Stallone- Stallone

When guitarist Juan Montoya left the stoner metal group Torche, my heart sank a bit. His playing is part of what attracted me to the group, and I’ve been wondering if I’d ever come across it again.

Well, I can now praise the stoner/sludge/doom metal gods, because Montoya has assembled a new group, Stallone, and they’ve got a new, free self-titled EP out on their Bandcamp.

The recording on these three tracks isn’t stellar, but the message and the heaviness comes across pretty well. The monstrous guitar riffs are loud and clear, and they’re supported with some directions that are a rarity on music in this style. The glockenspiel solo on the opening track was a bit of a surprise, and the atmospheric guitars behind the glock sound great. The track “La Cobra” has some softer elements to it as well, making the track pretty dynamic and fun to listen to. The thrash-inspired riffs on that one get my blood pumping, too.

“The Battle of Miami” has a great build going for it, and the three tracks here, overall, are pretty solid. Can’t wait to see what this project does next.

  • David

    Is that to say you don’t dig Torche as much anymore? Sorry if I’m derailing. It’s just that, for me, the Songs For Singles EP receives the same heavy rotation as In Return did when it came out.

  • David

    That said, I’m getting a vibe from those Stallone tracks. Like it!

  • Sam

    Juan helped balance out Steve’s sound, as Steve has a very thick tone that can easily be lost in the mix. It’s a shame he left, I saw Torche in 2010 at a small space and they were just fantastic (The new guitarist Max was just a touring member at the time)

    That said it is good to see Juan back and keeping a familiar thing going. Will keep a close eye on this.

  • Sam

    Mistake on my part, their new guitarist is Andrew not Max.