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Video Game Music Thread
  • I'm listening to the soundtrack to Spelunky while I write about it for the blog and it made me remember that we used to have this thread and it was awesome.

    Here's some Spelunky music

  • Not quite, but almost

  • Too bad I haven't been listening to much video game music latel--OH WAIT BACK THE FUCK UP IT'S CHRONO CROSS

  • Anyone else here ever go to Video Games Live?

    Pretty cool show. Odd crowd.
  • does this count? even if it doesn't fuck you
  • they did the soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim game though
  • that counts.
  • Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack is my favorite piece of music ever.
  • The Scarlet Furies

    Everything I've heard from these guys has been pretty solid. This specific song is from a game called Grey Matter written/designed by Jane Jensen. Her Husband, Robert Holmes is the rhythm guitarist and composer of the Gabriel Knight games and the rather exceptional vocalist is his daughter, Raleigh. Gonna see these guys perform in a few weeks at an open house at their game studio in Lancaster County, PA.

    Anyhow the Gabriel Knight music has always been a favorite of mine. The first game is sadly only ever been available in Midi format (though I do get the feeling a 20th anniversay iOS release is coming and if that's the case I'm sure Robert will re-record the music live). The second game would have been digital but low quality. Holmes even wrote a faux Richard Wagner opera for that game. He took a back seat on GK3 and only helped out on that soundtrack with David Henry, but it's also rather solid.



  • Reason #5,897,636 to Play Earthbound: The Music It Inspires
  • I found Earthbound to require just a bit too much exploration for my tastes. I was never quite sure what my objective was at any given time.
  • While I view American Water as humanity's great achievement, Earthbound is a very close second. As cheesy as it sounds, I've never played a video game that has even approached its amount of heart.

  • The fact that I didn't want to kill myself while playing it is a small victory for JRPGs.
  • Banjo Kazooie's soundtrack is now available for free from Bandcamp.

    Now it'd be nice if this could happen for every pre-2000 video game.
  • The dreamcast is the only prev gen console I still own.
  • I'm way too sentimental to get rid of any of my consoles.
  • Started playing Bioshock Infinite today. Few hours in... I dunno yet... Seems like a lot of hype for what so far just feels like a reskinned Bioshock. But I've only had Elizabeth with me for a short while. Anyhow I hope it picks up so I don't feel guilty the time spent with it could have been better doing something else.

    Sometimes I feel the gaming media is not critical enough.

    Anyhoo, fingers crossed.
  • When Elizabeth enters is when the game gets really good in my opinion.
  • Yeah I hope it ratchets up.

    Otherwise I should probably be playing with audacity and ableton. Or washing the car or hanging that artwork that's been leaning against the wall for the past 4 weeks. :p
  • Well the music of the game rocks:

    Very Jonny Greenwood via TWWB @ 13:00
  • I just came here to post about the Bioshock Infinite soundtrack. Fucking fabulous.
  • Now that I've finally finished FFIX, I can indulge in one of my patented post-game music obsessions.

    Freya's theme is probably my favorite leitmotif in the game, and I particularly enjoy how this version sounds like a Philip Glass emulation, but more emotionally direct (i.e. sadder).
  • dag, jigisup, great choice there, that Yoshis Island jam is slick
  • Danny B is hands down the best VG composer we have.

  • Yoshi's Island was my favourite game when I was a kid, it's such an innovative and interesting game.

    speaking of music from games of my childhood;
  • I Feel the need for some cave story
  • Anyone fancies watching me suck at the witcher 3 can on
  • I feel you 57guns, Cave Story is beautiful

  • The whole playlist,

    but specifically,

  • Both Hotline Miami's have amazing soundtracks.

    This was my jam for a month when I started playing HL:M1

    And HL:M2 introduced me to Carpenter Brut, and I thank them greatly.
  • 2manyembeds

    this is worse than the what are you listening to threadf
  • @halfscrim That super brothers game was special.

    and nicks right, easy with the embeds everybody
  • @Mars I haven't played through the second game yet, but I've heard the soundtrack is on par with the first.
    @AmF Yeah that game definitely surprised me. I wasn't expecting such a great soundtrack and art style.

    If we're gonna put a hold on the 2manyembeds, I won't link to it but I also recommend the soundtrack for Risk of Rain. The composer, Chris Christodoulou, also put together a commentary over the whole soundtrack that's interesting to listen to.
  • Yeah that risk of rain soundtrack is excellent. Indies have a lot of great composers on them that want to do something other than an orchestral score.
  • kk no more embeds

    theophany is an electronic artist who remixes a lot of classic video game tunes like majora's mask and metroid. great production and really atmospheric.

    final fantasy tactics' soundtrack is probably top 5 game soundtracks for me.

    Jeremy Soule, James Hannigan, Michael Hoenig are all great orchestra composers too.

    Oh, and the theme to Awesomenauts is one of those great, pesky earworms that will never leave you alone.