Tobacco – “Streaker” (NSFW)

WATCH: Tobacco – “Streaker”

Thanks to Eric Wareheim of “Tim and Eric” fame, the new Tobacco music video is one of the most twisted things I’ve seen in a long time. Disturbing masks, nudity, overwhelming edits, and freakish effects are among the many things that make this video a weird watch. All I can say is people are kinda weird.

Look out for Tobacco’s next album, Ultima II Massage, on May 13th.

Oh, did I mention this video is SUPER FREAKIN’ NSFW!!???! Unless you work at the massage parlor featured in this video, I guess…

tUnE-yArDs – “Water Fountain”

tUnE-yArDs drop an incredibly fun, creative, and colorful video for the track “Water Fountain,” which is one of many cuts that’ll be featured on the band’s next full-length, Nikki Nack. The album is dropping the first week of May via 4AD.

SPEAK – “Mazda Blue”

West Coast rapper SPEAK has always been a little hit-or-miss despite a confident flow and lyrics that could border on absolute nonsense. However, on his new track “Mazda Blues” he goes in with some of his his best verses yet.

The lyrics here are still mostly punchlines, but they all hit and leave an instant mark. SPEAK doesn’t really leave listeners wondering, “what exactly does that mean?” What makes this song even greater is the absolutely huge beat from producer MMAC coming in with a great sample and a kick heavy beat that’ll knock you off your chair; it also compliments SPEAK’s style extraordinarily well.

DaVinci & Sweet Valley – “I Got That Line”

Remember “Sweet Valley”? You know, the brotherly production duo consisting of Nathan and Kynan Williams. You probably already know Nathan from Wavves. Well, they’ve recently teamed up with Bay Area rapper DaVinci for a new project titled Ghetto Cuisine, which is currently downloadable via Fool’s Gold Records.

“I Got That Line” is the lead single off of the project, and I’m digging the color video and obvious Beastie Boys reference attached to this thing. While I’m more enamored with the instrumental than I am the MC, it’s still worth checking out. Enjoy!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “Family Party”

Another stunning set of visuals from Japanese pop phenom Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and her genius(es) who direct(s) her videos. With “Family Party,” Kyary progresses through a series of competitive challenges where she’s faced against a robot. Is this some kind of warning? Is this some kind of subliminal preparation for the impending human vs. robot wars that’ll most likely be starting in the next two decades?

Nah, I think it’s just a cute video, and an irresistibly sweet song, too. Enjoy!

White Hinterland – “Ring The Bell”

Be sure to check out this beautifully shot music video from White Hinterland for her song ”Ring the Bell.” The Baby highlight is set to imagery of her doing such things as traversing a snowy and icy landscape, dressing and making herself up completely in white in a pure white room furnished with only a mirror, and standing in front of a wall of skulls. Watch it above and enjoy!

Baby is out now via Dead Oceans. It’s pretty stellar:

Liars – “Mess on a Mission”

“Facts Are Fiction”

In the first music video in support of Mess, Liars reduce, deconstruct, and distort reality via a repetitious, cycled sequence of the trio, placed in the midst of an anarchic situation, slowly retreating backwards up a set of steps. With the end of each cycle comes some form of camera trickery, whether it be a different viewing angle, different computer-generated surroundings and props, or the blurring together of previously-seen elements in a sort of glitchy artifact soup. It’s a genius concept that perfectly matches the amped-up aesthetic of the album. It doesn’t do much good trying to explain it, though; so go on and press the play button right up there – and be prepared for the ensuing perceptual overload.

“What A Mess”

Mess is out now, and in case you haven’t heard, or forgot, it’s awesome:

Odonis Odonis – “Order In the Court”

The previously mentioned Odonis Odonis drops a new video that features some Terry Gilliam-esque animation from Lee Stringle. It’s a pretty overwhelming set of disturbing visuals that matches the music perfectly. The band itself delivers one of the noisiest songs I’ve heard them create yet, making me even more exciting for their next album dropping via Buzz Records on April 15th. The title: Hard Boiled Soft Boiled. Enjoy!

L’Orange – “The End” ft. Billy Woods

Billy Woods hops on some L’Orange production with this new track titled “The End.” The video is pretty eerie as well, featuring a series of bright-eyed shadows following Billy through a nocturnal concrete jungle. I love the way the instrumental here switches up tempo and groove no numerous occasions. L’Orange is definitely experimenting on this one.

The track actually comes from a record L’Orange is dropping next week. Pre-order is via iTunes here.