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The Fine Art of Television
  • So, what tv shows are you following? I've been catching up on Boardwalk Empire lately, which I took a 1 year break or so from. Damn season 2 is good so far.
  • Been watching Burn Notice, The Office, How I Met Your Mother, and Parks and Recreation recently.
  • see: anime thread

    but for reals, 30 rock/p&r/others probably
  • Fringe is pretty much the best show on TV and if you disagree you probably don't watch Fringe.
  • i've been keeping up with the walking dead despite it being pretty fucking bad
  • Season 3 has been pretty great, if we're talking about Season 2 then yes.
  • season 2 sucked, yeah. season 3 started out alright and has been getting way worse with each episode. i think i might just not watch the remainder of s3, it's getting fucking agonizing
  • watching "whose line is it anyway?" on youtube

    fuck that show was hilarious.
  • I disagree that season 3 has been getting worse, I really like the direction that the show has taken in that STUFF ACTUALLY HAPPENS NOW.
  • i'm fine with stuff happening. i just wish it was well-executed stuff

    maybe that's too much to ask for
  • US or UK, Soli?
  • us.

    didn't even know there was a uk one.

    colin mochrie is the fucking greatest.
  • UK was on nearly a whole 10 years before the US, and despite being spottier in terms of episodes, it's got a larger pool of just as good improvisers, and doesn't go for the over the top laughs with the woop woop wooping. It also features Greg, Colin and Ryan heavily, with Brad, Chip and Wayne making appearances.
  • also just a thing I noticed, when Colin's trying not to break, he will blink a lot. take note.
  • ya i was just reading up on it on wikipedia. holy shit, had no idea it started over there.

  • these two together. everything they do is gold.

  • I far prefer the UK one, but they're both pretty great.
  • The episodes with Ryan, Colin, and Greg are the best regardless.
  • oh cool, now I'm gonna be watching every whose line episode on youtube for the rest of my life, thanks guys.

  • lol join the club.

    i do this like once every couple months.

  • when the british performers are good, they're damn good though, like Stephen Fry, Paul Merton, Tony Slattery, Josie Lawrence, Jim Sweeney, etc.
  • i now have 10 more years of material to watch.

    thnx guys. you're the best.
  • the UK version is not like the US version though, like I said, the episodes are spotty, based on who's in 'em.

    Mostly good stuff though
  • I haven't seen the really early ones, just the ones that comedy central used to air.
  • i liked the UK version and loved the shit out of the US one

    the "using Richard Simmons as a prop" thing is a strong contender for Funniest Thing That I've Ever Seen In My Life
  • I'm with @svjchtr on Walking Dead. However once the break it, I decided that show is kicked to the curb now for me.

    @all If you haven't seen BOSS, you're missing out.
  • Smashed my way through 3 seasons of Parks and Rec the last few weeks. Loving it.
  • I cannot fucking wait for Archer to come back.
  • Parks and Rec, Community, and Louie make up my comedy intake. They're great.

    Dramas: Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones.
  • @austin I still need to catch up on the last few episodes of season 3. probly getting that done today
  • 3 wasn't as good as 1 or 2, but still very funny.
  • I still need to watch Archer, but I'm really looking forward to starting it at some point.
  • I might start Archer, watched a few episodes with friends and found it pretty hilarious.

    @dannyspiterijr knowing you and "getting around to things" I expect you'll start it at the start of 2015. :3
  • Haha maybe but I can at least promise it'll happen eventually!
  • Just bought my dad the first 2 seasons of Breaking Bad for xmas, so I'll probably be re-watching a lot of that.

    Otherwise, I've been trying to get into Bob's Burgers (its pretty hit or miss for me, but I've been watching it when I'm super bored), and I'm trying to start Twin Peaks soon.
  • I like that Archer stars Lucille Bluth and Kitty.
  • Jeffrey Tambor also plays a very George/Oscar-like role
  • I don't understand the distinction between "good" and "tv-good"....
  • but Archer is good either way, if that's what you're asking, I guess
  • Hey guys, Fringe is now on Netflix.

    You should probably watch it, it's kind of the best thing ever.
  • yeeeah it's only on DVD for me
  • @Ocaml thank you for your input. I really enjoy reading your post. You definitely put a ton of sarcasm into your comments and I really admire that. When I post a comment and I see your name after it, I know I'll be enlightened by the irony in your post and become a richer person with all the laughs you have to contribute
  • @Robby oh sorry, Netflix tweeted that it's "coming soon". I thought they said that it was now available.

