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  • A place for users to whore out their own music and productions;

    Only two rules:
    1. By regular I mean post on the boards semi-frequently, why would you even expect your work to get listened to if you don't contribute and be a part of the community.
    2. Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you. If you want your own work to be listened to, please try to listen and comment on others work.

    Of course you don't have to follow either of these rules, but if you do that don't expect your work to get listened to or commented on.
  • Well,okiedokie then...two bands i have under my wings and great bands they are!
    So , here's the music:


  • interesting stuff Neverywhere, do you own your own label?

    With the new Soundcloud. they stopped putting in the HTML code for the tracks. Ah well.

    This one's mostly made of Fela Kuti samples, and is a beat I gave to a rapper. But I liked it so much and though I did such a good job I put it up on my soundcloud anyway.
  • @dannyspiterijr get in here, you've only hinted at having some music work, where is the show for it!

    I want to hear your stuffff
  • TTk@
    Yes, i own the label...

    And on soundcloud.... i feel they ruined of those updates that are totally is now looking the part but functionality went down the drain. Reminds me of Myspace, wich ones was THE site to discover new music but now completely dead...the result of a total revamp of that site....which gave all kinds of nw functions but became a nightmare for the actual music...oh well....
  • @TTK Good job on that Fela Kuti-sampling beat!

    I'm close to finishing an album with the band I'm in, so I'll post that when it's done. I do stuff on my own in Ableton as well, but I'm such a perfectionist that I tend not to finish most of it. I have a few album ideas with which I'm actually trying to follow through, though, so I'll share those if I ever complete them too.
  • you can take that follow me beat if you want, the rapper I sent it to doesn't want it.

    I'll give you his cast offs. >_>
  • or do u want dem trapz
  • It has landed....


    I am so proud....think i will send mr Anthony a copy.
    He will be thrilled!

  • @neverywhere Congrats! Just listened to the track, I'm enjoying it.
  • Four songs now also on will follow:
  • Do any of you play live? you should post video!
  • The cd has found it's way on to the 3voor12 luisterpaal....think of it as the dutch pitchfork site...!/luisterpaal/albums/Weissmuller.html

    I am a happy man!
  • Funky shit man, love the cheesy synth!
  • Mean Kathleen by Serge van Lieshout

    ok so found out how to get back to the old sc..
    anyway this is one i made using vinyl for every sound
  • @CanyonJoe love the clarinet sounds towards the end, nothing sounds better than a clarinet
  • @secondlpanet ha yeah cool, unless you're referring to the other thing which i think was a violin pitched down ;p
  • woah Joe. that was super sweet. You've got some talent thurr. @secondlpanet is right, the clarinet really works.
  • Mm that one's really nice @TTK. Where'd you get those hand percussion samples from?

    @CanyonJoe That one is great too. The vinyl aesthetic works really well.
  • fl studio presets :3
  • Haha nice, I wouldn't have guessed that.
  • Thanks guys, really nice to hear : )
  • To The Unknown, Home by Serge van Lieshout

    A composition i did using the 'Whole-tone' scale.
  • great stuff as usual Joe

    also would like to present the Glimmerpost EP, an EP of shoegazey indie pops with that dude who plays guitar and bass and sings.
  • hey @dannyspiterijr check this out, it's free and stuff
  • maybe fans of deerhunter and ducktails? my friend compared it to Baths which I don't really see at all.

    Maybe @psychedelicufo might like it too. Perhaps @hedgeway.
  • It always takes me a while to check out the stuff posted in this thread, but I promise to once I get the chance. I even bookmarked the thread so I'll remember!
  • I just got recommended music. I'm part of the cool club now guys.
  • I just wanted to draw your attention to it because I thought you'd get a kick out of it, seeing as no one except the people who contribute to this thread, actually seem to read it.

    I mean I could have mentioned everyone on the board but I thought my way was much quicker.
  • im sure a lot of people read this thread including myself, we just dont make music so we dont post in it.
  • Yeah, I read it... and listen to some stuff that people post.
  • I had no idea. Apologies. :\
  • I listen to everything except ttks music
  • Hey, that Glimmerpost release is cool! I like that the percussion takes a more prominent and interesting role than it often does in shoegaze. How did you get those drum sounds?

