persona games in order, so I've been playing through Persona 1's PSP port. It's light on story, but the combat is pretty fun for a '90s RPG. I love that you can talk your way out of any random encounter and still win money, experience, or items. And you need to communicate with demons in order to unlock better magic, so it's a cool way to break the monotony of battling random monsters.

    I imagine the later Persona games expand on this stuff, but I like where they're starting.
  • holy shit you guys need to play Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf.
  • It's from 2011, it's better than Skyrim.
  • I think that's its slogan.
  • It's the same guy that made Hotline Miami, which might be even more crazy.
  • Yamantaka//Sonic Titan are working on a game.
  • @Wired I know! Really excited to see how it turns out. I also should be getting a signed poster eventually for being one of the first people to boost their idea on that one website a while back.
  • I'm going to spend the rest of today hunting all of these down.
  • Bully is $10 on Xbox Live right now, never played it... should I feel good about this purchase?
  • I'm enjoying it, it's not exactly deep but whatever.
  • Yeah... I actually don't like Rockstar's open world engine much, so Bully was a love-hate thing for me. It was basically a re-skinned GTA game.

    Despite the fact I'm almost done with Black Ops 2, I do like the varied gameplay with the strike force missions and such though (shame the AI is so dumb though).

    Not sure what I'll fire up next... maybe some more Borderlands. See if it sticks.
  • There's no auto save in Bully: Scholarship Edition? Well fuck I just lost like 4 hours of playing it.
  • I've been a fan of CoD multiplayer for a while, but I've always found unless I play several hours back to back on consecutive days. If I don't, when I come back to it, I suck. It's like I lose my mojo.. and whole days off my life.. pretty sure I racked up 48+ hours on COD:MW2 multiplayer.

    Anyhoo finished Black Ops 2. Again, great cinematics, sound design, everything, it's just gorgeous to look at... but it's so run and gun, so short and there's not a whole hell of a lot of strategy, or even need to pay attention to the kind of guns you pickup from dead soldiers. Comedy bit after the credits was good. Obviously I would get a different ending if I made a couple different choices but from what I can tell it only really changes the ending and not the gameplay. As opposed to Dishonored where apparently the whole last level is drastically different (Low Chaos vs High Chaos). Anyhoo, I'll at least play Treyarch CoD games again.
  • I've been able to get through most of Persona alright, but this last dungeon is really hard and the final boss just kicked my ass and I'm done with video games until 2013.
  • Woah, you're on the last dungeon already?
  • Of Persona 1, yes (I'm assuming Pandora is the final boss, based on the narrative and it being a huge dickhole).
  • oh shit, I thought you were playing P4. And I was surprised because that's a fucking 80 hour game.
  • Hooked on Letterpress on iOS. A simple, clean word game.
  • I've been playing Plague Inc. on iOS, it's brutal mode is pretty brutal. Last time humanity developed a cure with only a few thousand people left on earth.

    Exterminating humanity is hard.
  • Just letting y'all know that Myst is still timeless.
  • Couldn't keep it in my pants so I popped ME1 into the XBOX yesterday. My femshep isn't as bitchy I was hoping for, also her forehead is a bit too big. I was hoping more for a female version of Eric Cartman... she's too diplomatic even when she's challenging authority. Come'on, lets burn some bridges Jane. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
  • New Pokemon games X and Y announced (they ran out of colors):

    Starters are all cute as buttons. Might be enough for me to take the 3DS plunge come October.

  • Playing Bully as much as I have lately it's totally insane that this game was as controversial as it was. Beyond some teenage kissing there's very little objectionable content.

    Going on a panty raid for the gym teacher was a little overboard I guess.
  • Whoa, and people are now speculating (based on the attacks shown in the video) that the type pairing for the starters might be grass/dark, fire/psychic, and water/fighting. That adds a second level of rock/paper/scissors to the mix, and I can finally have my glorious fire/psychic Pokemon.
  • i dont like the look on fennekins face

    smug motherfucker
  • Ain't as smug as this smooth operator.

  • i wanna kick its shit eating teeth
  • She was my B&W starter~

    Which reminds me, I don't think I ever finished Black.
  • Pokemon starter tiers:

    Red/Blue: Charmander > Squirtle = Bulbasaur
    Gold/Silver/Crystal: Cyndaquil > Chikorita > Totodile
    Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald: Torchic > Mudkip >>> Treecko
    Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Turtwig = Piplup > Chimchar
    Black/White: Snivy > Oshawott >> Tepig
    X/Y: I gotta have them all
  • I'm playing White now. I picked the same, Steve. I'm a fan.

    I never played Gen III or IV. I'll be getting X/Y.

    I always pick Grass Pokemon for some reason. I might have to do the same here. #TeamBulbasaur
  • Steve hates Pokemon Yellow and Pikachu.
  • Motherfucker I'm licking my atomic purple Game Boy Color with Pokemon Yellow in its back as I type this.
  • The atomic purple was the way to go.
  • i always liked the lime green
  • The sound doesn't work too well on mine any more, but other than that it still functions like a champ, despite being probably one of my most-abused possessions.

