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Speakers // Screens Thread
  • for talking about blog stuff.
  • I've got a Frames Per Second post done, I'll probably schedule it for tomorrow afternoon.

    I'm thinking about doing a game of the year thing for 2012 as soon as I play Dishonored, X-Com and Assassin's Creed 3.
  • The negative talk about Assassin's Creed 3 has me worried but at the same time I heard the same things about Revelations and fucking loved it. I think I really just like that series... I'm trying to keep an open mind.

    I feel like I'm Nick in a hardcore-only synchtube.
  • then why are you here. I would have just left. It's not my thing, so I leave.

    Simple as that.
  • I'm a nerd at heart, Zelda is in my blood.
  • Bah.. Dishonored wasn't nearly as good as I expected it to be based on reviews.

    It was almost too easy, and I get the feeling it might have been rushed a bit as the story seems a bit too quick and convenient. That games difficulty is only in replaying for achievements. Some of the game mechanics are cool though, it would be neat to have seen them in a proper open world game. Ultimately I spent way too much time in seeing-eye mode because it was just easier to blow through the maps that way. Basically I only stuck with the game because I knew it was a 12-15 hour one so.. why not. But if it were a 30+ hour one (like Borderlands 2 is supposed to be and I probably won't get through) I'd probably have dropped it half way. Still it's good, but I'd rather have been replaying the ME trilogy or watching the LOTR trilogy. :)
  • wrong thread Wired.
  • Kyle started it!
  • Writing my Django review.
  • The 7 posts for 2012 AOTY are now at 2,449 views. The 5-1 post is now our 5th most viewed post.

    2012 now has more views than the 2011 list which currently has 2,176.
  • also someone gave the podcast a 2 star rating on iTunes, which I think is hilarious.
  • HAHAHA I wonder if it was because of my mic freakout
  • Loma Prieta posted our best-of list on their facebook (well the post they were on at least)!
  • oh, and also something strange happened with the home page. Only TJ's recent post is showing and you need to click "older posts" to view the rest of em....yeah if anyone knows more about this and what to do about it that'd be great.
  • Awesome about Loma Prieta! Speaking of that band, a band some friends of mine have is opening for them in a couple of weeks. It's the same band that opened for Gaza a little while back.
  • I have no idea how to fix whatever is happening.... ummmm
  • Lol... a good time for our daily page views to be over 1600...
  • I seriously have no fucking idea what could be causing this.
  • okay, there's something up with TJ's post. I reverted it back to a draft for the time being. It's fixed now.
  • Can someone with more time transfer TJ's post onto a new post at some point today and see if that fixes it? I can't figure out why it's breaking the home page I just know that it is.
  • The 10-6 post now has 1,200 views and the 5-1 post is nearing 1,000. It's kind of blowing my mind how much more successful the list posts have been this year.
  • I suppose I'll try to do the transferring post thing
  • people like lists
  • yeah, that still didn't work. :-/
  • this is weird, I put all of TJ's material into a new page, published it, and it was doing the weird one post per page thing. I published an article I wrote last night, and everything looks just fine. I am baffled by this.
  • and when I publish the Les Miz article again, it only shows that one and my article on one page....this is just odd.
  • It's got something to do with the html in the article. Even though you can't see it, the entire article exists within the front page's code, so something in there is breaking the code for the post compression.
  • I tried pinpointing what the culprit is, but there's too much junk in there. Realistically, the best option would probably be to convert the article back to plain text and re-edit it within Blogger.
  • Yeah I think dumping it into notepad should fix the issues, but I think TJ should have the opportunity to reformat it however he wants so I didn't want to just do that.
  • I took out the long ass foot note about the Oscars. Was it too long?
  • It's probably in the actual HTML. I think if you put it in notepad and to take all the formatting away and reformat using bloggers tools that it would fix it.
  • TJ, you are really talented.
  • Thanks man! It means a lot. l I hope to keep it up over the next few months, but it's looking to slow down a bit. Fewer movies are coming out, and my workload at my paying job is increasing.