    Also, @CanyonJoe, that's a neat composition as well.
  • well soli it's not my music, it's music mostly written by some other guy, I apparently just help it sound good.
  • A place for users to whore out their own music and productions;

    Only two rules:
    1. By regular I mean post on the boards semi-frequently, why would you even expect your work to get listened to if you don't contribute and be a part of the community.
    2. Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you. If you want your own work to be listened to, please try to listen and comment on others work.
  • i'd like some details on what you did with this glimmerpost TTK!
    did you do mixing only or?
  • I did the beats, the production, the keyboards.

    Like my friend would send me guitar, bass and vocals (and occasional synth arpeggio) recorded clean. No effects on anything.
  • ah cool dude, well done! i only checked out one or two songs, checking the rest later! Really like the vibe on this
  • wrong thread Kyle.
  • no he's talking about all the bands he's in
  • hey shoey why'd you guys wait so long on that new mbv album?
  • @TTK

    You definitely made a nice project out of it!
    The drums are very versatile, soundwise and rythmwise, yet it flows nicely and the overall sound is still very cohesive throughout.

    Favorite track: Unchanged
    simple but very effective. love the chords.
    And dat low ass kick.
  • Quiet by Serge van Lieshout

    Yet another vinylbased track.
  • thanks for giving feedback Joe, we really appreciate it.

    I'll listen to your stuff on the weekend, my net's kinda slow at the moment.
  • @Ocaml

    I see the music player for a split second and then it disappears =/

    too much bonk
  • I am drinking whiskey and this is giving me feels. Nice job man.
  • @Ocaml - Nice.

    @TTK - I'll giver a listen today.
  • No I mean, just a like on the page, thanks. :\
  • Getting some wicked Captured Tracks vibes from the first track.

    I hope my five dollars is put to good use. ;-)
  • ahhhhh.

    thanks I guess. <3
  • I know you don't, I keep trying to find you when I'm bored.
  • Yeah I know what you meant re: facebook, but then I saw the EP there (I don't often read this thread). I figure I should actually listen to it before I claim to like it. :) Without my facebook credibility about music, I'd be nothing (you guys can shut it right now).

    It's good stuff. I'll give it another play through tomorrow.

    Who did the vocals?
  • a dude I met on another forum, also does guitar and bass


    there's other forums
  • oh yeah. Durr "Cyrus - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards"
  • nice track, it sort of reminds me of Akron/Family but creepier.
  • hey like my facebook page please. >_>

    I'll listen to that in a little bit.
  • ocaml i like that a lot
  • @Ocaml

    Yes, dude. So much yes.

  • Nice Ocaml! thats a great dark vibe you're laying down!
    Mind posting the lyrics?
  • There's really nice atmosphere going on in both of those tracks @Ocaml.

    @TTK I liked your page bruh bruh.

    @CanyonJoe I tried listening to your song but it's gone.
  • @TTK I liked your page too ya dirty skank
  • Per Aspera Ad Astra by Serge van Lieshout

    Some nonhiphop. all recorded instruments.

  • Was a link here, but I moved it, wrong thread.
  • Here's a sample from my upcoming EP Selected Ambient Works for Scary Video Games 2013-2013:

    Dublin Goblin by vestenet
  • Very Cool Vesty.

    I don't know if this works in this thread, but I know some of you also make electronic music. Have you seen the new Ableton Push?! FUCK. This thing is sooo cool. Makes my MPC feel out of date pretty quickly.

  • Thats nice @vestenet.

    doing vibrato on the pads, thats pretty cool indeed.
    what MPC do you got Amf?
    i just got my 2000 in the mail today!

    Image Hosted by
  • Rap Beat #22 by thetelepathickid

    all u guys make great mujsic. and steve, I'm glad to hear some stuff from you, that is sounding great. Joe, good as ever.
  • That was great man, dope happy start of the day!
    love that flute lick
  • thanks man, there's a rapper interested in rapping over it, but I'm so proud of it I just had to put it up
  • Pretty stuff @CanyonJoe.

