Salem- King Night ‡ ALBUM REVIEW

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  • Brent

    So glad you reviewed this album! To bad you don’t feel the same about it as I do, but alas, I also enjoyed Sleigh Bells. Anyhoo, this is some nice brain off music, as much as “Treats” was a nice brain off summer supplement I think King Night will keep my company during cold winter drives. :)

  • knocksersaurus

    was really looking forward 2 this album. but feel the same as u. feelin blue.

  • Nelson

    Hello Master!!

    First of all i have to say that my english is a little bit rubbish so maybe you´ll not understand my whole comment….In spite of that and the fact that i like a lot and agree with almost of all your critics, this time I need to give you my point of view because I think that you have been unfair with this great Salem´s king night

    The lp is really a new thing, a mixture of overdrived synths with this horrible old fashioned sound which was used in european 90´s dance music (see Masterboy, Pussy “Suck my pussy”, 2unlimited o real to real…big hits…) but with the cheap crunk rythm and the predictable effects (gothic choirs, saturated beats & claps, the pitched voice; which reminds a lot of fever ray, I agree with you but also Regan character´s exorcist; the movie = CLICHE…) all these cheap elements, put together come into effect. Salem manages to quit all the stereotypes, this old dated image that i used to have when i was listening to these horrible dance tracks. It ´s not like trying to repeat or copy the soundtrack of an old fashioned 80´s bad slasher movie either, it´s changing the scheme but still using old elements (One of these is this atrocious piercing strings sound which was exploited in “Maquina”:A spanish hardcore dance music genre…). The band knows exactly which scary sounds of several phases of the horror movies era worked, the strident 80´s synths, the wispering voices and lascive beats (I think that the band has been influenced by some of “The goblin”´s work)and they put all these elements together adding hip hop crunk movement & spirit. And i think that it´s great to be able to make someone like a sound, a detail that reminded you something whitch was horrific, terrible, hideous, ridiculous before. This means that finally it has been recyclated in a good way…It ´s like hating heavy metal guitar noise & like sleight bells cause of its hip hop and grrr riot influences…Because the mixture makes the diference. It´s another context and i think that a band which can offer something diferent mixing all their influences and “cheap” elements to make something very interesting, can´t be bad at all…What they do can be taken very seriously, my sista can´t listen their music cause it scares her a lot… it works man!!! When you listen that dirty witch house, you can´t smile although its cliché elements and everybody´s not able to listen to it cause it´s hard,diferent and full of wiched vibes…2 was a very bad grade, it´s underestimate the work of a great band…Maybe you couldn´t reach their cold dark lascivious universe cause of the lyrics(Maybe i didn´t listen and understand it, but it doesn´t matter when english is not your native language…European audience generally don´t understand most of the lyrics of the artists that they love and listen to, a diferent way of feeling music…)I think that a strong 7 would have been perfect!!!!!

    I hope that you´ll understand 80 percent of what i tried to say (It would be great!!)…maybe it is useless to give your opinion when you´re not able to speak corectly the language!!!

    Thanks for your critics, you´re a crack man!!!