Iceage – “Coalition” (LOVED)

I TOLD Y’ALL I WAS EXCITED FOR THIS! I TOLD Y’ALL! Well, Danish post-punk outfit Iceage has finally dropped a track from its forthcoming album, You’re Nothing. That’s right, You’re Nothing! Ouch, my feelings! This album will be out on February 19th via Matador Records, and my first impression of the track streaming above is that it’s stellar!

Iceage has toned the noise down a bit, and the reverb, too. They’re sounding a bit rawer, cleaner, and more intelligible. Considering how fast, loose, chaotic, and messy the band’s last album was, I’m surprised this song came together so cleanly–well, relatively.

While “Coalition” does show a more composed side of the band, Iceage is still flexing a lot of muscle between their gruff vocals and distorted guitars. Oh, let’s not forget those drums! Just a great new track from one of punk’s brightest new faces.

  • noiseseseses

    “…sharp synths”

    There are no synths, those are guitars.

  • The Dane

    while we are talking about danish post-punk there is always this other band which soon are coming out with a mixtape
    here is a little taste