    @vestenet The title made me laugh, and the song is sufficiently creepy.

    @TTK That beat is super solid. It's not far off from that Vanilla tape (in a good way).
  • yeah its been compared to Vanilla a few times already
  • 111 by thetelepathickid

    done something different from hip hop beats
  • I want gear.

    Seriously, I've really toying with the idea in my mind (well I have been for a long time) about actually pulling the trigger.

    I should probably just try to use some free PC sequencing software and some basic instrument samples and see if I can actually arrange anything. All my previous experience is using loops only.
  • Can anyone recommend me some controller gear (and software)? Pad controllers. I can't play piano, so anything with keys probably doesn't make much sense. I do have my RB Keyboard controller which is Midi capable should I need to (learn how to) add instrumentation that way.

    It can be cheap enough that it's largely disposable and I buy some actual good shit later. Or a great value in that I'll get a lot of mileage out of it until I need to be really serious.

    I don't really have time to go hunting pawn shops and used gear in music stores at this stage as I'm more curious how capable I will be and... whether or not I will actually put time into it. So whatever gear I have shouldn't have TOO massive of a learning curve. (Keeping in mind I'm a software engineer, and a gadget person to begin with, so my concept of a difficult learning curve may not jive with others)

    Also keeping in mind I have a couple ipads and I know there's lots of software out there. Sure it won't get me velocity control, but maybe some of the apps are 'good enough' to tinker with. I just have no clue what they'd be.

    Also, the way I mentally think about rhythms, it would be nice to have something, I just start playing on, with whatever instrument to get the rhythm out and then I can go in an change the sample in the sequencer on the laptop. I have to assume this is possible (in basically EVERY piece of software) but not having used any of it. I don't know how much is done on the laptop. I've got gear that could almost always be on, at my desk, should inspiration strike.

    It's also my impression possibly has some of the best deals on this kind of gear. Yea?
  • just get like 6 distortion pedals and beat box over it... I'd listen to that.
  • The best way to get gear in my opinion is to build it yourself. It's cheap and you can get exactly what you want out of it. (I'm building a some contact mics and a feedback pedal at the moment, for example).

    As far as controller gear you can buy, the monome is one one of my favorites. It's literally just a grid of buttons with programmable lights on it that you can program to do whatever. It's pretty straightforward to build your own if you don't have a lot of money, too. (
  • I've got 'money' I just don't want to piss it away on more gear than I need or may potentially use.

    What's $200 get me? $300? Or do I need to be thinking 500-750 for the controller and software?

    I most definitely do not have time to build anything ATM.
  • I do have a problem with software piracy... but I could probably deal with pirating ableton until I had something that in any way would/could (not likely) generate revenue.

    Hrm.. $99 for the basic version. Though I see a 30 day trial so that would probably work.

    $599 for Push looks pretty sweet, but 3-4 months off. I'm impulsive.

    I see there's an Akai APC20 Controller that comes with (some variation of Ableton Live) for $192. Reviews are all great too. Hah..local place sell it a bit cheaper too, and in stock. Dang. *twitch* APC40 for $250. But this looks more like a live controller and less like something you would compose with, like an MPC.

    "Your voice is the new keyboard: sing, beatbox, tap a rhythm on your desk, or play any solo instrument to capture your musical ideas as they come. Then use the Melody- or Drums-to-MIDI feature to turn your recordings into MIDI clips that you can edit and reuse with any sound." <- yes. exactly what I'd need. Not sure if that's in the Akai build. It's probably Live 8.<br />
  • They also have the launchpad for $150 which also comes with some variation of live. But a reviewer on the APC20 said he returned his launchpad for the apc20. It certainly has way more hardware on it.
  • Err wrong prices. $117 from for the 20 and $209 for the 40. I dunno this looks like the way to go to me.
  • The percussion "111" is great, @TTK.
  • K. Just pulled the trigger on the APC40 and an Alesis Trigger I/O for my RB Kit (which I've upgraded to basically 80% of a Roland V-Drum set).

