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Official Hype Thread of New Music
  • I really would like the new Earl and the new Surfer Blood.

    give them to me.
  • new Surfer Blood would be interesting. Obviously both new Earl albums (if both are released in 2013). Definitely new Nails, there's supposed to be a new Touche Amore too.
  • I'd be happy without Death Grips next year.
  • yeah especially after NLDW. What a terrible sounding album.
  • @shin0bz thanks for reminding me about new Danny Brown. And Kvelertak's new one as well, I think that's out in March
  • no Robby I just mean three albums in two years is a bit much for me, that's all.
  • I'm with Nick, they can't keep rapid fire releasing shit. If they keep putting stuff out at this pace It's going to be a case where a new Death Grips album just isn't that exciting anymore.
  • I 80% agree with Kyle. I'd much rather them tour more next year, or at least it makes more sense.
  • Death Grips are already at a place where each album is like an event, like new Radiohead, new Arcade Fire, new Kanye.
    News stories, controversies, and people waiting on reviews.
    It's not about what the record is like, it's about the amount of press coverage suffocating the music behind it. It just exhausts me to see another article on Pitchfork about Death Grips, or to read another review about The Money Store.

    If there was an event band of the year, it was definitely them.

    Unlike bands like Woods, which consistently quietly release records for the fans once a year, and if you listen, you listen, but if you don't, no one cares.

    Imagine being in the music blogosphere and not being a Death Grips fan, it would have been like dodging bullets trying to get away from anything about them.
  • That actually makes alot of sense @TTK.

    Ten points for Gryffindor!
  • oh i get it its my hair
  • LOL! OK, guys, let's adjourn this Death Grips marketing strategy meeting and get back together tomorrow to discuss the promotion of the 5 albums they'll be releasing next year.

    New Kanye would be great. Danny Brown, Kvelertak, Ghost. I'm psyched for 2013, but I wonder want genres or trends will be on the come up. I think female rappers might make a lotta noise next year.
  • im banking on post-vaporwave
  • oh yeah there is supposed to be a new Kanye next year. However if it's in the same direction as he's seemed to have gone with Watch the Throne and Cruel Summer I'm not interested.
  • Pththth to Kanye album. He has what? maybe a couple good tracks per album lately? 3 at most.

    Zach said he wasn't a fan of touring, so I would be surprised to see DG recycle their spots in 2013 unless they have new releases. That said, if their plan is to tour setlists, I wouldn't mind. I can't imagine them not putting out a release in 2013. I suppose they could do an EP. I dunno, that would seem like a cop out for them.

    Looking forward to a new Arcade Fire, Sleigh Bells, Danny Brown, BBNG3, James Blake

    Hoping for new TuneYards, Death Grips (maybe mid to late 2013 some of us will be ready), SBTRKT

    I dunno.. whatever, as long as it's good. I only hold a few allegiances.

  • oh yeah Arcade Fire are supposed to have one next year too. Hope I like it more than their last one.

    Oh and I hope St. Vincent puts out something new as well!
  • List of bad Kanye West albums:

    fuck everyone, his new album will be great.
  • Looking back on 2012, the only albums I was both extremely hyped for and subsequently loved were the Death Grips ones. Most of my favorite albums were ones from bands who had disappointed me previously (Field Music, of Montreal, Dan Deacon), new blood (Julia Holter, vaporwave, Laurel Halo, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Pepe Deluxé), or artists whom I didn't even know were releasing new albums until at most a week prior (Jens Lekman, Kendrick Lamar, Mariko Goto).

    Am I post-buzz? Is it curable?
  • (the answer is "yes" and the cure is Owen Pallett's In conflict.)
  • Lol you haven't heard cruel summer yet haven't you. That brings the possibility of his new album being great to, at most, 50%
  • The Prodigy, as in, Liam Howlett? Hrm.. I wanted to put "Fat of the Land" on my perfect record list but I know it's not perfect. But it might be the pinnacle for electronic-punk, for me anyhow. I'm not too sure what kind of sound he would adopt today to stand out though. Could be interesting.
  • I haven't even bothered with Cruel Summer being only interested in 3 of the tracks off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.. despite getting #1 nods for album of the year. Pssshhhh. It's like that sometime, so ridickilus. (spelling, intentional)
  • Cruel Summer isn't a Kanye West album.
    Watch The Throne isn't a Kanye West album.

    Kanye West albums are good.
  • The point is that that's the direction Kanye has been going, so it's perfectly logical to assume that will be the kind of album he'd release solo

  • When does Owen Pallett's album come out, Steve?

