Sielunvihollinen – “Viimeinen Valonlähde”

A rough but well-written black metal demo track from Sielunvihollinen, which was dropped off to me by the dude who fronts the project Dødkvlt. Look for a straightforward chord progression, mid-paced beat, and a blaring lead guitar melody on this one.

Dødkvlt- “Children of a Failed God”

On “Children of a Failed God,” Dødkvlt proves a one-man project can rock as hard as a four-piece band. This track thrashes hard and gets the album it’s on, II, starting with both guns a-blazing.

Though the sound and mix of this album leaves me wanting more. I see a lot of improvements coming in this project–especially since the new split to come out of this project shows some improvements already.

What do you think of this track? Love it? Hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh? What’s your favorite black metal album of this year?

Review: Dødkvlt- “Children of a Failed God”

Stream: Dødkvlt- “Children of a Failed God”

Stream: Tracks from the split

Two Tracks From Dødkvlt

“Of Deep and Dark Waters”

“Children of a Failed God”

After a couple different posts about this guy, we’re proud to bring you two new tracks from Finland’s Dødkvlt. The guy has a new album out, which is titled II, and it’s some of the most brutally straightforward black metal I’ve heard in a while.

I find the atmospheric direction the genre is taking–especially in America–pretty interesting, but want the stuff to rock like it did back in the day with bands like Mayhem and Gorgoroth.

That’s exactly what Dødkvlt does on “Children of a Failed God” and “Of Deep and Dark Waters.” Both tracks hit with some pretty thrashy and heavy riffs. The drumming is pretty intense on the later of the two songs, too–and keep in mind this project is just one guy.

But what I find even more appealing about these tracks, and Dødkvlt in general, is the guy’s strong use of melody throughout his songs. Even at his loudest, he doesn’t lose sight of a song’s lead or chord progression. I mean, just listened to the tremelo’d guitars at 2:12 on “Of Deep and Dark Waters.” Pretty sinister stuff.

Pick the album up here, and scope the cover art below:

Premiere: Stream Dødkvlt’s New Split

In the middle of January, I wrote about  an up-and-coming black metal project from Finland, Dødkvlt. Last year, Lord Theynian–the band’s lone member–released a full-length debut with I. The sequentially titled II should be coming out later this year, but in the meantime, Dødkvlt is putting out a new split with Goats of Doom titled Deathcult ov Doomgoat via Ewiges Eis Records in the next couple of months. The details seem a little cloudy at this point release date-wise.

What isn’t foggy is the amount of progression Dødkvlt has undergone since the release of I. Theynian has actually told me the music on this split was recorded after the creation of II. The guitar and drum production are pretty impressive for a one-man project, and the song structures are undeniably ambitious. The longest of the three songs on Dødkvlt’s side of the split reaches thirteen minutes, and nearly every track is peppered with melodic guitar solos, keyboards, and lyrics praising the dark lord himself.

According to Theynian, the entire split follows a similar storyline, despite the fact two different artists are producing the music. It could almost be called a concept album. Here he is on the story the music he penned tells:

“The story begins with a prophecy of Satan’s (note: referring to him in the lyrics also as “God”) arrival to our world. ‘Hear this prophecy: We must sow the doom’s seed, deep within this soil, deem yourself eternally loyal.’ His followers eagerly await for his coming.”

Dig on all three Dødkvlt tracks below in this premiere:

Dødkvlt- Prophecy

Dødkvlt- Dusk

Dødkvlt- Doom Sower


New Black Metal Project: Dødkvlt ‡ STREAM

Over the past week, I’ve been exchanging e-mails with Lord Theynian, the creative mind behind the Finnish black metal project, Dødkvlt. In April of last year, Theynian dropped his full-length debut, I, on Ewiges Eis Records, and he’s already gearing up to drop II this year.

To me, the project sounds like some pretty straightforward black metal, but Theynian says he’s had some misinterpretation issues:

“My lyrical themes are mainly of Satan and his various incarnations and forms. Death is also a common theme, but definitely not suicide/self-destructiveness, atleast not of my own, cause I see self-destructiveness and weakness as an opposite force to the strength that is Satan. I have been mislabeled as DSBM far too many times due to lyrical misintrepations and the melancholic nature of some of my compositions.”

The drums are thrashy and the guitars are pumping out good riffs. There’s a lot of great keyboard work in the mix; plus, there’s a lot of be said for Theynian’s recording chops. Dig on a track from I below. The title roughly translates into “In the Swirl of Burning Shafts of Purgatory,” I think.

Be on the look out for II this spring. Also, check out this Dødkvlt interview at Don’t Count On It.

Stream: Dødkvlt- Inn I Virvelen Av Brennende Sjaktene Av Skjærsilden