Death Grips- The Money Store

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I got got got got got.


  • Hunter

    Never seen a 10 given to a newly-released album before by you. Anyhow, The Money Store was actually an improvement on Death Grips’ sound. “Blackjack” is a song that’s stuck with me since I heard it before the release and I could already tell this album will be a favorite. I do like “Lost Boys” but it’s not a song I’ll listen to on my iPod. My least favorite song has to be either “Hustle Bones”; the chorus/hook just ruins the song for me although I loved the verses. But overall, this album will be a top favorite and a highlight of 2012 for me and for you, definitely.

  • Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Woah 10 damn. I gotta say I love this album too but a 10 I’m feeling about a 9 on this thing. I agree with you this album sort of carves out its own path and I respect and love the hell out of that. I think this is a huge step up from ex-millitary everything from the descriptiveness of the lyrics to the high octane no holds barred energy to the much more laboured over and lush production. The hooks on this are strong as hell too much better than on ex-millitary in my opinion. However I must say the lack of cohesion is well kind of glaring for me, this album chugs along at such a feverish pace and I get lost in it but then tracks that feel way too far out of left field and all over the map production wise catch me off guard and ruin the flow of the album. Despite some cohesion problems this thing is still really awesome and definitely in my top 10 for the year if not top 5. Also how about taking a look at Daughn Gibsons album All Hell.

  • mv

    I’m three tracks in right now, so I can’t really say… but I’m actually missing some of the nasty-ass deterioration of ex-military here, the artistic abandonment of it. This is clearly great music but now with an accessibility that forces it to lose some of its former unpredictability that I found so impressive before. Get me?

  • Max Kovalchuk

    Really digging this new album from Death Grips. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet you’re missing out!

  • Heather

    This album is getting great reviews all over the place! It really is fantastic. You won’t be disappointed if you get it

  • jose

    I just watched the review for this album on Dead End Hip Hop: Complete opposite opinions, by the majority of those boys. Except one of em’ loved it, cant remember his name :) I’m really into Exmilitary & can’t wait to listen more to The Money Store.

  • Taylor Barratt

    Knew you’d love this and it’s funny to have you (or anyone, including myself) to talk about Death Grips (this or Exmilitary) as horrifying but then turn around and call it amazing. My only problem with Death Grips right now is anything else I listen to isn’t challenging me. I have to go to BBNG, basically all the way out in left field sonically to “reset”. I still have a hard time with anyone categorizing this as hip-hop, or even categorizing it at all. But you’re right, they’re not changing the game of hip-hop… they’re changing the game of music. Your idea of them coming from a graphic novel would be amazing to see. Considering their obvious interest in art… could this be the soundtrack for a 21st century Heavy Metal?

  • Matthew Briggs

    I agree this is a great album. The sounds are creative, unique and hard core; ahead of the curve, futuristic. I’m not really able to understand a lot of the lyrics yet but the vocal delivery is extremely intense. Although there are some obvious hip hop elements to this music, there’s much more to it. Death Grips has some serious electronic-music chops. This doesn’t sound like anything else. Skills.