    This... should be interesting.
  • Let me know how that works out because I've considered doing the same thing for awhile now.
  • @Kyle - Will do. I wont get a chance to play with it until after Easter tho.
  • So where do you guys (who do this) grab your instrument samples from? Are you just using the canned stuff? Making them using the canned stuff as a base? or buying up loops and instrument samples from Sonic Foundry, Ableton and the various other sources?

    Also, if anyone's played around with it, how are you getting acapella's? I'm thinking just to learn the software and the APC as a controller, I'll try to recreate existing tracks or remix. I've found some stuff, but not a whole lot. The acapellas 4 all site appears it could be a front just for buying a file hosting service membership.

    Are they simply leaked? DIY extracted or wha?
  • Cool man, and congrats on the purchase! think you're gonna have lots of fun with it.
    personally i get all my stuff from records as of lately, cause i really got into that way of working, also nearby thriftstore's and uncle's soul collection handme-downs helped.
    I don't use a lot of plugins. In every daw there are synths available so i suggest playing around with these too, check out the presets and build your own sounds!

    can't help you with the acapella's. I got some hiphop acapellas on 12" singles but thats about it.
  • I use a lot of shitty soft synths for my melodic instruments

    but drum samples I just sample from old records or download free shit.

    I've also got a huge library of "every day" sound, people cutting apples, staplers, water from a faucet, etc.
  • I use soft synths sometimes, but I always change the parameters and use a lot of effects. In terms of drums, I rarely use the stock sounds, except when I need something really basic like an 808, but mostly I sample old records. I'm still trying to get more comfortable with getting good drum sounds, but I've been getting better. Most of the sounds I use are samples, actually. The only sound I'm regularly okay with using stock is the synths I already mentioned, and occasionally I'll sample synths instead. I definitely use effects and do a lot of chopping with each sample, though.
  • You guys mess with the Simpler at all (I only half know what I'm talking about based on youtube videos)
  • I haven't messed with it in a while, but I might give it another go soon. I use Impulse a lot.
  • I never touched ableton before so can't help you there. I'm on cubase 5
  • Spent about 30 mins with it at lunch today. Too much fun. Time to eject my wife's desk (she's not using it) and haul my drum kit and keyboard into my office.
  • Hope you're lovin it! be sure to post something up here soon so we can here your shit!

    some new shit on the mpc:
    Quick Motherfuckin' Beat by Serge van Lieshout
  • I'm quickly discovering I want the pro version. I can't even make my own instrument racks which will make using my electronic drum kit (no brains, just triggers) more difficult than it need be.

    I've only spent about 4 hours with it and it's mostly dicking around. I may need to take a more structured approach. Any sample projects out there and such all assume the pro version too which is making using tutorials, at least the ones that have interested me, difficult. I also haven't yet sat down to use it with an idea in my head, just still exploring the tools I have to see what's possible.

    Anyhow I tried to make something from bone scratch last night. Other than the 808 kit.. nothing else is quite the sound I want and quantizing to 32nd beats (and dealing with the lag) was a bit tricky. So I scratched that and tried again with something a little less rapid fire. This is going to take some adjustment to how I dream up music in my head and how I get it down. I'm finding having a keyboard is convenient, but it's also lacking, it's a MIDI to USB interface so there's a smidge of lag and again I can't make my own instrument racks so i need to think in layers rather than patterns. Anyhow I'll stick with the keyboard for now until I'm actually making some solid progress and then I can look into a USB midi interface keyboard.

    Maybe I should do what I said I would and just mess with remixing first just to get intimate with the software. I thought there'd be way more access to stems online, but I'm not seeing it. I should go back to some of the old mashup forums I used to frequent... often vocal tracks would show up there. Still waiting on my BIL to send me his vocal stems from his music too.

    I tried to pull apart samples from Boyz in tha Hood, but damned if all the sick samples and lyrics there don't run into one another making the sample useless. I should check to see what tracks were originally sampled to make that song.

    At some point I will need to come up with a plan.