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  • Because I think we need one now.
  • So... I haven't really been getting leaks since mediafire shit the bed, and I'm not willing to go to what/waffles at the moment because my laptop is on its last legs and it won't even support basic torrent downloaders... uhh...

    Does anyone here have dropbox? Would anyone be willing to make a shared folder with me?

    Would this be a good idea for all of us to be in on so we can share our music more easily?

    Just wondering...

    I just really fucking want to hear that new Iceage.
  • Hmmmmm I use Dropbox quite regularly and I do think it would be a pretty cool idea if we were all in on a folder we could use to share stuff.
  • That would be useful for sure. I mean, we all download the shit illegally anyway, may as well do it in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Mkay, well I just made a folder. If yall are interested in joining in, just pm me ur dropbox name (your email/ preferrably gmail if you have it) and i'll send you an invite!

  • don't have a dropbox account....but I guess now I have a reason to make one
  • bear in mind I'm not 100% sure on how the whole thing works with shared folders and whatnot
  • Very cool. Adding everyone who has entered so far!

    Not sure how this idea will pan out, especially considering dropbox only allows each user only 2GB of memory (this isn't bad for one group, but it adds up when you've got several shared folders)... maybe we could do something like a shared AOTW situation to avoid overflow?
  • to anyone that wanted it, You're Nothing is almost done uploading into there
  • this is a pretty baller idea, surprised no one thought of this already
  • damn. maybe i did it wrong but this album is taking forever to upload. last track is getting in there
  • Nope, s'all good! It usually takes 10 minutes or so to get a full album on there. It took me 45 minutes to get The Seer on the shared folder I've got going with my bandmates lol
  • I don't always have FLAC; usually I just get V2. I definitely agree that we need to clear out the folder periodically, though, considering that there is a limit.
  • Also, if anyone doesn't have Dropbox yet, let me know so I can invite you because I get extra folder space if someone I invite starts using it.
  • I added most of Fugazi's discography, mostly as a test. If anyone wants space you can go ahead and delete it.
  • why not add me, my username seems to be NickT.

  • again? What else you want.

    I gave you nearly all I had.
  • I just get what comes to me.

    IDM is a dead genre, all of the previously good IDM artists are now shitty, and there hasn't been a good IDM upstart for a while.

    Unless you call like Young Montana? IDM, but I'd call him a part of the beat music movement, like the mesh of wonky, instrumental hip hop and purple sound. Like there's elements of IDM in there but it's moved past that.
  • Bruh bruh what about Actress?

    I also consider Flying Lotus to not only be IDM, but my favorite IDM artist.
  • I'll go by RYM genre names

    Actress - Ambient House/Techno
    FlyLo - Instrumental Hip Hop/Wonky/Nu Jazz
    Lone - Footwork/UK Funky/House (Galaxy Garden, anyway)
  • IDM just really bores me now, from my stand point it's just devoid of any emotion, just weird beats with pretty music box melodies and the occasional left hook thrown in like an acid bass line, hip hop scratches or a bit of noise.

    A dude who I used to really dig but now his stuff is just so lifeless to me.

    Sorry to have this go off topic btw.
  • I largely do not download illegally. But if it's something that's out there, and I can't pay for it, yeah I'll usually download it (i.e. leaks)

    Now when I was younger and had no money... well that's different.
  • The appealing thing to me about IDM is that it's so constantly evolving and difficult to define. Sure, most of the "classic" IDM artists currently aren't doing anything interesting, and the artists who chase after that sound now generally aren't improving it, but I consider artists like Flying Lotus and Actress to be IDM because they experiment with electronic music in such a way that matches the then fresh and unique approach that the older and more definitive artists in the genre had, even if it isn't sonically very similar to them.
  • What I did:
    Spent $20 on googleAdwords. Created an ad for "free online cloud storage" that led to signing up for dropbox through my referral link. I got to 29gb of storage in two days.
  • I felt really good about it.
  • ricardo i sent u a dm w/ my email
  • thanks bruh bruh, got u in there... Sorry haven't been on the cpu in a bit
  • I don't know why someone deleted the Comadre and Iceage albums, but those are brand new and I'm re-uploading them. They're also both really good.
  • Damn straight
  • Can I get an invite?

  • fucking shit, is it just me or is the download rate for dropbox fucking horrible?
  • lol it's pretty terrible..
    then again the wifi i'm on is pretty terrible as it is.
  • Someone add me.
  • sent invite @mark
  • what's a comadre?
  • it's a good album, people should listen to it. even if you're not a screamo fan you might like it
  • i like some me some screamo, i shall check it out.
  • Yeah Comadre isn't like Loma Prieta where I understand why people don't want to subject themselves to such nonsensical levels of noise.

    It's no more abrasive than the average Fucked Up album.
  • Hey could someone add me?
  • you have your own email thingy? and you're an animator?

