Airhead- “Wait” (Loved)

As the act of sampling music becomes more widely accepted, the artform is doing bigger and better things. From the straightforward and visceral mashups of Girl Talk to the mind-bending sound collages Oneohtrix Point Never laced into his latest album Replica.

However, this new Airhead track shoots straight for the heart. I wouldn’t say it’s the first time for a track of this style to do so, though. Mashup artist Kids & Explosions had some tender spots on his debut album, but this “Wait” track is the closest sampled based music has come to a legitimate ballad.

The vocal sample is rendered mostly to vowels and moans, staining the language out of the original song without losing the emotion. The beat is slow and heaving, leaving plenty of room for the acoustic guitar, piano, and post-rock guitar swells placed in the background.

It’s true warmth displayed through collage.

Look for a full-length debut from Airhead on R&S later this year.

  • Davshavu

    Hey! hTat’s teh heay heay heays ocaustic viseron of spam! Nice.

  • GMT

    Some of the guitar reminds me of The xx. Interesting track, but feels too much like a sonic collage for me to get into, plus it seems to end before it ever really began.