King Krule- “Rock Bottom” (Loved)

King Krule! Unfamiliar with this kid? Watch this. There ya go!

Anyway, this track is the a-side to the new single he’s got coming out on Rinse. I’m sure it’ll lead to an album, but I still can get my fingers uncrossed. A little help?

Once again, with this track, King Krule brings some shimmering, distant guitar and a voice that brings more passionate charisma than it does pitch, which is fine by me. Enjoy!

  • Daniel Kokott

    Really neat song. Crossing my fingers for an album too.

    In the outro, I’m hearing the outro of Empty Cans by The Streets. A little greeting to Mike Skinner, perhaps. Nice touch.

  • Natalie Vega

    this isn’t really a new track. he released this under his original stage name “zoo kid”. this is a re-mastered version under his new name.