    Chuck is coming soon too, which is definitely a show that everyone should at least try although I recognize that it isn't for everyone.

    Revolution too, which is something that I might check out now that it'll be easy to.
  • @colony wins the thread.
  • I'm pretty sure I remember Kyle saying something really similar to this.

  • lol so trueeee
  • lol, I don't think I'm the only one that loves both of those shows.
  • but seriously, my dorm this year

    "have you seen Breaking Bad? Have you seen it? You gotta watch it"

  • @TTK But seriously, have you seen Breaking Bad? Have you seen it? You gotta watch it.
  • you're not in my dorm.

    and I can do your voice

    I guess we're even
  • Portlandia season 2 on netflix... pretty decent
  • love that show. I'm watching season 3 (or the episodes we got so far at least) tonight
  • Yeah, I just watched through all of the 2nd season yesterday, mostly so I'll know what my friends are joking about when we go out drinking now.

    I think it's cool that they tried to give every episode more of an overarching narrative, but more of the skits fell flat. They have this formula of taking a particular idea to really silly exaggerations, which can be amusing in itself, but they're really scattershot with making that actually funny and with ending sketches. Here's one with a really good punchline, though:

    And Tim Robbins in the last episode was the best.

    (It took me the whole episode to realize that was Tim Robbins.)
  • Gonna watch sons of anarchy season 1 today.
  • For some reason I'm picking up Hung again. One of these days I'm going to stop putting off The Wire and The Sopranos, but it is not this day, this day I watch Hung.
  • Hung is an interesting show. I don't think it's particularly well written but I think the balance of the show is good. I actually quite liked How to make it in America for much of the same reasons.

    I'm looking forward to the next season of Enlightened. That show has a lot of potential.

    Also I think Girls season 2 is starting up soon. I saw Tiny Furniture last week (also Lena Dunham). I sort of love how her writing peels back the veneer of "women" and often how they're portrayed in TV or how they think they should act (guided by teen beat to fashion magazines) vs how they really are. I dunno if I've seen that sort of thing expressed anywhere else on TV. Also can I say how much I love Mamet's daughter in this show? Every scene with her is gold.

  • "What if I want to feel like I have utters?" has stuck with me as one of the best lines (if not the best) from that show. I do really enjoy Girls, mostly because it exposes the bullshit behind the part of New York City that I currently participate in (20-to-30-something delusional hipsters). I really like how realistic it can be. Its also cool to recognize places where they film the show; for instance part of this scene was filmed like four blocks from my girlfriend's apartment:

  • On the real though, its cool to think about how girls interpret sexual perspectives. When you're grabbing a girls tits from behind, are they really thinking about having utters?

    ... because that would be hilarious and truly great.
  • Currently watching Family Guy, the original series of Star Trek, and Community.

    Here's the list of TV series that I watched last year:
    Doctor Who
    Breaking Bad
    New Girl
    Big Bang Theory (Guilty pleasure)
    How I Met Your Mother (Season 1-3 is pretty okay, gets shitty afterwards. The later seasons felt more of a drama rather than a comedy)

    Planning to watch The Wire soon
  • @balmaseda I think if you ask any woman who claims not to like "doggie style", why, they'll either say "I'm not a dog" or "I don't want udders"

    @choff - I barely made it through one episode of Sherlock (shame, as I like Lucy Liu). And I really like Zooey, but that show just doesn't stick for me. I don't think it's as funny as it thinks it is. BBT this year has taken over Modern Family as the best comedy. Modern Family is not as biting (save maybe the writing for Jay on the Garage/Yard Sale episode) and BBT is at it's best when it involves the three girls which it's been doing more of the first half of this season.
  • Yeah, I really enjoyed Girls. Visiting the IMDb forums (which is never a good idea, I know) I realized that so, so many hate this show though. The reasons for them hating it are so sexist it ain't even funny, which I guess could even be regarded as positive criticism for a normal human being? Anyhow, the ones who weren't blatant sexists tried to hide their hatred of women with these arguments:

    1. "There is too much sex." Uhm... no. And even if there was it actually says something about the characters and fits a purpose in the script.
    2. "Lena Dunham is ugly and a narcissist because she writes so many sex scenes for herself and pairs her character with other men that are hotter than her." Uh-huh. ...what is wrong with you?

