The National – Trouble Will Find Me

The National comes through with yet another syrupy, impenetrable ode to life’s most blasé moments. WATCH THE REVIEW

The National comes through with yet another syrupy, impenetrable ode to life’s most blasé moments.


  • Gus Chiggens

    Nope. This review was terrible. You didn’t talk about the music in detail at all, but you did use a lot of bland generalizations in a vain attempt to make your points. It’s fine that you don’t like The National, but please don’t half ass a review on one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Losing a lot of respect for you.

  • Todd

    agree that this isn’t one of Anthony’s better reviews, and I’d say The National are not only truly unique, but also a complete force when it comes to delivering their sound and mood. They are what they are in a way that few bands are. But Anthony is entitled to his opinion, and he doesn’t have to like The National if he doesn’t want to. If he did like them, he would like them. Clearly he doesn’t, and there are only so many hours in a day for Anthony to invest in albums he’s not that interested in. As he always
    reminds us – it is just his opinion, right? And if you don’t like it – here’s a

    We also have to feel a bit sorry for Anthony, who obviously is limited in his opportunities to listen to music for “sheer pleasure.” He probably rarely listens to the same album twice or thrice, and even if he drives to 7-11 to grab a slurpee, he is probably listening to three quarters of “Demons” while taking mental notes – simultaneously deciding if he wants Blueberry or Coke… or both together. Anthony probably doesn’t have time to listen to music just to listen to music. He has no time for “growers.” A rolling stone gathers no moss! How would you feel if you had to post at least two videos a week, while researching and editing and coming up with more ways to walk towards a tree and/or invent a one-liner for Cal. Also, Anthony has to be careful not to mirror what Pitchfork says, so it is natural that he’ll pick “one of the most anticipated albums of the year” to poop on once in a while. At least Needledrop poop makes sense when it is poop. Pitchfork poop is way too existential. It takes them three paragraphs to tell you they think it’s poop.

    Anthony is awesome, and so is the Needledrop. As for The National, I loved the last one, but have yet to listen to the newest. For all I know, Anthony could be very right. I agreed with him totally about Phoenix’s new one. And I love how he pooped on Bon Iver’s grossly overrated album two years ago.

    Anyways, if I feel Anthony is wrong about The National, I’m going to suck a straw. I find it hard to believe that The National deserve anything less than a 6 even on a bad day – unless of course they tried to shoot rainbows out their asses.

  • Matt

    YES. I love The National, but ever since Boxer, they’ve been laying on the instrumentation too thick.

  • Samuel Langhorne Clemens

    I guess I’m commenting on this pretty late… what can be done. I’ve been indifferent to the national (though, only really familiar with a few tracks), so I heard good things about the album, but was kind of disinterested in hearing it for… 9 months, apparently. Anyway, i ended up loving the album and I’m starting to give their other albums another shot. I understand your complaints, but the funny thing is the “unjustifiable listlessness” is what attracts me. There are some pretty interesting lyrical undercurrents and on the better tracks, there is a overbearing dreariness that mixes with easily listenable, but pervasively sad, music to create a feeling that, I think, is only comparable to Cohen and nick drake. But, at the same time, it’s an album very much of its time. for me, the listlessness and dry, gray and sterile seriousness that surrounds the album is inductive of this age, while the band still allows for subtle, but powerful, moments in which great self-destructive resistance, resigned bitterness, and true longing and regret is expressed.
    My only problem was their were a few tracks I thought were too weak to pull off what they were going for. But, the albums still fresh for me, so I might change my mind.