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Now we can have a motherfucking hockey thread, Solitude.
  • The Sabres are really fucking bored with the NHL lockout still raging.
  • Sounds like a deal is getting close... So much for having lots of free time this spring.
  • Yeah, I'm not positive it doesn't blow up but fuck... there might be a season after all.
  • Twitter has been a blast during the lockout. #PodiumWatch #DregerFace
  • The podium watch night was fucking hilarious.

    I'm honestly indifferent as to them resolving this thing. I know a lot people would love for them to get it done but I'm getting my hockey fix elsewhere, and as I said above, having the free time this spring would be pretty nice.
  • I've probably watched around 25 hockey games in the past two weeks.
  • Nothing does it for me like watching my actual team, I'll watch a junior or AHL game and enjoy it just fine... I miss the rooting interest more than anything else.
  • That's the thing, I have a definite rooting interest in the junior games I watch.
  • We have some competitive college hockey teams in the area in Canisius and Niagara, but nothing amazing. Niagara is undefeated in their conference this year at 10-0-1 or something. If the University @ Buffalo had a division 1 team I'm pretty sure they'd be amazing, this area has been producing NHLers for decades and those smaller schools can't entice local talent to stay here.

    As for Juniors and stuff, it's just not a big deal down in the states... I don't even think I can get any of those games on TV.
  • Our AHL affiliate is only like 40 minutes away, but yeah... I can't physically give a shit about a team from fucking Rochester of all places.
  • It's 3AM in NYC and they're STILL talking, this might be ending tonight.
  • Twitter is basically freaking out, it looks like a deal announcement could come any minute.
  • Lebrun just tweeted that a tentative agreement is done, holy fucking shit.
  • I'm not going to sleep tonight, am I?
  • oh cool, the NHL lockout ends and the Bills hire a new coach in the span of a half hour... WHAT THE FUCK.
  • seriously, I can't believe these 2 events happened at the same time let alone at 5:30 in the morning... this sucks.
  • This shit took far too long.
  • I might be the only Canadian who couldn't give a flying fuck about the NHL.

    I'm more annoyed at my hockey lockout. First year in 8 we haven't had a weekly game. Now what will combat the spare tire?
  • I've never been so happy to hear Bobby Mac talk about where Luongo is going to be traded.
  • Oh my fucking god. I am so happy.

  • And lol @ the title
  • I'm pretty pumped for a half season now. Each game carries so much weight.
  • It worked very well for the NBA. It was a crazy season last year, so no doubt it will be a crazy one for the NHL.
  • maybe now I should finally start watching hockey games that don't involve the Kings....but as much as I want to I probably won't get to it.
  • It's so weird remembering which players have new teams. Jordan Staal is in Carolina, Jagr is in Dallas.... Wtf?
  • I'm really hoping for either free or heavily discounted GameCenter from the NHL. They'd be dicks if they didn't do something like that.
  • free center ice needs to happen, they need to give fans something.
  • "NYC teams are overbearingly assholish" -Flyers Fan

    Seriously though, fuck the Flyers.
  • I could probably tell you 30 reasons why the Flyers are the biggest dicks in professional sports.
  • Was it the flyers who held the puck in their own end of the ice and just passed it around to waste time?

    Because that was hilarious.
  • That was against the Sabres, both teams really needed a point.

    and it was actually the Sabres that did the holding, but at the same time the Flyers didn't forecheck.
  • the Flyers: best trolls in the game
  • Here's the video of that, it's pretty hilarious.

  • Oh man I loved that 4/8/11 game.

    *75 former Sabres introduced to the crowd before the game

    *White uniforms at home

    *Vanek's insane pass through 2 Flyers that led to the Pominville goal

    *Nathan Gerbe's incredibly lucky 360 backhand goal to tie it

    *Teams not really playing hockey for a full minute at the end

    *Playoffs clinched

    *Thomas Vanek creating his own breakaway and finishing it with an absolutely sick move
  • They did it last year against the Lightning.

  • Except this was in the middle of a game. Pretty much a direct reaction to Guy Boucher and his silly 1-3-1, I thought it was pretty funny to be honest.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
  • I think there was another instance where the flyers did the same thing. Or some other team did the same thing. And that time didn't go over so well. I wanna say the caps and flyers? Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass though.
  • Yeaahhh that's the one. Thanks markymark.
  • And he says right at the beginning of the vid 'straight outta the capitals playbook' so maybe that's where i got the caps from.
  • When he says that he's referring to the defensive posture that Tampa played the season before against Washington in the playoffs (and for what it's worth they kicked the shit out of Washington).
  • Ya, realised that and made the edit haha.
  • He worded it in a stupid way, Pierre just gets excited sometimes.

  • The long stick comment + the way he is standing + how awkwardly close he is makes me laugh every single time.
  • and yes, that's a KHL mascot dance competition. It includes classics such as "Cotton-Eye Joe" and "Gangnam Style".
  • Oilers/Tampa gonna have a great season.
    I'm worried about my Canucks.
  • Kessler isn't back
    We kept Raymond
    We're starting Luongo, but with all these rumors of him going to Leafs, it seems strange.
  • I don't listen to the radio or pay attention to the Leafs, and even I'm hearing about all the chatter about Luongo possibly coming.
  • Luongo will get traded, but I'm not sure it's to the Leafs despite all the rumors.
  • I've been out of the loop since I'm at work so I'm pretty unaware of everything that's going on right now.

