Gotye- “Somebody That I Used To Know” (feat. Kimbra)

Australia’s Gotye is spearheaded by singer-songwriter Wouter De Backer. The project’s last two albums have proven to be pretty eclectic, incorporating shades of indie pop, soul, trip hop, and more.

The new single to tease toward Gotye’s forthcoming album, Making Mirrors, reveals another surprising influence for the project. The instrumentation on “Somebody I Used To Know” reads like an acoustic indie pop tune, but the hook and melody sound close to something Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins would put together back in the day. Fellow Australia resident Kimbra is also featured on this track, providing a voice for the ex-girlfriend Wouter De Backer is singing about. Watching her appear in the video here is pretty thrilling as well, because it’s almost like Wouter is afraid to hear her feelings on the situation.

Making Mirrors is due for an August 19th release.

  • RWE

    Kimbra makes up for the terribly infantile lyrics.

  • Sam Marsh

    Kimbra is from New Zealand :D. The whole album is amazing nonetheless.

  • jeff owen

    Just a heads up – Wally De Backer*

  • Adam

    Please review Making Mirrors – you can already stream it, amazing album!

  • http://JEARB.BIZ JEARB

    I really like this.

  • Barbara

    I love this song. It’s a ‘Winner’. But I have to say…it certainly did have me checking to see if it was Peter Gabriel on vocals…not a bad thing of course!

  • Jorge

    His name is Wally, not Wouter.

  • Brian

    Yeah since I’ve heard this on your podcast I’ve been way into and showing it to people. What a great song! Not as into Toxic Radiatioooonnnnnn tho..

  • admin

    Wiki says Wouter.

  • joe blow me


  • Julian Ingham

    His name IS Wouter, to all those saying otherwise. Well, that’s his birth name. Functionally he does go by the Anglicised Wally though, so no one hear is really wrong.
    Fantastic song. So excited when I saw you reviewed it Anthony! Hopefully see a review of Making Mirrors soon. I thought it was a pretty great album; it will quite probably be in my favourite ten of the year.

  • John Doe

    This song really is fantastic.

  • Jordan Lee

    His birth name is Wouter people, he’s from Belgium.

  • ekke

    This song is……..Ooooo so close
    brrr so good and give me kippevel

  • Xander

    Seems he has borrowed his ideas for his videos from Peter Gabriel too.

  • Yah123

    This song really is fantastic. Sounds a bit like Peter Gabriel

  • Dirtyrockefeller

    His parents are from belgium. He is from australia.

  • Paul Thørson

    This video is totally a direct result of Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins.

  • RetroDude

    First time I heard this on the radio I thought “a Peter Gabriel song I haven’t heard before?”. Kinda says it all.

  • tuba

    Sounds more like sting

  • E1kaye

    This is a great video and track and i wouldn’t change a thing about it. It gives me the vibe that I use to get when I listened to Phil Collins music and it’s phenominal in that way.


    why u so STUPID (black girl voice) STFU!

  • RROT


  • Andimae

    i hear some of the influence and i see some of it as well in his videos

  • Cesar

    Really sounds like Peter Gabriel and a little of Sting !!! Great