A Sunny Day in Glasgow – “In Love with Useless (The Timeless Geometry in the Tradition of Passing)”

Last week, ever-changing dream pop outfit A Sunny Day in Glasgow dropped its fourth full-length album Sea When Absent. While there is occasionally the questionable, chipmunk-y vocal effect and the instrumentation can at times sound claustrophobic, as if Panda Bear were recording something while kind of strung out; this is a pretty adventurous pop album, with some vibrant performances and winding song structures. Check out the new video for highlight “In Love with Useless (blah blah)” above and enjoy!

Sea When Absent is out now via Lefse Records.

Liars – “Pro Anti Anti”

The Liars guys have come forth with another conceptually brilliant video for their fantastic latest LP Mess, this time for face-melting highlight “Pro Anti Anti.” Check it out!

Mess is out now via Mute, and I repeat: it’s awesome!

Code Orange – “I Am King”

After changing its name earlier this month, Code Orange (formerly Code Orange Kids) announced it will be releasing its sophomore album in a couple of months. It’s called I Am King, and above you can watch the video of its savage title track. Backed by a caustic hardcore soundtrack, the visuals depict some poor guy getting the letters “TOTH” carved into his back. I don’t know what that’s all about, but it’s clear Code Orange  isn’t fucking around. This being the intro to the album, it is looking as though I Am King will be every bit as heavy and ferocious as its predecessor, if not more. Glad to see Converge’s Kurt Ballou reprising his role as producer.

I Am King is due out September 2 via Deathwish. Here’s our take on the band’s last one.

Matteah Baim – “Dude” (music video premiere)

Matteah Baim- Dude from Dream Drive on Vimeo.

New York-based folk singer-songwriter Matteah Baim is releasing her third full-length record, Falling Theater, this week, and with it comes this video for one of its songs, “Dude.” A series of screen-tests of various dudes – both men and women – inspired by the classic Andy Warhol series, the video has a minimalistic, rhythmic vibe to it. It’s interesting watching the different kinds of people that the video’s creators (Matthew Nelson-Love, Jack Schurman, and Baim herself) were able to squeeze into the single day of shooting. Everyone gives the camera a slightly different expression: whether it’s a tiny smirk, a dead-serious stare, or a rather blank gaze. Baim pops up toward the end as the only person who removes a piece of clothing, and that feels appropriate: this album of hers is her clearest yet, with rich production values and Baim’s voice really rising out of the occasional murk of her previous LPs. As reflected in the first line of the song, “He is a kind-hearted person,” the video is simple but full of a subtle joy.

Falling Theater is out this week via Dream Drive/Kobalt.

clipping. – “Body & Blood” [NSFW]

I don’t think y’all have to hear any more about our love of clipping.’s debut album CLPPNG. But it’s worth mentioning that we’re digging the trio’s visual direction about as much as the music. The video for lead single “Work Work” was brilliantly blunt, depicting a curb stomp in progress. And now with the video for “Body & Blood,” I’m inclined to let the images speak for themselves. clipping. and director Patrick Kennelly capture some striking aspects of the human form - the men and women here, with their impressive physiques, are framed as though they’re titans right out of Greek mythology…who’ve found themselves placed in a body horror flick. Given the lyrical (and I suppose sonic) content of the track, you’ve probably already assumed this video is NSFW. You’re correct: there’s male and female nudity and suggested torture.

CLPPNG officially dropped yesterday via Sub Pop.

Jack White – “Lazaretto”

We’d been skeptical of Jack White’s solo career since the bit-too-familiar Blunderbuss back in 2012. But he really had us reconsider his solo potential with “Lazaretto,” the lead single and title track of his new album – a flashy track laden with organ, horns, some glitchy synths, and it even had a freaking fiddle solo! He reached a new level of ambition with this track, but still reveled in a bit of (I’d call deserved) self-celebration.

And now we have a video fittingly as flashy and self-celebratory to the max. Every bad-ass thing White could think of is here: shattering glass, guitar-playing shadows, audacious floral-print suits, sports cars, bucking bulls, and Jack White chest pieces. Wait, what the fuck? OK, you might argue he went too far there, but hey; it’s still a killer song and a fun enough set of visuals. Enjoy!

Lazaretto‘s out tomorrow via White’s Third Man Records. Try getting your hands on one of these crazy-ass “ULTRA LP“s!


YC The Cynic – “Night Thoughts” (prod. Yuri Beats)

Beloved New York lyricist YC the Cynic drops a new single and music video under the title “Night Thoughts.” It’s an eerie instrumental with lyrics set to the theme of a relationship that I don’t think is going too well.

Check out YC’s last album, and cross your fingers for a new project very soon.

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – “Deeper”

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib drop some visuals for “Deeper,” which was one of the lead singles off their new full-length together, Piñata. The video basically goes through the storyline Gibbs is rapping about in the song itself–except it doesn’t really look like that guy’s trying to be an astronaut. Enjoy!

Wye Oak – “Running Up That Hill”

Watch: Wye Oak – “Running Up That Hill”

Baltimore duo Wye Oak just released their fourth album, the subdued Shriek, which dropped all the guitar and swapped it for bass, accompanied by the usual (but toned down) drums and keys. Now, the duo have done a live cover for The AV Club of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”. It’s been covered many times, but the pair make it a slow and slinky little jam, with just enough sensuality to sell it. Front woman Jenn Wasner bursts into a short, distorted bass bridge and sings it with that little twinge of soulfulness she’s always had lingering in the back of her throat, while Andy Stack keeps pace and lays out the chilly synths nicely. It may not quite reach the heights of Bush’s seminal single, but it works well as a companion to their recent shift in sound.

Shriek is out now via Merge.

Xenia Rubinos – “Let’s Go Out” (video)

Xenia Rubinos’ sleeper/stunner debut album, Magic Trix, came out last year, but she’s still churning out videos for it, including this new (and supposedly final) one for “Let’s Go Out.” On the album, the track works as a sort of deflated reprise of the great single “Hair Receding”, but taken alone, the song takes on a sadder, eerier, more eccentric tone. Accompanied only by a plinking synth and a slow, defeated-sounding drum, Rubinos delivers perhaps her most understated vocal take on the record. As such, it only makes sense that the video is similarly slow, minimal, and bracing. Featuring a single man half-dancing amidst bushes and grass, the clip is shot in stark, beautifully lit black and white. A couple closeups of a spider preparing his dinner are particularly stellar (if a little queasy). “Let’s Go Out” may be a weird song choice for a video – leaving people like me to wonder why she didn’t finally give a proper video to “Cherry Tree”, one of the best songs of last year – but the end result is sort of awesome.

Magic Trix is out now.