    But ya, that doesnt look good. Mostly the kessler thing.
  • He's a diver anyway.

  • Exactly. The best in the game. We need him.

    How else are we gonna win games?
  • Holy shit those are funny.

    Here's the thing. Right now, I don't think its even aruguable that we need Kes, Higgins and the Sedins to mount our best offence (a pretty glaring weakness in our game last year) so it makes me nervous when any of those four are not around.
  • Yeah, I mostly agree with Fourflowers (hey Vancouverite!) except that I'd include Burrows in that list.
  • Another vancity homie?
  • I'm not that hot on Burrows (even though he's super cute :D)

    Not really, I live in Coquitlam, but close enough. I spend most of my weekends in the city.
  • I don't understand how any Canucks fan couldn't be in love with Burrows after that game 7 OT goal against Chicago 2 seasons ago.
    To each their own though, but that moment was as good as Crosbys goal against USA in the Olympics, I lost it.
    Anyway, cool, nice to have another BC person around. I don't know anything about coquitlam except that you guys have an ikea.
  • hah those ani-gifs.
  • Yeah, that was great, but it takes more than just a moment for someone to become invaluable. One great goal does not an all star make.
    Thanks for the welcome ^_^
  • I'm not technically from vancouver myself either. But I say I'm from vancity because most people know where that is.

    And Burrows is excellent. Scores goals, gets under the other team's skin, plays hard..isn't afraid to get roughed up.
  • Also, he's one guy who doesn't fall apart like a cheap suit when playing with Hank and Dank.
  • Ok ok, I didn't realize he'd been so consistent. I'll conceed that he's very valuable to the team. you're right about putting him on the first line.

    Where are you from Solidcrew? Anywhere I'd of been to?
  • Actually been to? Possibly. Drove through to get to somewhere better? More likely.

  • I know where it is, but I don't think I've ever been there. I think I've heard it's kind of hillbilly-ish (not that you seem that way!) but I don't really know anything about it.
  • Solitude, it still blows my damn mind that we were both born in Aldergrove. Such slim chances.
  • Haha I know right? So crazy. For a small town though there are quite a few people who are pretty into music.

    and hahaha hillbilly-ish. i dont know about that. Probably closer to "ghetto". But not really at all, just a bunch of kids who think they "go hard".
  • Canadian hillbillies aren't a thing... are they?
  • Yeah, I was gonna say, not really hillbillies. Just really low-income. It does have a way of breeding douchebags (except for Solitude)
    It's not a terrible town, just not a ton to do, and a ton of faux gangsters.

    And shoey, probably not to the same degree as you guys. We've got a town called Mission that has a bunch of farming good-ol-boys though. That's probably the closest thing.
  • Not quite like the american hillbilly stereotypes (no cousin lovin).

    But northern alberta is all about quads and snowmobiles and hunting and bonfires and drinking and working for 21+ days at a time out on some oilrig or something and playing hockey on some frozen lake. A lot of 'ehs' get thrown around along with 'fucks'.

    Basically just super canadian.
  • I should probably change my definition of hillbillies to not be "people who voted for Romney".
  • And ya @AmF

    As I've been getting older I've started to realise it really isnt all that bad. But like you said, just some the people who occupy it are.
  • Yeah, you've gotta change that definition Shoey, or else I'm a hillbilly.
  • Where do you live Shoey? how did you guys all getr your forum names?
  • I just need a Canadian equivalent, does Stephen Harper work?
  • They were giving to us by the TND forum gods.
  • Ya, I named everyone here.
  • We're currently discussing that in a different thread partially inspired by this tangent, but I live in Buffalo. This puts me in the unique position of Canada being to my direct west.

    My username comes from my last name being Shoemaker.
  • Harpers a cock, so yeah, it works.
  • hahaha, am I to understand that Solitude is a god/mod here?
  • No... we just let him think that.
  • this story is fucking nuts, Notre Dame is now claiming that he was the victim of an elaborate prank.
  • Seriously, even if you don't care about sports this story is fucking insane. I can't stress enough how much every single person in America is going to be talking about this.
  • Listening to an interview with the co-authour of that article right now... I don't know how they can claim this is a prank. This girl didn't even exist.

  • How did this guy think he had a girlfriend that didn't actually exist?
  • I don't think the deadspin article has any falsehoods, it's so detailed.
  • This shit is like a real life Catfish.

    ... Was Catfish real?
  • Are catfish real?

  • Steve a person that never existed is dead, stop being such a dick and take this seriously.
  • catfish was meant to prepare us for this.

    i wish i cared about football because then this would be crazy.
  • Catfish was the undercover best Facebook movie of 2010. sorry Fincherbros
  • Check out this video of Sabres prospects training with NAVY SEALS in the offseason. I like that the Sabres are a very progressive organization under Pegula, they'll do almost anything to get an edge.

  • That's a really cool way to enhance your athletics.
  • I don't think that practice is terribly new. I seem to recall reading about it elsewhere.