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pank thrd das also about skramz n hxc n pv n stuff cuz FUCK KETCHUP FUCK MUSTARD EAT VEGATABLES PUSI
  • 'cuz I feel like this should be a separate thing from the metal thread.
  • the word 'skramz' makes me want to murder children.

  • i don't feel as strongly about it as @solitudebro but def agree
  • It's the greatest genre name that exists.
  • Skramz is the much more tolerable alternative to typing/saying/thinking screamo.
  • well said steve. here's some skramz i've been hooked on for the past few
  • @buttlord

    gaddamn this is good shit
  • seeping in my bloody valentine worship
  • You're adorable, Mark.
  • I try my best.
  • Guys how do you not hate this word? I could never take someone seriously who uses this in a conversation. Like I would probably laugh at how ridiculous they sound. Then hit them in the face with a shovel.

    It sounds like a baby name for a type of food.

    "cmon lil' guy finish yur skramz"


  • Is it just hardcore with screaming? Why do we have to differentiate between the two?
  • I feel strongly about this.
  • it's because "Screamo" is way fucking worse.
  • nah, screamo is a reputable name. skramz is just more fun to say
  • hmm, as notable as these guys are I've never really listened to them. But I love the Envy shoutout in this vid
  • Oh man, I completely forgot that CTTS just released a new album. As The Roots is such an incredible album. Btw, the drummer from CTTS also played drums in Mare, that band I keep jocking.
  • any fan of powerviolence or just hardcore in general needs to check out this album. It is fantastic and manic
  • Infest is the best shit
  • they played LA yesterday but I so couldn't go. :-\ powerviolence shows have never totally been for me anyhow
  • on second thought, I might've fucking loved this
  • There's a genre I'll never get.. but that looks awesome, fails left and right and that big girl HOLDING SHIT DOWN. I would love to watch that... from the windows outside.

    I see the front is dealing with the same problems I had at DG. The difference is the songs are 40 seconds long, there's a gap between them and crowd calms down during that. I could put up with almost anything 40 seconds at a time.
  • "I could put up with almost anything 40 seconds at a time."

    you sure about that?
  • You offering?
  • only if you're willing
  • also any screamo fans (COUGHskramz) would be interested in Raein, they were a band in the early 2000s from Italy and I'm seeing them with Loma Prieta tomorrow
  • holy shit this band samples the "no hay banda" scene from Mulholland Drive. Immediate win.
  • Such a great scene.
  • "Coral Blue" and its transition to "Shame in the Way" are far and away the best parts of that record. That shitty metal encyclopedia can be skeptical all they want, but they're still wrong.
  • speaking of Converge, really great mini-doc on Jacob Bannon
  • fuck thats awesome, thanks rob
  • great find man, he seems like a solid human being
  • he's a personal hero of mine. I totally chickened out on talking to him a few months ago when I had the chance and I so regret it
  • this FIDLAR song is pretty cool.
  • they're pretty good but Anthony calling them Black Lips-clones seems pretty accurate. probly not checking out the album
  • AntFant's first 8 of 2013. WIN
  • also continuing Anthony's recent trend of unnaturally expressive thumbnails
  • listening to it now actually. This ain't really my brand of screamo, but I'm somewhat diggin it right now. It might grow on me. It's alot lighter and more fun than these kinds of albums usually are (it's no I.V., basically)
  • This is really interesting, the backing music is about as abrasive as Wolf Parade.

    I think I really like this.
  • I think this is as good a place as any to start 2013 musics, I'm gonna accomplish that today.
  • after listening to the whole thing I definitely like it but a complaint I have is the stagnancy of the vocals. Maybe that type of thing doesn't bother me so much when they're over "normal" screamo music, so to speak, but over the kind of music on this album at least it gets a tad tiring. But I'll definitely be returning to this, and will probably buy it (from bandcamp, that is)
  • The vocals are my main contention too, but I can see myself getting over them because the backing music is so unlike everything I've heard from other screamo bands. Usually if a screamo band goes this soft it winds up sounding corny to me but it still passes the bullshit detector.

    this instrumental song could totally be Fang Island.
  • that track is definitely my favorite so far, not because it's instrumental but because it's so damn emotional. I haven't read any lyrics yet but this seems like an oddly positive skramz album
  • The new Pissed Jeans leaked, if that interests anyone.