    But I'll do my best to keep up.
  • Sorry I haven't written anything in awhile, I've been sick all week and it sucks.
  • You're fired!
  • well shit, I had a good run.
  • Hey @Robby: could you please let me post my ZD30 review today before you post your Top 20-11. I want a sense of finalization before we unveil out favorite movies. 

    Also, @Danny: do you want to post yours after @Robby's top 10?  You can do a Top 10, plus honorable mentions (if you want those), like you said in the Movies thread. 
  • I still have a few movies to see, but I plan to see those this week. Do you mind if I post it towards the end of next week?
  • Not at all.
  • @TJ sure thing
  • lol @ 3 posts today.
  • guys we need a new playlist really bad, the one there now has been up there forever. I'm gonna look into making a spotify one I think but I need songs.
  • I'm currently just grabbing songs from all of your recently played on
  • lol for what it's worth I wrote that Heavy Friends entry 2 days ago
  • Sweet. Put on Ohm from YLT and Ghost from Neutral Milk Hotel for me, will ya?
  • all I give a shit about is if the metal is justly represented. Throw on "Dixie Whiskey" from Eyehategod for me, if you please
  • dammit guys, have any of you wrote a list all by yourself and get writer's block on blurbs? I only got 2 left for the first part of my list but I'm stuck dog....
  • I write 25 blurbs for the year-end list I write for my electronic music blog, so yes I definitely do get writer's block on lists sometimes.
  • It's on the blog as well, it looks way better than the old playlist but I did have to change the front page to display 6 posts instead of 7 so it looks okay.

    If anyone has any songs they want to add just let me know.
  • and post in the "What Are You Listening To Thread" more often, because that's honestly the easiest way for me to do this.
  • should we try to do the whole WRUB again? or is that just a dead horse not worth beating?
  • dead horse not worth beating, getting everyone to send me a sentence weekly was proving too difficult.
  • got the first part of my list done, putting it up tomorrow morning
  • I added a podcast button to the sidebar (because why didn't we have one?)

    it gives us the added bonus of getting back to 7 posts on the homepage.
  • great idea, maybe that'll get more people to know that it exists
  • im diggin this playlist
  • ok, can someone help me out with this? for some reason when I publish my post none of the pictures show up (for me anyway), but when I revert to draft and preview it the pictures show up just
  • Weird, I'll take a look.
  • Not showing for me either.
  • I don't know what happened, but somebody appears to have fixed it.
  • not for me it hasn't
  • if you upload them instead of just using imdb's hosting it should work... but I see them fine on the post.
  • I can't see them either, Robby.

    I always upload them myself. Try that, as Kyle says.

  • alright -_-
  • yep, that worked. thanks for the tip @kyle
  • I enjoyed it, Robby!
  • thanks alot man. The Master was one of the blurbs I had serious block on, I couldn't be able to write a long ass review on it like you could, lol
  • I'm going to struggle mightily in writing blurbs. I'm not as good when I have to limit myself. I'm too wordy.
  • This submission looks interesting.


    My name is Al Lover and I'm a producer from San Francisco, CA. I discovered your Your Personal Opinion Is Wrong blog a while back due to the magic of Google and really dig on y'all's site! I wanted to send this new remix I put together your way in hopes that you might help me spread the word about it to some like minded peoples.

    The remix is of Ty Segall and Charlie Moonheart's new group Fuzz, the song is "Fuzz's Fourth Dream" the b-side of their new single. Being around SF, I've known Ty for a while and have sampled his and Charlie's stuff in the past ( He's always super amped when I do and down to give me permission to use and remix his material. If you've ever met him, you know he's just an all around good guy. Much props to Ty.

