CIVIL CIVIC- Lights On A Leash ‡ VIDEO

New video and song from the duo/band/project CIVIL CIVIC, “Lights On A Leash.” Download the track for a mere fifty cents on CC’s bandcamp page.

  • ℑĦβ

    goes incredibly well w/ that ‘powers of ten’ video. although i think ne thing would, really. that book blew my mind as a kid. still does. i’m rambling.

  • rdh

    video is far from new or done by civil civic.

  • admin

    Dunno what to say. The band had just passed the song along to me in an e-mail before I posted this. Are they lying or something?

  • civvie

    No we didn’t make the vid from scratch. It’s a mashup like all our videos. We don’t have the budget for anything else. This one is a science vid and a science fiction vid, as it says in the description. We realise a lot of people have seen the ‘powers of ten’ thing before, it has tons more views than our video will ever get. Just thought it worked really well with the song. Cheers.

  • admin

    Don’t understand where the confusion is. Nowhere in this post does it say this video was shot and directed by CIVIL CIVIC. It’s clearly compiled from old footage. O__o

  • civvie

    Having said that, if it was another band’s video I’d prob be all ‘I’VE SEEN THIS BEFORE YOU UNORIGINAL TOSSRAGS’
    Thanks for posting BTW. First off the mark, as per usual. Crazy insomniac music monster you. x