Premiere: Dumbo Gets Mad- “Plumy Tale” ‡ MP3

Dumbo Gets Mad is a blossoming psych rock project out of Italy. It’s a solo venture, and surprisingly so. Rarely does a single person sound this engaging and dynamic.

“Plumy Tale” is the only song to released thus far, and it displays some undeniable taste. The opening sax and organ are a schmaltzy stroke of genius, while the chorused vocals call back to ’60s without shame. Chimes, electronic squawks, and other noises fill the mix as the drums keep things moving to a dirty groove. It’s music that’ll have Tame Impala and Ariel Pink fans drooling with desire.

It’s chaotic, yet controlled, and a “la la” chorus never sounded so good. Grab the track down below, and let me know what you think. Is psych rock alive again? Did it ever die? Do you want to join this project? Excited for the future?

MP3: Dumbo Gets Mad- Plumy Tale


  • Aaron

    I’m really into psych rock, and I think with so many years of music gone by since the 60′s/70′s, music is evolving which means even more inspirations for new artist and bands. I really dig “Dumbo Gets Mad”, I especially enjoy the production.

  • JB

    really well done. This fella is from Italy? I thought they were all only into Italo Disco. Production/sonic wise I can see where you could draw a comparison to Ariel (and the acid-laced sax) but I think structurally this seems to be more indebted to the new MGMT sound which is really fantastic. I don’t think MGMT received enough credit for “Congratulations”… is a fantastic album and was recorded impeccably. This comes from somebody who loathed their first effort.

  • JB

    ha nevermind, i’m an asshole.

  • CAgnesi

    I am actually Italian, and I live in Italy. This project really makes me happy since Italian native music in usually very commercial and lame. Do you have further info about this project? I am very interested.

  • Plastic Choko

    Some Italians are good at something

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  • Guy

    Excellent, PHAT BASS!

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  • Vince

    Dude this is great, congratulations on what you are doing for digital music. Cheers.

  • Ez/Theeahnnle

    Nice track!

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  • matt

    TND TIP??????