The xx- Coexist

On their sophomore effort, London dream pop outfit the xx drum up more of the skeletal, emotive style their first album delivered. WATCH THE REVIEW

On their sophomore effort, London dream pop outfit the xx drum up more of the skeletal, emotive style their first album delivered.


  • tsuppy

    Agree, I pretty much mostly listen to lightish catchy pop, but the xx suck wang. stale and vapid.

  • Aleluia Gateway

    Hi Fantannnno. Why are you feeling so bored with sounds ? Why are you suffering with entertainement material ? Please don’t be sad, the world will not end in 2012. Or try to lear some cooking, probably this will make you happy. Regarding Coexist , I feel like a stong 10 to a light 11, and I am feeling good to say that there is someting that deserve maximum rate, without any guilt. Good end of of world for you, please enjoy the last sad days of Earth existence. Best regards,

  • intheriot

    Finally a review i agree with regarding the XX.
    Neither album has done anything for me and less so this one. The moods and sounds are nice enough but dare i say that the i find the contents of the songs boring. This album i feel just merges all into the one long boring but at times pleasant sounding song.
    I am surprised to see that it is receiving such critical acclaim as despite my disregard for the first album, i do feel it is easily better than coexist. I think many people are jumping on the xx bandwagon and that looks like it will continue.

  • Thor Seely

    Totally agree. I couldn’t get into it no matter how hard I tried. First album is really good though.

  • Jack Hammer

    Indy pop is perhaps the weakest musical genre of the 21st century. I get so bored with your time spent on it. And by the way, The XX couldn’t be more forgettable… a strong minus 2.

  • Hey Light

    Indie pop is the weakest musical genre? Then what’s the strongest…

  • Jack Hammer

    I made a spelling error. My bad. Excluding the pop music one may hear on FM radio, I would say almost any other musical genre has more balls than Indie pop. The problem stems from its creators. The women have a built in excuse. The men on the other hand are a bunch of new age softee’s who are over emotional and not connected at all to their masculine side in the least. A legion of eunuch men weakly strumming their vintage Fender guitars. An example of new music with balls – Converge has a new album due to released on October 9th – “All We Love We Leave Behind”. I’ve already asked Anthony to review it. Check it out.

  • Sonny Crooks

    Converge? Aren’t the “balls” kind of built into the tropes of the genre Converge subscribe to? How is hardcore being “ballsy” as a rule any different than indie pop being “not masculine” as a rule as well. It’s just as predictable, but each serves their purpose.

  • Jack Hammer

    Well said Sonny. I see your point. The original word I used for “balls” was “rock”. Most music that I hear, specifically the Indie pop that is reviewed here, doesn’t provoke a god damn thing for me. We could go on ad nauseum because my feelings around music/rock/balls is admittedly objective.. Nonetheless, I like your thoughts on this.