    Also, I like the new Yo La Tengo. Really good first album of 2013 for me.
  • @Dallas I think the last estimate from the man himself was early 2013, but Heartland was originally supposed to come out in 2008, so we'll see.
  • (re: Kanye) I'm just saying I hope it's good but I won't be surprised if it isn't. It's just delusional to think that just because it's a Kanye album that will automatically make it good even considering the projects he's been putting out since his last album have been garbage.
  • Anticipated releases for next year (confirmed)
    Earl Sweatshirt - Doris
    Atoms For Peace - Amok
    Local Natives - Hummingbird
    Jamie Lidell - Jamie Lidell
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II
    Phoenix - TBA

    Not confirmed:
    King Krule, Beck, My Bloody Valentine, Daft Punk, The Avalanches, Wu Tang Clan, GZA - Liquid Swords II, Ty Segall's next project (He's been involved in 3 records this year, so I'm assuming he'll have something out next year), Boris, DOOM related project, Kanye West, Flaming Lips, machinedrum, Zomby, Deerhunter/Atlas Sound, Baths, Young Montana?, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Danny Brown, Shabazz Palaces, James Blake, it's about time Cornelius released a new record, too.

    too many to name, really.

    Also kinda interested in the new A$AP Rocky, the new Wavves, and the new Cannibal Ox albums, but I have no real hope for any of them to really be any good.

    oh and hopefully a prefuse 73 album that isn't shit.
  • I plan on listening to A$AP Rocky so I can knowledgeably shit on it.
  • Since Deltron Event II didn't drop this fall, I'm assuming it might finally happen next year...

  • I don't think Kanye is immortal, but I'm with @Shoey that Cruel Summer wasn't a Kanye album, and even Watch the Throne wasn't entirely in his hands. I won't be too skeptical until he starts putting out mediocre material under his and only his name.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs!
  • Sure Sure Sures!
  • 2013 guys. New albums. New EPs. New mixtapes. New songs. New vidyas. New life. New world.

    I wish that the music world would collectively agree to take a break at the end of each year for a couple months so we can catch up on shit. Maybe even officially extend every year by like 3 months or something.

    Shit is getting way too hard and it pisses me off that there are probably a shitload of albums that I would fucking drool over released last year that I dont even know existed/havent listened to.

  • Fuck that.
  • fuck everybody.

  • Please fuck me.
  • In my head I'm saying that in your voice, it's kinda creepy
  • Would you fuck me?

    I'd fuck me

  • I am sitting alone in a Starbucks openly laughing at Steve's latest comment.
  • Lol I usually don't hang out at Starbucks but I'm trying to get some alone time before tonight's "new years activities."
  • you masturbate in public?
  • >:)

    (but really no)
  • I'm pretty bummed that I have to work early, I can't do anything fun tonight.
  • I watched Let the Right One In, the Millennium ep of Seinfeld, and fireworks on TV with a friend.
  • Let the Right One In is amazing.

    I've never actually had a legitimately cool NYE experience so I'm hoping tonight will be fun.
  • I'm super sick so I'm just planning on drinking myself into a coma while catching up on movies.
  • The fam. is watching FULL METAL JACKET and SLEEPWALK WITH ME for the weirdest double feature ever. Also crab legs, shrimp, beer, whiskey-and-cokes, and of course champagne at midnight.
  • i got the book version of sleepwalk with me for christmas
  • watch it sober, you'll feel my pain.
  • TDKR sucked ;[
  • could have sworn Christopher Nolan was the guy that directed Memento. what the fuck happened to him ;[ ;[
  • hollywood
  • I think some of the problems with TDKR could be summed up to studio interference, but there was some undeniably sloppy writing otherwise. I don't think anything "happened" to Nolan though, Inception and The Dark Knight were still great, and now that he's out of the studio confines of doing a Batman series I have no doubt he'll bounce back with something more challenging again.
  • why would there be studio interference Robby?

    With Nolan at the helms of both The Dark Knight and what could only be called his "vanity project", Inception, and both bringing buttloads of money and critical acclaim, he'd be at a rare stature where the studio would just give Nolan the bags of money and say "do what you do best"
  • um, because Batman is a HUGE name? You really don't know how studios work bro....
  • But after The Dark Knight being a Nolan ran thing, and that bringing in over a billion dollars, it'd stand to reason that they wouldn't have that much input. And what was Batman before Nolan had come along? It was George Clooney, Arnie with corny puns and Jim Carrey as the Riddler.

    It wasn't a huge name UNTIL the Dark Knight.

    If anyone had predicted the success of The Dark Knight, I'd like to see it.
  • are you kidding me? Batman is one of the biggest movie superhero franchises of all time, and that's a fact. -sigh- just, forget it, I'm so not going to argue this when it's so abundantly obvious to everyone else.
  • there's a reason we laugh at the old 90's batman films.

