With improved production, more original material, more instrumentation, and some intense performances, the new BADBADNOTGOOD album improves on the blueprint of the previous LP in every way. WATCH THE REVIEW

With improved production, more original material, more instrumentation, and some intense performances, the new BADBADNOTGOOD album improves on the blueprint of the previous LP in every way.


  • Filthharmonic

    You hit the nail right on the head with this review. This album is a huge step forward in the field of “jazz”. Being a jazz musician myself, I also agree with you on what you said about the “sacred cows” of jazz. There hasn’t been progression in the genre in decades, and these guys are defiantly pushing it forward. You don’t see the same kind of idol worshiping in other forms of music like you do in jazz, with the exception of classical music. Bebop is dead and BBNG, among other bands, are paving the way for the progression of jazz.

  • Joshdurham

    Review new Dirty Three!

  • Joshdurham

    review new Dirty three!

  • Josh

    Toward the low sun baby!

  • boom

    I like BADBADNOTGOOD, but this claim that i see frequently that there hasn’t been any progression in the genre in decades is ludicrous. There have been plenty of developments, but they just don’t ever reach hipsterdom so most people don’t know. Perhaps look towards britain and you might get there. Although i can see why to just a casual jazz fan it might seem like jazz hasn’t changed since perhaps miles davis fusion era. And yes it is also true that there are a certain percentage of jazz musicians still just interested in replicating charlie parker licks amongst nothing else, but that definitely can’t be extrapolated into saying that all jazz has been like this in the last few decades. Nonetheless BBNG is a good thing for jazz.

  • Scott

    Sorry, but I’m calling bullshit. “There hasn’t been progression in the genre in decades” What does that mean, exactly? If you actually listen to jazz that should just sound idiotic.
    How is BBNG pushing anything forward? Refreshing jazz by infusing rhythms and repertoire of modern popular music hasn’t been new or controversial in about forty years.
    McCoy Tyner playing the Beatles. Miles Davis playing Micheal Jackson. The Bad Plus playing Nirvana. Brad Mehldau playing Radiohead.
    Musicians like Roy Hargrove, Christian McBride, Kenny Garrett, Chris Dave, and Robert Glasper have all done the hip-hop jazz fusion thing, and they all know the jazz tradition too.
    We should appreciate BBNG for what it really is–some Canadian students doing the same thing a hell of a lot of jazz musicians are doing right now who happened to be on Twitter at the right time.
    I love BBNG’s presentation, approach, and the audience they’re grabbing…I just wish they were a little better at making music.

  • boom

    Also just to add. It also annoys me when i hear people say in a negative light that jazz musicians worship the “sacred cows of jazz”. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with this. Most current pop/rock/indie bands are quite likely to look up to perhaps The Beatles as a big inspiration, but you never hear people complaining and that. Nowadays, just “worshiping” jazz classics alone with nothing else is unlikely to push any new interesting developments in jazz, but an integral part of what forms the basis of whether a group is labelled jazz or not, is if they are musically trained in the jazz tradition. I.e. learning certain jazz vocabulary, language and theory, which was formed by the jazz greats back in the day. If this is taken out, they would simply cease being a jazz band. Hence, new and interesting jazz is not going to be formed by a complete absence or rejection of the old way of things, but by using it as a compositional basis as to how they create their new material, while also taking in new and interesting influences. So please avoid this negative train of thought.
    There is MUCH potential for jazz over the next few years and into the future, and BBNG definitely help with that.
    A reply by Anthony on this discussion would be nice here :)

  • Censordyey47

    im listening to their earl cover right now, the synths are sexy and the sax

  • Lebigmac

    you watch too much Tim and Eric.

  • Manufan32156

    I FUCKING LOVE THIS ALBUM. made my week.

  • Manufan32156

    review is all right too i guess.