Big K.R.I.T.- “4evaNaDay (Theme)”

Big K.R.I.T. drops some visuals for the theme song to his latest mixtape, 4evaNaDay. Find a link to download the tape here. Enjoy!

Nneka- “God Knows Why” ft. Black Thought

Great track from Nneka featuring Black Thought from The Roots. Both these artists are known for having topical, hard-hitting lyrics and this track is definitely holding to true to that form as both of them talk about the nature of man and evil. The beat hits really hard with a solid bass line and snare heavy percussion, that builds into a solid guitar riff for the hook. It’s the production that really kinds the theme of the song across making the lyrical impact much heavier. I think there needs to be more tracks with Black Thought, please.

Soul Is Heavy is available now.

Baio- “Tanto”

Following in bandmate Rostam Batmanglij‘s footsteps, Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio has started up a solo project of his own. Simply dubbed Baio, the project is looking at a May 21 release for its debut EP, titled Sunburn. Our first sampling of the release is the Matias Aguayo feature “Tanto,” which will appear as the EP’s closing track. Baio takes the song’s six-and-a-half minutes to embark on a steel drum-heavy Balearic Beat excursion that might make fans of John Talabot‘s most recent offering happy. Aguayo’s contribution, a set of wordless yet catchy melodies, sits comfortably atop the production with infectious results.

Listen to the track above, and check over at Greco-Roman in a few weeks for the EP’s release.

Ty Segall Band- “Wave Goodbye”

Ty Segall doesn’t play metal, but the cover to his forthcoming album is almost the most metal thing I’ve seen all month.

Under the monicker “Ty Segall Band,” Ty has dropped a new track to his forthcoming album titled “Wave Goodbye.” It’s a heavy, acid-soaked, lo-fi psych rocker with plenty of guitar solos and sour vocals. A real attitude on this one. Clenched teeth. Sarcastic remarks. A descending bassline that reminds me of a Beatles song or two.

Look for this new album, Slaughterhouse, on In the Red on June 26th. Check the album cover:

Squarepusher- “Drax 2″

Squarepusher drops another track from his forthcoming album on Warp Records, Ufabulum. It’s set to drop next week.

You can catch Tom Jenkinson going into detail about this new album, his art, and music in general in this new mini-documentary produced by the Creator’s Project.

Torche- Harmonicraft

Thought Torche’s stomping grounds are firmly rooted in loud rock and metal, the band’s latest album is so bright, catchy, and sweet, even the most biggest of metal cynics can get something out of it.


Open Mike Eagle- Rent Party Extension

Download: Open Mike Eagle- Rent Party Extension

Los Angeles-based rapper Open Mike Eagle recently dropped a five-track EP that, like many of the best things in life, is free. Titled Rent Party Extension, the EP brings in a handful of features, including Milo, who put out the Loved Listed I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here last year, and Roots collaborator Hot Sugar. The release serves as an appetizer for the full-length that the MC is supposedly putting out in June. In the mean time, check out what Open Mike Eagle calls “grown, broke nerd theme musics” by heading here for a free download. Scope the track list and cover art below:

Track List:
1. 5ree Thinkers (prod. Hot Sugar)
2. Amped (feat. Eagle Nebula) (prod. Alpha MC)
3. Neighbor (prod. Infinity Rock)
4. Boss Fight (feat. Milo)
5. Rent Party Revolution (Taco Neck Remix)

Black Swan- Aeterna

To those of you who prefer their ambient music as dark and eerie as possible, allow me to direct your attention to the experimental drone project Black Swan. I’ve heard plenty of artists toy with “dark ambient” music with underwhelming results, mostly at the hand of a weak atmosphere and/or uninteresting sounds, but Black Swan sidesteps these issues by creating soundscapes that are engaging. With thick and airy drones, lo-fi field recordings, and appearances from a chillingly solemn choir at its disposal, the music’s atmosphere is anything but weak. It’s the kind of thing that I could see fitting perfectly as the score of a movie that is set in a post-apocalyptic, desolate world, or perhaps an abandoned church.

Stream the album via the widget above.

M|O|D- “MoreLoko” & “Koola”

Members Trap Arnold and Rewrote of the trippy, electronic group M|O|D dropped some singles on SoundCloud recently. “MoreLoko” using some really squeaky sounding synthesizers and a boom-bap beat, it is definitely styled like a hip-hop instrumental. That being said it is still a stimulating track with a good use of layering on top off an already compelling beat. “Koola” is unique from the other song, it is more of a dance electronic track with club styled synthesizers and some really deep wobbling bass. The track builds into a swirling synthesizers that almost begin to sound like a chip-tune composition without the 8-bit aesthetic. These two tracks provide a good look at the kind of music these guys are making and the sheer variety they are capable of providing.

Geoff Barrow & Ben Salisbury- Drook: Music Inspired by Mega-City One

Geoff Barrow (Portishead) has teamed up with composer Ben Salisbury to make a soundtrack dedicated to Mega-City One from the Judge Dredd comics. With that in mind they have successfully created a moody, progressive synths composition reminiscent of the Social Network soundtrack crossed with Tron Legacy. A lot of the songs on here are more complex and interesting to listen to outside of the context of a movie with smooth humming synthesizers and a constant, shifting progression using a variety instruments. As I listened to it I found myself looking at images of Mega City One, which definitely helped in almost transporting me into the area that this album tries to capture through music. This would probably go over well with fans of Zombi, too.