    Because they're awful.

    And studios know that.
  • yeah and the first 3 Batman films were such detrimental financial failures, right?
  • if you really think studios care more about quality than money, you're being unbelievably delusional.
  • I'm with Nick. It seemed like TDKR bit off a little more than it could chew, thematically speaking. I didn't get a really studio-fuckery vibe from it.
  • Studios are looking at remaking films, not looking at how films did back then.

    There's a reason we're not getting stuff the same quality of Casablanca or Citizen Kane released through out the year.

    If I was a studio exec circa 2003, I'd be thinking "Well super heroes are kinda lame now, people want comedies because we're still living in the wake of 9/11. Oh what's that? Christopher Nolan wants to do Batman? Isn't that the guy that done a few arty movies a while back? Eh, we'll give him a bit of money but it better be good, we'll just look over your shoulder and make sure"

    Come 2006; "Hey, that was pretty good, that drew in a bit of money and some critical praise, and you want to do a sequel? Alright, here's a bit more money, but we'll just kinda check in every now and again to see how it's going"

    Come 2010; "You want to do a third? HERE'S ALL MY MONEY"
  • TDKR really isn't that bad.
  • I'm not saying the studios don't wanna make money, but it's just that with 3 fuck load grossing films under his belt, I think the studio would just leave him alone and say "You know what you're doing" because what he's done in the past has brought in so much.
  • I'd assume they'd do the same thing with the Transformers franchise, giving something on the other end of the spectrum.
  • I don't think it's to that extreme, but I think he was probably given some free reign based on TDKs success.
  • To be fair I'm mostly basing this on that Inception seemed like a vanity project.

    I mean really, it's almost as if the studio allowed him to make it as a thank you for the Dark Knight.

    How many major film studios would let a director do such a huge expansive both visually and thematically complex film?
  • Inception still paid off. Made a ton of money.
  • Inception was a very cool movie, but I wish they didn't constantly interrupt the coolness with 15 minute gun fights.
  • regardless, I don't believe for a second the studio would allow Nolan to kill off Batman (which I can almost guarantee is something that would've happened if Nolan was given COMPLETE creative control)
  • oh yeah, spoilers, I guess. idc
  • and sorry @TJ, I'm just expressing my opinion yo :-/
  • Obviously TJ, they did that under the impression of the kind of pull and fanbase Nolan had.
  • I don't mind your opinions. I just thought someone should put a contrary opinion into this TDKR hate fest.
  • also probably should note I have not seen The Dark Knight Rises.
  • hahaha well sorry for the lack of spoiler warning I guess.
  • I don't care. :P I don't think I'll see it, I mean I thought The Dark Knight was very good, but I didn't feel the need to go see the sequel.
  • I went into TDKR expecting meh and was still disappointed
  • It's probably at least worth mentioning that The Dark Knight made $600m more than any other Batman film released prior. To think a studio would interfere at that point makes a lot of sense to me, there's some very bloated personalities in Hollywood who think "I know how this can make even more money".

    example 1: the title. The Dark Knight became a name more instantly marketable than Batman almost immediately. The studio undoubtedly asked Nolan that the title include that phrasing.
  • well that actually makes some sense
  • here's an interesting read that I just found

    apparently I'm wrong about studio interference with the ending (SPOILER: meaning that Bruce Wayne's appearance in Italy was in fact Nolan's stupid idea)
  • I don't get why that is a stupid idea.
  • SPOILER: come on, it would've had so much more impact if Batman actually died to protect Gotham. Having him show up in Italy was such a copout, and before I read that I was certain that it was the studio forcing Nolan to put that in.
  • hahahaha I can never complain about a Hans Zimmer score, but good lord did they play it throughout the whole damn thing
  • If the movie ends with Batman dying I'm overlooking it's numerous flaws and giving it a strong 8.
  • It's not like Nolan had to do that for sequels as the next series of films doesn't have to be canonical with this one.
  • I don't think that is a stronger ending necessarily. It wouldn't have been a bad one, I agree, but for all of the film's faults that I cannot argue (the bomb being the biggest culprit) that one seems pretty slight. He died symbolically, which aligns with the rest of the series's themes. He didn't have to actually die.

    Really, the heart of the problem lies with the bomb in general, and not Batman's very Batman-esque escape. And Alfred gets what he wants, which I'm very OK with.
  • I have to side with @kyle on this one dude, sorry. :-/
  • the smiley for : / is so weird
  • yeah when batman "died" at the end i was like "well shit, this is actually a really strong ending... unless he didn't really die"

    then he didn't really die and i went back to thinking that the movie is crap
  • but that's just one of the many issues i had with the movie, and i don't think it was the worst