Parkay Quarts – “Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth”

New York’s Parquet Courts–or Parkay Quarts as it is stylized here–have a somewhat spotty past with me. While I really dug 2012′s Light Up Gold, I felt left out in the cold on their last record, Sunbathing Animal. But because I’m a fan of Andrew Savage, the band’s deep-voiced frontman, I’m still interested in seeing if the Parkay can top its previous material.

With “Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth,” they’re off to a good start. It’s a long, dreary slow-burner, which there were a few of on Sunbathing Animal, but Savage has obviously upped his lyrical game here. He indulges in some Dylan-esque poetic abstractions while delivering them in a Lou Reed-style apathy. It actually keeps the track engaging as the band performs a simple, downtrodden instrumental that fuses lo-fi indie rock with alt-country.

Look for Parkay Quarts next album, Content Nausea, to be released via What’s Your Rupture? on November 11th.

Stream the Clockwork Indigo EP (Flatbush Zombies / The Underachievers)

2014 is ending off with a bang, I tell ya! In an effort to promote their current tour together, previously praised New York underground hip hop titans Flatbush Zombies and the Underachievers have dropped a collaborative EP under the name Clockwork Indigo. It’s got five tracks, which I encourage you to stream via the embed above.

BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – “Gunshowers” ft. Elzhi

Wow! That’s all I can say: Wow! We have a modern favorite teaming up with an old favorite here. Not just on this track–or that previously released track that was good as well–but there’s gonna be an album on the way via Lex Records, too.

Yes, young jazz fusion trio BADBADNOTGOOD is backing up the one and only Ghostface Killah for an entire album. The title of this thing: Sour Soul. It’s gonna be dropping in February, which can’t come soon enough.

Not only am I looking forward to this thing because of the potential of this collaboration, but we could potentially be looking at another 12 Reasons To Die-quality project here. If you remember, what ended up making that album so special was its vintage, funky instrumentals provided by Adrian Younge‘s band. While BBNG has a very different style than Younge, they’re just as capable when it comes to great grooves and a general understanding of what makes for a great hip hop instrumental. That most definitely shows on this beat’s eerie, wailing guitars, stuttering groove, and steady bassline.

As far as Ghost and Elzhi go, they’re really taking it back to the 90s with some grimy, violent, braggadocios verses. Nothing altogether new, but they deliver enough to make this project worth anticipating.

Holly Herndon – “Home”

With just a few brief albums and a handful of singles under her belt thus far, Holly Herndon is quickly becoming one of the most interesting electronic music producers to watch in 2015.

If I’m correct, she’s slated to drop a new full-length toward the start of next year via RVNG Intl., and her most recent single here shows her incorporating lyrics into her usual mix of glitchy rhythms and strange vocal manipulations.

Not only is the chord progression on this thing pretty epic, but the massive bass and dense cacophony of rhythms is pretty overwhelming much of the time–of course, the visuals in the video attached to this song mirror this.

Rather than delivering yet another sparse, abstract experiment on par with “Chorus” or any number of tracks off Movement, Holly take a maximal approach with fantastic results.

Moon Hooch – Self-Titled

Brooklyn jazz fusion trio Moon Hooch just dropped an album via Bandcamp this past summer that slipped by me a bit. While the jams aren’t as free-flowing or improvised as I’d like, Moon Hooch hits some great grooves across the many tracks here–not to mention these guys are pretty dynamic for just a drummer and two horn players. Enjoy!

Big K.R.I.T. – “Cadillactica” (Prod. DJ Dahi)

Previously loved Mississippi hip hop hero Big K.R.I.T. drops a new single from his forthcoming album of the same title: Cadillactica. A lot like previous aims at commercial appeal, K.R.I.T.’s hook on this track is a fast, repetitive earworm. The instrumental from DJ Dahi contrasts that with some incredibly smooth synths and basslines.

While at first I was worried to hear K.R.I.T. was gonna be welcoming other producers into the fold on this upcoming project, I think the results thus far has been pretty positive. With producing no longer being a primary focus for K.R.I.T., he’s seemed to upped the intensity of his flow on this new single, delivering one speedy bar after another. Maybe he’ll have more surprises to offer on the deep cuts.

Look for Cadillactica in November.

Big Ups – “Rash”

Previously loved New York noise rock newbies Big Ups have a new split 7″ on the way via Exploding In Sound, and “Rash” is one of several tracks on it. Give a listen via the embed above, and try not to bob your head too violently.

Ape Drums – “Overload” ft. Gappy Ranks

Mad Decent and Jeffree’s are teaming up once again this month for a compilation titled What Is A Jeffree?. They’re planning on dropping every track from this 12-song comp until its eventual release on October 30th. “Overload” is the second track to drop from this thing, and features from massive dancehall rhythms spliced with vocal samples that sound like they’re lifted straight from a Bollywood musical or something. Kudos to Ape Drums on the gargantuan production on this one, and Gappy Ranks on the great vocal feature, too.

Screaming Females – “Wishing Well”

New Jersey indie rockers Screaming Females have a new “EP”–it’s kind of a single, really–out via Don Giovanni Recs titled “Wishing Well.” Rather than delivering their usual deluge of shrill screams and wild guitar licks, the band is toning things down to deliver a pretty sweet tune. You could probably show your grandmamma this one, and then you could ease her into “Boyfriend.”

I’m loving some of the lyrics frontwoman Marissa Paternoster is bringing to the track, too. With the line about all of her “change going to hell,” this ranks as one of her most clever choruses yet. While I haven’t loved much of what the Scremales have been doing lately, this track is bringing them back on my good side.

Paula Temple – “DEATHVOX”

This Paula Temple track is about to make me lose it! Seriously!

This electronic music producer currently hails from Berlin, and the track embedded above is the first cut off her new EP on R&S Records. It’s a primal presentation of techno and industrial rhythms. These beats are encased in some distorted, shrill synth leads and monolithic vocal manipulations. It sounds too primeval to be new, but too synthetic to come from the stone age. A sonic anachronism!

I can vibe with any producer who can successfully conjure some raw, visceral rhythms, and Paula is showing a real knack for that already! Try out the b-side of the EP right here.