    That Nintendium, man.
  • I still remember exactly where I was the first time I beat pokemon blue. Those were the days.
  • In grade 4 for my science fair experiment I decided to test which batteries lasted the longest. It was basically just an excuse to be constantly playing my gameboy.
  • Oh god, I can remember that moment too. The most proud I've ever felt about anything.
  • i never had the patience to beat any pokemon game.
  • i didn't have a good attention span as a child, but now i only play 80 hour jrpgs so i'm good.
  • I'm just going to say it, and you guys can take it however you want.

    I know everything Valve touches turns to instant gold, but the Steam box is going to be a colossal failure. If they really wanted to do something unique they'd quit dicking around with what is essentially a router with a controller that's going to have massive latency problems with any and all end users.

    If Valve wants to develop a console, they should be developing a console. This halfway shit is pointless.
  • Investing in this thing was smart, these guys are on the right track.
  • 1 more thing:

    They're idiots if they're not aiming for Christmas 2013 for a hardware launch, when the PS4 and Xbox 3 launch with digital releases for every game and massive hard drives it's going to be an even more pointless endeavor.

    Valve missed the boat entirely, everyone else is catching up to DD. They should have launched this console/roku box 5 years ago if they wanted there to actually be a distinction.
  • Gabe's comments on Windows 8 are out to lunch. The market is saturated with tablets right now and MOST people play casual games. PC sales are on a decline because of this. Win 8 I think did or is doing as much as it can to merge the worlds (touch to keyboard/mouse and casual to business). I mean Windows in the past was so flaky because it required backwards compatibility because of it's penetration in the business market. Mac never had to do that. I don't think there's much else windows could have done to turn the tide in the "post PC (desktop)" world we live in now. Microsoft is a bit late to the tablet game, a year or two earlier would be been better but their partners (OEMS again.. assholes) just didn't have the hardware in the pipeline. This is why Windows RT exists.. and now, ironically is really DOA. Anyhow at least microsoft is keeping it's OS in front of eyes and people who still want to get work done, do it on Windows.

    That said, he's right about OnLive. I found it useless. They focused on FPS which require low latency and they put this on a high latency wan. Idiots. I'm sure people closer to the datacentres could play some of the games, ok.. but all that needed to happen to kill onlive was for a manufacturer with clout release a standardized system. Enter Valve.

    Unfortunately his interview is all over the map and he sounds fairly non committal to anything. It reads like darts are being thrown blindly. Which if that is the case is really about as good as he can do since Valve doesn't make games all that much anymore. They also don't have the clout MS or Sony do to partner with a developer on a game. But this is a good time for them to consider striking. I still can't imagine yet what the console manufacturers can or will do to convince people to buy the next console. Full res 3D isn't going to be enough. The games are pretty slick as it is and the systems allow OS updates that has allowed them to expand usability for the past 8 or so years. Subtle upgrades to graphics (full anti aliasing, 1080p, high res kinect) I just don't know. Maybe if they maintain 100% backwards compat.. maybe. But even then that leaves them exposed.

    Game portability is nice. But what they need is a standardized hardware platform if they want to 'save' PC gaming. Going to linux is sort of dumb for them because that cuts out a lot of their current store library and I think, for the most part, people have given up on Linux for the desktop. It's fine in a box, but not if you want to use something that already exists elsewhere on that box. With XBOX the current champion of the consoles, you're using microsoft.. they should have stuck with Microsoft. Console software sales eclipse PC software sales, everything PC now that's a "name" is a port from the console version. Linux is a mistake and in fact unnecessary as he could have went with a much cheaper embedded windows license.

    I think Shield is a smart product and will do far more to save PC gaming than anything else. I would buy one tomorrow (after I upgrade my gaming rig). I'm all about home centralized computing and I spend more time on my tablets connected to my desktop PC via Splashtop than doing anything else. The PC is where the power is, I just don't want to sit at my desk after work.

    I think the number of people who want to play with 8 simultaneous players on 8 different displays in a single home, are few and far between. It's a bit odd to come out of the gates with a technology focused on a demographic that is NOT the biggest purchaser of your products. Most kids friends are at home, playing them on XBOX live, because they're too lazy to walk across the street, don't have the time to go across town, or are playing too late in their pj's. Ironically, one of the things I think Console manufacturers COULD do to help next gen sales is support multiple displays (along with head tracking). Glance tracking will be neat, I would love to have it for racing games, but it's very niche and you can twitch your finger more quickly anyhow.