    I've only heard a few songs from them but imma check it out.
  • "Pissed Jeans leaked"

    I chuckled.
  • lol kyle made a funny

    (fo' real though imma check out that album)
  • new Nails track. I'd let y'all know what I thought but I'm in the library and didn't bring earphones or anything
  • There's that 2013 date they were talking about... nearly 6 months later.
  • lol if you go be sure to not get yourself hit during Xibalba (or Nails, for that matter)
  • I think I'll abstain from moshing that night, this venue only has punk and metal shows so I'm sure it's got a collection of resident tough guys.

    If it's not just dudes trying to hurt people I'll join in, but it's definitely a "wait and see" thing.
  • Nails pits are usually too rough for me. I'm not sure what the swinger status in Buffalo is, but it's pretty bad in Pomona most of the time
  • holy fuck this new track is fantastic. The guitar tone is more grimey than Unsilent Death, the performance is more chaotic, and I like the higher pitch of the vocals. Wow. I'm so much more stoked for this album now (not that I wasn't before, y'know)
  • This thread deserves a little of Jesus Lizard

  • This song is the fucking jam, it also sounds almost exactly like Fucked Up.

  • I seriously cannot fucking wait for this album
  • It's going to rule.
  • by the way guys, that's 2 songs longer than 2 minutes now. We might actually get an album longer than 14 minutes this time around.
  • hmm, i wasn't much a fan of this when I heard it the first time, but AntFant liking it makes me kinda wanna revisit it
  • I changed the name of this thread so it stopped breaking the formatting btw.
  • I'm still listening to the Metz self-titled and Regular John albums from this year, but I just picked up FIDLAR's latest and I'm pretty hyped for that in a sort of Andrew WK senseless fashion.
  • I made a huge mistake listening to Nails before anything better than 192 was available. I don't want to listen to anything else but at the same time I demand a better version.
  • why is that a mistake? It sounds really good for 192 I think (though I'd like to replace it with the 320 or v0 once those become available)
  • 192 = v0 =320 = flac

    you guys are imagining the differences you hear.
  • 192 isn't ideal for something as loud as Nails. There's a lot of data involved in being that punishing.

    There's truth in what you're saying though, which is why I usually opt for v2.
  • I don't see the difference between 192 and v2 though, the bitrates are almost the same usually
  • VBR handles it's bitrate in a smarter way and thus sounds better. The idea that a song needs to be stay at the same bitrate throughout doesn't account for the dynamic nature of music.

    Nails is great but they aren't very dynamic which is why I think a 320 CBR would benefit the album.
  • ah, I see what you mean
  • god this record is so phenomenal. The more I listen to it the more I get to know it and fucking love it. "Wide Open Wound" may be my new favorite Nails track; in fact I think my only real complaint is that for me the last track goes on for a bit too long. If it was the same length as the closer of the last record it'd be perfect, but I think a 5+ minute Nails song is a tad unnecessary. But for me, this album just keeps getting better
  • The only sweet thing at the new Pissed Jeans album is the title.."Honeys" has too much of what made punk be punk, like speed,brutality,sarcasm,honesty,energy, and the influences here are the best possible: Pixies, Mudhoney, The Birthday Party, GBH, Discharge, Dead Kennedys (mainly at the moments of "spoken-word", as Jello Biafra loved to do) .. "Honeys" is an awesome album from a young Punk-Rock band, increasingly dirty and agressive..

  • @ClydeNut

    Yes. Except I still love Suum Cuique.


  • hey Robby, check out these idiot kids hardcore dancing.

  • yep. that's what you're gonna have to deal with buddeh.

    (also for anyone that's still wondering, THIS IS WHAT I FUCKING MEAN when I refer to "swingers" or "swinging")
  • they're just fighting invisible ninjas.

