Women- Public Strain ‡ ALBUM REVIEW

Women- Eyesore
Women- Narrow With The Hall

  • http://loveshackbaby.net Tart

    Anthony!! Do you really find this depressing/empty? I dunno, I guess, maybe from the live show, especially, I see it in a whole other light. The drone aspects of it are accents that set off the incredible energy of the rest of the instrumentation. It’s like I said in my review, I now understand the importance of the near-monotone vocals once I see the intricacies of the music. It’s completely ALIVE for me, the opposite of that fat man in the chair in the dark room with the TV on that you describe! Maybe I see it more like that moment, right before dawn, when life is totally revving up and waiting to burst open. (equally dark, mind you, but on the brink of illumination.) Crazy?! uh yeah! :) xo

  • Josip

    Really digging this. Exquisite.

  • steve

    i bought this album today, there is a song called BElls that defines ambience,drone perfectly, it suprised me, thought id tell somebody