Stream or Download Death Grips’ NO LOVE DEEP WEB

Sacramento’s experimental hip hop heroes Death Grips finally release the second album they promised this year, NO LOVE DEEP WEB; however, it doesn’t seem to be according to the original plan, which was to have their new record label, Epic, put out the album sometime in the fall of 2012. According to the band’s Twitter account, Epic wouldn’t confirm a 2012 release date for NLDW, pushing the album’s release well into 2013. Death grips seems to have stepped around this by leaking the album themselves on SoundCloud, YouTube, their own website, and numerous filesharing platforms such as Mediafire.

And the NSFW cover? You can figure that out for yourself…

As great as it is to hear the album, question do come up. Is the label really not OK with this? If record sales and bottom lines are Epic’s focus, then it would in their best interest to put a stop to all of this, right? Being the major label that they are, I’d think they’d have the power to flip the switch on this if they liked. Was Death Grips able to retain the right to disseminate their music as they please in their contract? Will this effect any official release plans for NLDW? We’ll see, won’t we?

  • John

    Are you going to do a video discussing the repercussions and effects surrounding this? I would be interested to hear your take!

  • U. BandName

    can we really believe their twitter/facebook, “behind the backs of the label” narrative for this release?

  • AtlasAtLast

    I don’t know if I buy it. I can’t think of any reason Epic would have to delay this album. It’s not going to be a huge money maker, why does it matter? Unless it was in regards to the album art. If Death Grips were unflinching in their decision to make a penis their cover art, I just… I don’t know how I feel about that.

  • AtlasAtLast

    I must say, I’m pretty disappointed with the album so far. Anthony got it right with his Money Store review. Death Grips was never as inaccessible to me as it seemed to be to others – once you find those massively addicting hooks. The problem here is largely a lack of interesting hooks. They’ve taken the minimalism that worked so well on songs like Takyon (which is basically a single bass note), and overdone it. It’s also not nearly as varied as Ex Military or The Money Store. When you got sick of the complete abrasion from Guillotine, you went and listened to Thru The Walls. When you got sick of the swelling bass heavy minimalism of Lost Boys, you listened to I’ve Seen Footage. I don’t see many opportunities to escape the sound that they’ve crafted here. At best it’s more consistent, at worst its more monotonous.

    I’m gonna keep listening.

  • Josh

    Apparently the label shut their website down…. so who knows?

  • Avery Granum

    I’m still digesting this thing. We’ll see how this all plays over. WHA WHA WHA WHA WHAMMY.

  • Gordon

    I didn’t think the album was all that at first, but as I sit here listening to it front to back for the third time…. I have to re-evaluate my opinion and say it’s pretty much amazing. Very desolate, frustrated, and endearing music. The fact that they released it illegally (?) makes it even more awesome.

  • chris

    yeah for me at first listen i thought the album was okay…but the whe i woke up this morning and listened to the whole thing again i thought it was amazing!! really dark and heavy….i loved it…..but now i ask myself…..No Love Deep Web or The Money Store?? hmm

  • alex

    this album is crazy !

  • Jonathan Kallstrom

    Well after The Money Store it seems pretty obvious that Death Grips can write an amazing hook, so I believe that they steered away from hooks this time around by choice due to the darker lyrical content and overall feeling of the album. But that’s just what i think. As for the album, I’m still gonna need some to time to decide as well. At this moment it kind of sounds like a hip hop version of Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral.

  • Clay

    Just to play devil’s advocate here, if Epic hasn’t heard the record yet, they also don’t have the master for the record, and it would be very difficult to get anything but a digital only release out by the end of 2012.

  • Pete

    Pretty sure this was all planned. Look at the publicity these guys are getting. As far as the Money Store, although it was a really good album Death Grips still weren’t getting the recognition they deserved. The dick for an album cover, the ‘fuck you’ to the labels, it’s all stuff that will get them a shit load of hype which is what they need, and more importantly what the label wants to get sales. Although record sales are important its definitely the hype around things that get heads turning. This is a major label we are talking about, they would have shit bricks if this was a genuine leak.

  • movie_music_fiend90

    This is honestly my favorite album from death grips so far for many reasons. First, more cohesive. Secondly, every track is just relentlessly aggressive and visceral. The whole album reminds me of the track Lost Boys from TMS which was my favorite track on that album.

  • juggs

    great album, sounds much more like exmilitary, which i felt was much better than money store

  • Jordo

    Where can I find this to download? It is not on their website or on itunes, bandcamp, anything like that.