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  • did mine for the last 12 months
    let's see y'alls
  • Here's my 12 months artists, I might do a 3x3 later.

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  • 12 month albums
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  • My stupid year:

  • so....many....vapors......
  • really shoulda done 5x5 in the first place, but here it is anyhow:
  • that's a much more accurate representation of my year (even though I haven't listened to those OFF! and Meshuggah albums in
  • I've heard 7 or Nick's collage, honestly more than I expected.
  • I've heard 8
  • which ones Kyle?

    I can guess a few, Waxahatchee, Silver Jews, Mac Demarco, J Dilla, Flaming Lips, Zammuto.

    What's the other one?
  • i pretty much didn't scrobble anything from my ipod this year because i switched to manually manage music and scrobblez don't understand what that means. so this would be a lot different...and the playcounts would be like x4987..

  • @Nick all of those plus Frank Ocean.
  • I'm on my iPod right now but I'll try to do one later.
  • I get a boner every time I see soft focus on these things.
  • its all your fault Col.

    your lovely wonderful fault <3

  • @everyone +Death Grips, ~everything else (basically)
  • mine has so many random albums that i just left on a bunch while i wasn't at my computer

    or things like chelsea wolfe where i did that in like a night just because short trax
  • I gave the guy $5 for 10x10 access, here's all time albums.

    Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
  • I approve of how high Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me is
  • It's not an exact science because it's just by play count. Albums like Perfect From Now On are penalized while Heems and Touché Amoré are rewarded for having short songs or a lot of songs.
  • like holy shit Nehru Jackets has FUCKING 25 SONGS.
  • that might be why the new OFF record is so high despite me never really listening to it that much
  • This is mine for the year, and because I started my on the first day of last year, my whole history as well.


    I guess it's reasonably accurate but there are definitely a few weird things on there. I'm hardly a fan of Unknown Pleasures, but I guess I gave it enough chances this year to earn it a spot. I also don't remember listening to Bee Thousand or even One Word Extinguisher that much but I guess they do each have a ton of tracks.
  • Don't know why there are two different Chocolate and Cheeses on mine...

  • Positive Force might very well be the most underrated album of 2012.
  • Nice, I don't really see Delicate Steve getting much coverage anywhere.
  • They were great live, I really should have checked it out.
  • Yeah, I loved me some Steve. Saw them open for tUnE-yArDs last year. They killed.
  • here's this week:
  • hahaha it's all metal/hardcore albums
  • question mark
  • I still haven't listened to an album in 2013.
  • you kids and your video games
  • It's been Giant Bombcast really, at some point I figured out that I need to listen to all 563 hours of it.
  • With the possible exception of TESD, it's become my favorite podcast ever.
  • who's on it?
  • It's the writing staff of Giant Bomb, which is becoming close to 100% of my entertainment over the last few months.
  • @ClydeNut
    + Converge (assuming I'd like that album if I like Jane Doe, Milo, Mastodon, Cerce
    ? the rest (I guess I think the bit of Title Fight I've heard is decent.)
  • @danny
    + BoC, FlyLo, Kanye
    ~ JT, Triple Six Mafia (?)
    - A$AP Rocky
    ? Autechre, Stereolab, Bibio
  • Why the question mark after Triple Six Mafia?
  • I just didn't expect you to be a fan for some reason lol
  • They're awful now, but their early stuff was amazing. Even RYM has me backed on that one:

    I posted this song in the "What Are You Listening To" thread a few days ago.

  • Hrm, I was thinking I couldn't play along, but now I see on's site a photo of itunes so maybe I can.
  • @jdrummer3
    +++++++++++ Flying Lotus
    + BBNG, and the little I've heard from the Melody's Echo Chamber album was pretty good
    ~ Schoolboy Q
    ? that Pro Era tape, everything else
  • Where's this feature on the site?
  • image

    But this isn't correct because it's missing the River Tiber and Thugli I've been listening to today. Soooo.. what's the deal there?
  • @WiredRacing
    + everything except Alt-J
    ~ Alt-J
  • @WiredRacing
    + FlyLo, SBTRKT, Kendrick, Hot Chip (well, what I've heard anyway, which isn't that album I guess), Dirty Projectors
    ~ Alt-J (I've heard one tune from them on the radio and liked it but I haven't heard anything else)
    ? Shad
  • I respect the ambition of that Alt-J album, but it didn't translate emotionally for me at all.
  • I like two tracks off of it. Fitzpleasure and Tesselate. Nothing else has stuck.

    Anyhow that was just today and its missing stuff. Ironically the stuff I listened the most to.
  • Robby: Shad's a toronto hip-hop artist. Been around a little while. Ant Fants actually alerted me to that free ep, some of his most interesting stuff ironically enough. While I do like his other stuff, but it's not terribly forward leaning and I really only put on if I'm feeling nostalgic.
  • Last I heard, Shad is @hedgeway's favorite rapper.
  • He's up there. Although my rap knowledge is incredibly small. But I think he's without a doubt the best current Canadian rapper.
  • @hedgeway - he's pretty charismatic, he put on a good little live show in Mississauga a couple summers back.

