XXYYXX- Mystify

Floridian producer XXYYXX just dropped his self-titled mixtape a couple of weeks ago, but the beat maker is already at it again with a new EP. Titled Mystify, the release features six lucid, off-kilter beats that would sound right at home among the Brainfeeder crew, as well as the atmospheric glitch hop of artists like Shlohmo and Teebs. Stream the EP above, and if you like what you’re hearing, throw XXYYXX a dollar to download it in its entirety.

  • Jbtwt1

    this shit is wack B

  • jessica r

    thats your opinion, your very invalid opinion cunt.

  • Andrew Lamaar

    That’s why it’s been all over and on TND right? Yoooooouuuu wack ahahaha

  • Repititioband

    Shits tight!!! Been prod. 4 eight years and I’m impressed. He’s only 16 too!