    Soooo, when is Shield coming out?
  • Oh and can I just say.. if Apple would get their shit together and release an apple branded controller to play IOS games on their Apple TV. They would MURDER consoles. In fact the next SOC upgrade will probably contain more processing power than any current console. Apple can dominate the living room, I'm just shocked they haven't made a push on the casual games side of things. Most iTunes store purchases are games. iPod Touch and iPhone have put a big dent into handheld gaming. Hell most kids wanted an iPad for Christmas. The only way MS and Sony could hope to stem this tide is if they come up with some as-of-yet unconsidered hardware upgrade and a killer (only on xbox) application. I think for that to work, they need goggles with head tracking and higher resolving kinect and a game like Heavy Rain. But.. that won't happen. It'll be too expensive, it'll take too long for people to adopt it and by the time they do, 4K displays will start penetrating the living room.

    I'm anxious to see what happens. But frankly I'm so pleased with current gen console gaming gameplay and performance, I'm not really left wanting anything other than Steam-style digital distribution sales. A kick up to 1080 and anti-aliasing would be nice, but it's superficial to the experience.
  • I found a sick Evil Dead reference in Spelunky.

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
  • Anybody else played The Witcher 2? Been playing it for the past week. I really love it.
  • It's on my Gamefly Q because boobs.
  • it's (video game) tits galore, no question.
  • I have The Witcher on Steam. Haven't played it yet, because I want to learn how to witch first.
  • I'm starting The Witcher 2, everything I've heard about it's unforgiving gameplay terrifies me and another expansive RPG is a terrible idea when I'm already playing Fallout: New Vegas but fuck it.

  • I started projectile puking the moment I started the tutorial, that's probably not a great sign.

    I can't wait until I'm over this cough, I just lost a frozen burrito I can never have back.
  • how far did you vomit it? you might be able to get it back
  • It didn't come out a solid
  • like when i have dunkin donuts coffee.
  • i don't know if this is the right place for it, but I got an iTunes g/c for Christmas, and I'd like to get some more fun games on my phone, do you guys have any suggestions?
  • The Walking Dead. (or is it ipad only?)

    Scrabble, Boggle, Scribblenauts, Puzzle Quest, Flight Control, Broken Sword games, The Monkey Island SE's.

    I guess. Depends on what's fun to you.
  • I like a lot of 2D sidescrollers. Super Pizza Boy, Leps Quest and Sword and Scorcery. not crazy about Scribblenauts.
  • Mikey Shorts is fantastic if you're into side scrollers.
  • Thanks Shoey! I'll get it! ^_^
  • I'm really liking Mikey Shorts Shoey. I beat the story yesterday though. Any other suggestions, along the same vein?
  • this game looks so cool that I stopped watching this in favor of playing it.
  • i got final fantasy 13 and HOLY FUCK is the dialog bad jesus christ
  • can we get the next awful dialogue quote you come across AK?
  • Sure, here's one that keeps popping up:

    "Moms are tough!"
  • Moms are the hardest metal known to man.
  • Is anyone planning on getting The Cave on Steam next week? I want to get it on a platform with people that actually want to play through it and I think you guys might be a better bet than my Xbox friends.

  • hmmm. The Cave looks really cool. I'd consider it Shoey.
  • It looks like it'd be a real chore to play solo, co-op is definitely the way to play it. We could even rock with the XBLA version if you prefer, maybe get someone else in on this.
  • How's streaming voice on non XBL platforms (meaning, I've only ever used voice on Xbox and it's pretty flawless)?

    XBLA would work better for me (as I have more 360's than gaming pc's), but I'm not sure how reliable I would be and when I could play it's probably 2 hours max a few days a week.

    So yeah don't make any decisions around me, but my interest is piqued as I'm bit of an adventure gaming fan.

    Any idea what the playthrough time is supposed to be like for this?
  • Lets do it. Next Tuesday night, XBLA, I shotty the hillbilly.
  • i found a copy of persona 3 and 4 at gamestop today, but they were both $30 wtf gamestop. it is a ps2 game fuck you
  • The flaw in that plan is that the game isn't out until Wednesday.

    also I work weekday nights so if we play it's got to be sometime after 10PM pacific.
  • Do you guys want me to ask my brother?
  • It depends how quickly you want to go through it. If we start at 10, my time, I can only play for about an hour and a half each night. Your call.
  • It's 3 player co-op max actually, so I'm not sure we need anyone else.

    @Josh I'm not home until 10 your time, but I can pretty much play at any time there's not a Sabres game on the weekend.
  • especially now with me being sick for weeks, I don't want to do shit except play video games.
  • Very slick. I'm usually busy Friday/saturday nights, but weeknights 10-1130, then a goddamn marathon on Sundays.
  • @austin was it persona 3 fes or the boxed edition? that game will definitely set you back. Man, I should really get around to finishing all of those.
  • @buttlord FES. You really should, I've never gotten wrapped up in games like that before or since
  • 30 for fes is rough, unless it's new in box. I think I paid 30 for my og persona 3 with the art book a few years ago.