    I don't follow local hip-hop much but I like D-Sisive. I know Classified and Kardinall Official are known names but I have no idea what they sound like. If you could call K-os or K'Naan hiphop I'd pick them for more mainstream appeal.
  • Don't forget Drake... *sarcasm*
  • the best Canadian rapper is Tom Green, and I'm only half kidding.
  • Yes. Check that OR.
  • Seriously though, the guy is a totally solid emcee.
  • There a guy who wasn't very self-aware. Still have no idea how he landed Barrymore. Rags to Riches to.. I dunno.. nicer rags? :)
  • Hrm..speaking about Canadian hip-hop. K-os has a new album around the corner. iTunes has it up for 90 second previews. I'm hearing some traaaaaaaaap. But quick flip through the double album is revealing the same sort of thing he's been doing in the past.

    Oh and... ft Corey Hart. Hell. Fucking. Yes.

    Guest spots from Shad and Black Thought on here too.
  • Featuring Corey Hart? BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • K-os is just spreading the Canadian love.

    Yeah Hart's doing some vocal on the first track which is the trappy one.
  • well, here's mine for this week. Pretty alienating, yes
  • Yeah I haven't listened to any of those Robby, sorry.
  • not even the Pro Era tape?
  • Nope. I think Joey Bada$$ is pretty cool, but I haven't listened to that tape.
  • On alt-j

    That probably would've ended up close to aoty for me if I made a list (which i kind of ended up number 2 I think next to death grips although joey badass might have it beat). I fucking love that album. They are definitely being tagged as "that band with that one song on the radio" due to a few tracks getting excessive radio play, but I think the album is really good, and one of the few albums this year where I'm a fan of every track.
  • I'm also liking Breezeblocks now too.
  • @dannyspiterjr Be sure to check out that Pro Era tape, it was really good actually!
  • Still on that pop/hip hop kick.

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  • @Danny
    + Kanye, Janelle Monae
    ~ Frank Ocean, Jay-z, Toro y moi (haven't heard that new album though)
    ? the rest
  • Hrm... the version of So Many Details on the iTunes Anything in Return retail album is different than the one on Grooveshark and also what Pitchfork had. The previous one was the one stuck in my head. Not sure what I think of this version of it.
  • Ahh and there's the rap verse. Must be a remix. Booooo.
  • here's mine for this week:
  • @Robby
    + Death Grips, Mastodon, Yo La Tengo
  • never knew you listened to Mastodon @danny
  • I was in love with them when I was in middle school, and although it's a been a while since I've listened to them actively, I think I'm still going to appreciate them once I return to their albums.

    I went through a long period in middle school where I was hanging out with a bunch of metal heads. Most of it didn't catch on with me, but I did end up getting really into Mastodon and Death, which were among some of the only tasteful metal bands those guys were into at the time. Remember that I also spent two years playing bass for a death metal band, which comprised of some of that crowd, even though my heart was never really in that. My point is that I have some history with metal. :P
  • oh god you just called Mastodon a middle school band. Dx

    lol just joshing you
  • Haha really I would say that Mastodon is so universal that they can appeal to middle school metal kids despite being "critical darlings."
  • Eep, my post from last week appears to auto refresh. In my defense the three WTFs are my daughter asking me to play the same 4 songs every day. :)
  • Yeah guys. It was his daughter.

    And that so many details remix is ft. Hodgy beats.And it's toro y moi's own remix.
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • @Yerbouti
    + Aphex Twin, Autechre
    ? the rest (I've heard much of The Chronic in passing, but I'm not really sure how I feel about it.)
  • @ClydeNut ha, I was just listening to that Fuck the Facts record.
  • @secondlpanet
    + Death Grips (x2), Techno Animal
    ? the rest
  • @Yerbouti
    + Foxygen, Aphex Twin, Mtn Goats, Dr. Dre
    ~ Woods
    - Lysandre
    ? da rest

    + Death Grips, Nails, Xibalba (more of a casual + I guess)
    ~ Nile (some of the earlier stuff I like, but Annihilation on is kind of meh)
    ? the rest (actually some metal-looking albums I don't recognize, surprisingly)
  • @ClydeNut The one metal band you missed was Samael in the bottom corner, they're an industrial black metal band.
  • @dannyspiterijr @ClydeNut In the centre: Enrique Morente - Omega. It's flamenco, you should give a try even you don't undestand the lyrics; this album is so beautiful and pure... The band which plays with Morente in this album is Lagartija Nick, and they mix flamenco with noise-indie-rock. Also in this album the leitmotif is Leonard Cohen and Federico García Lorca. In my opinion, "Omega", and also "La Leyenda del Tiempo" by Camarón, are the best flamenco albums ever. Of course both albums are not the typical and stereotyped flamenco, as I said they combine it with so many genres.

    Enrique Morente died in 2010 and I'm so sad that i couldn't see him live, for example at Primavera Sound in Barcelona.

    Sorry for my english, i'm spanish.
  • Haven't done this in a while.

    +Dosh Gramps

    +SAW 85-92, The Chronic
    I respect John Darnielle, but I hardly ever listen to music for the lyrics, so I hardly ever listen to The Mountain Goats
    - We are the 21st century ambassadors of Jesus Christ how try-hard can you get?, Lysandre

    +TMS, Leviathan


    @Shoey You'll be pleased to know I didn't even need you to prompt me to listen to King Geedorah this time.
  • yeah I don't really listen to game soundtracks or Frank Zappa so....

    + King Geedorah?
  • "I respect John Darnielle, but I hardly ever listen to music for the lyrics, so I hardly ever listen to The Mountain Goats."

    + King Geedorah
    ? the rest

    Zappa is cool.