    I have no problem standing in the back at this show, I want no part of that nonsense. Why can't we just push each other?
  • Lol exactly
  • Loloolol. Watching that vid. It's just wierd that there's a huge space open for people to imaginary dance.
  • @balmaseda I'm sorry for writing so poorly in English, I'm not american..but in short, "Honeys" is fucking good :))
  • Yeah that's fucked up and Nails when they're here are at a venue that would probably be okay with that shit.

    Put them in a venue like The Hoxton and the bouncers would have a field day. I'd pay an extra $10 just to watch them get their asses literally thrown out the front door onto Bathurst.

    But yeah you can see some pretty distinct types of people at that show. I bet you anything all those swingers are < 21.

    Holy shit, there's a roundhouse there around 2:57.

    @hedgeway - that space is so big because everyone else around wants nothing to do with it. Shame the rest of the crowd just doesn't over power them, it's really only about a dozen assholes, but hey, lots of space in the venue, so.. I guess "why not" as long as nothing connects with me.
  • It's worse when you see Nails in a really narrow room like the venue in Pomona they usually play at
  • this is the venue I'm seeing Nails at.

    I hope it's packed for obvious reasons.

  • That scene looks like how Death Grips was at the front when i saw them. Bigger room... Less excuse for the pushing!
  • @Wake

    Shit- sorry man! Glad you like it, they were great when I saw them live a couple months ago!
  • Just listened to some letlive. Now onto Defeater. Huurddcurrrr yurrrr

    Also I listened to Comadre a couple times awhile back and I don't think I'm a fan.
  • I like Defeater, though some of their songs can be super cheesy (especially their acoustic ones). Haven't heard much I liked from letlive though
  • I think the thing with letlive is the vocals. The guy has a really nice singing voice...which may or may not be a good thing for a hardcore band.

    I'm loving Defeater though. Downloaded a couple albums from them awhile ago. Listened to them as background music and thought they were pretty awesome. Now I'm actively listening to Empty Days & Sleepless Nights and think it's fucking amazing. And apparently it's the worst one according to RYM. Also, I don't really pay too much attention to lyrics for the most part.
  • They put on a pretty good show if they ever come by your area
  • Lol and right after I typed that I landed on their first acoustic song of the album. Wtff :(
  • And exactly! I told you they were corny as shit
  • What the fuck man lol. 3 songs in a row are acoustic now. And they ARE corny as fuck. "did i forget to tell you, how pretty you looked in that dress" "and i don't mind, if we take our time, no i don't mind". I was thinking they had an acoustic ep or some shit that you were referring to, not 3 shitty acoustic songs at the end of an album that would have otherwise been pretty flawless.
  • At least they all come at the end, just gonna delete the 4 acoustic tracks and act like they aren't part of the album.

    I hope this is just a new thing they tried on this album...
  • Yeah the acoustic tracks are a whole other "section"of the album apparently. I never listen to them
  • I totally get people that don't really dig on Comadre, I like them more on a "I feel ya bro" level than a good songwriting level.

    I like the idea of making abrasive music more accessible without also making it dumber.

    Should probably go in the Metal thread, but I'm still not metal enough to post in there... This is awesome as fuck. In starting to really develop my hxc/metal/punk tastes, I'm finding I really like doom, sludge, and hardcore punk. I've pretty much only been listening to Nails, Xibalba, and Primitive Man all week. I need to get that Portal record too, I really liked what I heard from that thing.
  • starting it right now, I'll let you know what I think

    (the guitars just kicked in. wow this is heavy)
  • Cool man, yeah I hadn't heard of them till one of my favorite blogs threw something up about them the other day. Figured I'd see what you guys think?
  • I knew this band sounded familiar, the vocalist/guitarist is Ethan from Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire. clearly doing a more experimental doom thing here though
  • @balmaseda That is most certainly metal, and I most certainly approve
  • yeah, this is heavy as fuck. I assume this is home recorded and it sounds so fucking amazing. dat guitar tone....
  • if the rest of the record is as great as the opening track this might actually be worth the $10 they're asking for
  • "Recorded by Dave Otero at Flatline Studio" according to the label... and I think it is! I'm on third listen and way into it, probably gonna order the LP.