    Should be our graphics guy for YPOIW.
  • @TTK

    Animation is something I used to be into a long time ago, but I could totally help you out with any design or programming on the site if you need it.
  • Can someone hook me up with an invite?

    aaronduprey at gmail dockalm
  • aaron duprey...
  • nvm, peter dupree.

    loll i haven't seen this in probably over a year.
  • hahahahahaha

    fuck i love that video so much.
  • hey aaron, thanks

  • @solitude I love Balloon Shop so much.
  • I put the new Veronica Falls album in there in case anybody is interested.
  • I don't listen to Canadian scum.
  • That's good, because V Falls is gay Scottish twee pop scum.
  • Never had a huge interest in em, but I'll check it out
  • Eh, what can I say? I had like a 60% chance.
  • HA! Dude, Peter is my 10-year-old's name. Gonna push him to get HIS kid to name HIS kid Staven. Someday.

    And... is @balmaseda not around? I messaged him for some DropBox love, but haven't heard back...
  • nobody invited you yet?

    i will when i get home if nobody else does in the meantime...but somebody should really invite him
  • You jerks.
  • maybe we should use this 2 ressurect the Album Club
  • Guys it's really exciting for like a week and then none of us listen to the albums.
  • I have too much other stuff I want to listen to, I can't be bothered will all of your shitty music tastes.
  • lol as if you'd be allowed to be a part of this anyways, hedgeway

    LOLOLL at him assuming he's part of the group
  • what's with all these random nobodys posting in our threads?
  • shotty being the first one to get sucked off! and i'd like to finish on the latest my bloody valentine review, if that's ok with everyone else? Im not too picky, im just thinking that review will probably give me the biggest climax
  • I already did my part in forcing people to listen to Boris and Envy, I don't give two shits whether AOTW comes back.
  • Apparently TMBG has a new album coming out. Maybe they'll call it "Smile".
  • It's also a fact that the Japanese version of Boris' Smile is better than the Brian Wilson album.

    Deal with it.
  • (not gonna say "nerd")
  • Why does Boris think it's cool to steal the name of other artist's albums? It's kind of a dickish thing to do.
  • well if I were to take that comment seriously (and not like it would change your opinion in any way) Boris often pays tribute to other artists they like (they've paid tribute to Nick Drake plenty of times for instance, and Venom, and the Melvins, among many others), so Smile is likely a tribute to Brian Wilson. But yeah, I highly doubt they had TMBG in their minds whatsoever when writing Flood (plus, who would). It's just a stupid assertion....y'know, if I were to take it seriously.
  • Calling it dickish is me trolling you, and I'm glad you realized that.

    I do think it's a bit lazy for them to not even ask the question "is there a notable album already called this?"

    I don't really care all that much, but I know if I was in a band that I'd do a google search at some point in the process of releasing an album.
  • My album titles would be in the airplane over the sea, loveless, kid a, and abbey road
  • is this the everyone's a dick thread.

    You people sicken me.
  • or better yet..

    in the tugboat over the clouds, hatemore, elder z, and abbey lake
  • @kyle

    "Boris often pays tribute to other artists they like (they've paid tribute to Nick Drake plenty of times for instance, and Venom, and the Melvins, among many others), so Smile is likely a tribute to Brian Wilson"

    yeah, I made that pretty clear before but in case you needed to see it again....
  • and as far as Flood goes, you're acting like TMBG are some Beatles-esque band of great status. Prior to you telling me they had an album called Flood, I had absolutely no idea that existed. And unless they have some gigantic fanbase in Japan (once again, denying it) it's pretty ridiculous that you're calling Boris "lazy" because they share an album title. Seriously, it's a stupid argument no matter what way you look at it.
  • In the Dopethrone over the Loveless, I Smile at the Dark Side of the Moon's Magical Mystery Tour - aka Crystal Castles IV
  • I don't think it was nice of the borises to steal those creative album names.
  • I guess that makes Simon Bookish only a tiny bit dickish for naming a song "The Flood."

  • Let me preface this by once again saying that I don't care:

    Flood is a platinum album.
  • Bigger question is if they'll try to copy the NLDW cover.
  • Let me preface this by once again saying that I don't care:

    My dong is platinum.
  • Still haven't heard of it till now. And to say Boris and TMBG have different audiences altogether is beyond obvious so it doesn't even matter if they have the same title. It's not some iconic timeless classic or anything
  • I just... Robby do you think for a second I'm honestly trying to argue what the official Flood of TND forums is? Why would that be a thing? Why does this discussion exist?
  • *tmbg's Flood, I mean.
  • Lol you started it, don't blame me for continuing it
  • It doesn't master to me, I just find the whole thing annoying really
  • Let's have a vote for what the official flood should be.

    I vote for the Herbie Hancock album, seeing as how it was first
  • lemme say for the record this is essentially a part two to this discussion that didn't even need to happen, and I ain't the one that started it
  • Let's not forget the Joel Helander classic from last year.

  • And really, who can forget the '90s progressive rock giants Headswim and their seminal work, Flood?

  • I bet all those guys ripped off tmbg. That's the only possible solution to it all. That's all you can ever do in life
  • The TMBG Flood is likely their most popular album by a wide margin as it's "the one with birdhouse on it"

    I'm surprised you haven't heard of it
  • Broken Note was never quite to my taste, but few can deny that their 2010 EP didn't send a clear message that they weren't not going to make a statement.

  • well TMBG, in the 80's/early 90's, was pretty big

  • 1. I'm not even close to being a TMBG fan.

    2. I don't care if you're surprised.

    3. I don't care.