    But yeah, I'm really looking forward to season 2, even though I wasn't too fond of the last episode of season 1 (so many character changes that had been hinted at throughout the season but were way too drastic to shift from one episode to the other).
  • @WiredRacing

    Ahh, I see, so its social commentary on how progressive the more rebellious character is supposed to be/thinks she is. Duly noted.

    Still... I can appreciate a show like Girls for gaining a little insight into how women think about things like that. Its not like the classic example of a 40 yr old husband going through a mid-life crisis and watching Sex and the City to try and understand his unsatisfied wife better, but I still enjoy those moments for what they are.
  • @WiredRacing pretty sure @choff is talking about the BBC Sherlock series, not the U.S. ripoff.
  • @ClydeNut Gee I hope so. Isn't the UK one a mini series? A couple of 90 minute shows = a 'season'.. or 'series' as they like to call them.

    @balmaseda Yeah I think so. The whole dialogue there basically being about avoiding being put into a box and that women themselves are just as guilty of doing it to other women as men are. But of course, said much more entertainingly and within the irony of a book teaching women how to get the upper hand on men. :)

    Actually I really would love to get in the head of a teenage girl (at any age, during their time) because I for long had a nice little sexist saying that "there's nothing more dumb in the world than a teenage girl". I think through the sexting (sorry) and general nude self portrait photo sharing issue that is broadcast as sexual liberation is really just a mask for "hey I found a new way to troll for attention". What I like about Girls, the show, is when they do their stupid things, it's not the stupid act that's delicious for me, but rather their reaction. The dust-off. That's what I like about the show. They're real, not dramatically real, but just simply the shame and seeing the gears turning behind the characters eyes work so well for me. Maybe they should have called THAT show Enlightened. :P

    I much prefer this type of human being to the whiny princess you would see elsewhere.

    As a father to a daughter, I have a vested interest in trying to make sense of all this stuff. :p
  • @WiredRacing Yeah, it's that one with really long episodes and too many GIFs on Tumblr. I think it's a pretty good show though.
  • I love that show, and I participate in the Tumblr fandom. shoot me.
  • *Psst* @secondlpanet what's your URL?
  • @netflix It's confirmed! #ArrestedDevelopment. 14 Episodes. May. Only on Netflix. #TCA13
  • Officially hooked on soa.
  • Oh shit yes. May can't come soon enough.
  • May 4th to be exact
  • Fuck yeah!
  • Cautious optimism!
  • Screw being cautious, it's gonna be incredible.
  • Hmmmmm not to dispel the hype, but there's nothing wrong with being a little cautious.
  • It's been 10 years!
  • there's so much hype for this season that there's a decent chance it won't meet it, and also a decent chance that it will. I'm mildly cautious, and I think it'd be kind of delusional not to be. Still expecting big things.
  • I watched like 4 episodes, but at the time I was also watching bb and parks and rec. Didnt have time for them all so I cut AR.

    I think it was the best choice because I can't see it being better than those 2, which have now become my favourite shows ever.
  • not sure if you're talking about Arrested Development, but yeah it's better than any TV comedy ever made.
  • nah was talkin bout American Rejects. Supposed to be really good.
  • oh hahaha. actually never heard of that O.o
  • Derek (new Ricky Gervais featuring Karl Pilkington) is also going to be on Netflix.
  • "but yeah it's better than any TV comedy ever made."

    I respectfully disagree!
  • Oh shit, I might be more excited for Derek. I really liked its pilot.
  • @TTK you're not allowed to do that
  • i so am
  • @dannyspiterijr lol it's but I'm not exactly the most active poster
  • @robby lol I was just kidding mang. I was talking about arrested development.

    And I don't know if it's possible for me to like a comedy more than parks and rec.
  • lol if you haven't noticed I tend to be completely oblivious to troll posts. a few of y'all here have certainly taken advantage of that... :P
  • Parks and Rec > Arrested Development > Community

    The Simpsons early years > all
  • @shoey lol, thats wrong you silly goose
  • I like parks and rec and all, but it doesn't beat Arrested Development by any means.
  • I like AD so much more than Parks. Parks is great and all, but it's fucking AD.
  • I like Parks so much more than AD. AD is great and all, but it's fucking Parks.
  • It shouldn't be legal to like anotherTV comedy more than AD
  • My favorite thing about you is how accepting you are of other people's opinions.
  • i love how seinfeld and the simpsons aren't mentioned at all
  • I think The Simpsons is the best sitcom ever and that it isn't close.
  • Oh please, like I'm the only person on this fucking forum that makes fun of people for their opinions. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is.