    So, here's a link to a video edit I put together for the remix featuring some old b-movie cult ritual shenanigans. Also, a soundcloud link with the track and some other recent stuff I've done including an official mixtape for Austin Psych Fest 2013 that you might dig as well. There's a bio on my soundcloud page as well as some past press and in this day and age who tries to sell music? All this stuff is for free download……

    Youtube -

    Soundcloud -

    Again, the site is great and I hope you take little time to check out what I'm doing. I try and do everything DIY, so if you grew up on punk rock like me and can relate to that ethos, you know what I'm trying to do here. I feel very strongly about this music and building relationships with people in the underground music community and I'm trying to keep this shit as pure as possible. This is spiritual ritual for me, not just some hype.

    Thanks so much for your time and I hope you enjoy the tunes.

    Until next time,
    Al Lover"
  • Another reasonably interesting submission:

    "Hello folks at YPOIW,

    I figured I'd submit this little album I spent a few years working on to your blog. I was happy to see that you guys featured Clark's "Body Riddle" as an overlooked classic since that album doesn't get as much love as it should, and I figure my album might fit in quite well with your tastes considering Body Riddle was an extremely inspiring record for me as a teenager.

    You can stream the album here:

    I suppose if you're looking for a track or two to sample, Awwe and Baron's Thoughts pts. 1 & 2 are probably the heavy-hitters that I'd suggest.

    In terms of a press kit…I don't really have one. But I can tell that I'm twenty years old, originally from Connecticut, and now living in New York City. I really hope the album is capable of bringing you some moments of bliss.

    Attached is a picture of me and the beach at Sherwood Island.

    I'd love to hear what you guys think of the album!

    Have a good one,
    Mikey / A Decent Man"
  • Hmm, I'll check that out because the Body Riddle mention interests me.
  • now that my computer problems are out of the way, I finally had time to format and insert the pics for the second part of my list. Hopefully I'll have all my pieces ready by tomorrow
  • Sweetness
  • I'm sorry if this is keeping you from posting your list @TJ
  • I'm sorry I haven't gotten my list up, by the way. I've been having some trouble thinking of how I'm going to blurb each movie. I might just write very short tidbits on each one, like possibly even just one sentence.
  • I'm trying to get some more movies in, Robby. No worries. I want to wait until closer to the Oscars. I have 19 of my top 20 that I'm happy with, but I want another. I rented Frankenweenie, Searching for Sugarman, and Cosmopolis. We'll see if they make it.

    Also, I never saw Seven Psychopaths and End of Watch.
  • I'm going to try to review Spelunky despite not even coming close to beating it yet. Probably Sunday night because I want to see if I can at least unlock world 4.
  • I'm glad you guys are cool with waiting a little longer because I'd like a little more time to gather my thoughts and possibly catch up on a few more films I missed.
  • TJ I just read your Les Misérables review and my goodness do I love your film reviews.

    I think the concept of a musical set in that alternate universe in which literally everything is sung could actually be really interesting, and I laughed out loud multiple times at the section where you projected that idea onto some of the other Oscar nominees.
  • Thanks! When I left the movie, I was thinking about that more than it sucked. I didn't hate it, but I didn't think it was good. The movie is very forgettable, but the concept fascinated me.
  • finally got it up bros
  • that's what, wait for it

  • lol!

    Good post, Robby.
  • ohohohohoho
  • After Danny posts his list, I'll post my honorable mentions.
  • I'm working on my review of Spelunky. I've still spent about 10 minutes in world 4 but fuck it...
  • It's up and it's a pretty weird and long post. I appreciate any retweets ya'll give me tomorrow.
  • remember when i wrote that el-p blurb? good times. it would be cool if i could write for the site again. if you can add me, here's my blogspot thing:
  • not sure how much power I hold in the infrastructure of the site, but hey I approve
  • I think this 2 hour break in between classes on monday and wednesday will be a great excuse to get more blogging done
  • @Stephen we need your email to add you bro.
  • oh ok , it's
  • I have a fucking three-and-a-half hour long break between classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I'm going to try and make that a productive time on the days I'm not just sleeping through the 8:00 class that's causing that gap.
  • @Stephen Check your email, you should be good to go bro. Write about whatever you want whenever you want.
  • cool, thanks!